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High Bay Fluorescent LED Lighting PowerPoint Presentation
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High Bay Fluorescent LED Lighting

High Bay Fluorescent LED Lighting

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High Bay Fluorescent LED Lighting

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  1. High Bay LED Lighting – Benefits as Industrial Lighting Fixtures You might be aware of the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting; however, what is quite unknown is its impact on health and safety, and fantastic advantages as industrial lighting fixtures. Typically, industrial applications require larger areas to be lit brightly and for an extended period of time, whether day or overnight. Furthermore, industrial applications that require working at a height also need extensive lighting as safety and convenience measures. In such a scenario, high bay LED lightingis the most appropriate, providing a wide range of benefits to be most suitable as industrial fixtures. Modern technology in the LED lighting market, such as that adopted by, has rapidly developed to offer industrial lighting solutions that suit the requirements, match luminous efficacy of a more traditional metal halide with a capacity of 100lm/w and yet last longer for up to 50,000 lighting hours or even more. This is somewhat 3 times than that of metal halide lamps typically used in industrial lighting. At the same time, branded LED high bay lightingfixtures offer high luminous efficacy than that of metal halides, thus, making them a perfect choice for industrial applications. Industrial LED high bay luminaries are ideal for areas that require frequent on-and-off lighting, locations that need consistent and continuous light level, indoor, and dry locations. It can also be used in areas that are hassle-prone to re-lamp or hinders production processes while the lamp is maintained. Furthermore, it is the best choice for light industrial production facilities, ordinary clean areas, warehouses, and packaging facilities. Despite brightly lighting the space, high bay LED lightingfor industries guarantee significant cost savings and a fantastic value for the money. Such LED lighting fixtures also do not release harmful chemicals, thus, being a preferred choice considering health issues of the workers. It is energy-friendly, and therefore, doesn’t have any damaging impact on the environment as well. Thus, you can provide a safe and healthy working condition to your employees by installing LED lighting. Moreover, industrial applications which require the space to be lit up for an extended period can cost dramatically more than traditional lighting. LED lighting fixtures come with a longer life period and consume only a nominal wattage amount, thus, adding to your budget convenience as well. LED luminaries offer instant illumination and do not require warm time as unlike metal halide high bay lighting. So, you don’t have to wait for the lighting fixture to warm up for a longer period of time and illuminate the space brightly before you can start working. At the same time, LED industrial lighting fixturescan save almost 100% of energy used as compared to traditional lighting when the space requires to be illuminated for a longer period of time, perhaps overnight. And in industries, negligible or low energy consumption means significant reduction in bills, thus, saving you good money. With fantastic benefits such as energy savings, cost savings, unmatched longevity, and superb illumination efficacy, LED high bay lightingis worth considering as industrial lighting fixtures today. Undoubtedly, it guarantees a fantastic value for money and contributes to cost savings as well.

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