indoor applications of high bay led lights n.
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LED High Bay Light for Outdoor Lighting PowerPoint Presentation
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LED High Bay Light for Outdoor Lighting

LED High Bay Light for Outdoor Lighting

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LED High Bay Light for Outdoor Lighting

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  1. INDOOR APPLICATIONS OF HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS Industrial lighting is a key component of any successful business. It is an area that needs careful assessment of the requirement of the number of lights and the types of lights to be used in the warehouse or godown 01

  2.  INDEX • What is a high bay light? • Why Choose high bay LED lights? • Where should one use High Bay LED lights? • How many high bay fixtures do you need? 02

  3. WHAT IS • A HIGH BAY LIGHT ? • High bay lights, as the name implies, are heavy-duty lighting fixtures that allow illuminating very large indoor spaces with adequate amounts of light. • LED High Bays should be the preferred choice over the non-LED counterparts, as they provide better luminosity while consuming less energy. • There are two types of high bay lighting fixtures: linear and UFO • Linear high bays are rectangular while UFOs are circular. Thus, there is a difference in their beam angles.  03

  4. WHY CHOOSE • HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS? • High bay LED lights offer excellent light outputs.  • They are available in several Correlated color temperatures (CCT). The different CCTs offer a particular hue of light. • The color temperatures and their respective hues are as follows: • 3000K: warm white, 4000K: cool white, 5000k and above: daylight white • These lights offer high Color Rendering Index (CRI). On a scale of 1-100, LED lights to provide a CRI of 70 and above. • High CRI allows better color rendering so that one can view objects and surroundings in their accurate colors. • Most high bay light manufacturers provide dust and moisture-proof fixtures, which is a must for heavy-duty lighting projects. 04

  5. WHERE SHOULD • ONE USE HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS? • High bay LED lights are suitable for use in: • Gymnasiums • Warehouses • Manufacturing Units • Ice-Skating Rinks • Indoor swimming pools • Studios with a high ceiling • Large Garages • HOW MANY HIGH • BAY FIXTURES DO YOU NEED? • High bay lights offer wide beam angles and excellent lumen output.  • A single high bay LED fixture can cover a larger area in comparison with any non-LED light.  • Unlike non-LEDs, you’ll need fewer LED high bays to illuminate a large indoor space. • The spacing between high bay lights depends upon the height of • the ceiling. In general, the spacing between two high bay lights should • be at least 12 feet. 05

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