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GIFT EDITIONS. Publishing house “Eksmo”. DEAR PARTNERS!

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  1. GIFT EDITIONS Publishing house “Eksmo”

  2. DEAR PARTNERS! New Year is our favourite celebration! This is the time to sum up our achievements, make plans for the future, but mostly this is the most suitable time in the year for joy, some magic and of course presents! And all of us remember the accepted truth, that “the best present is a book”. Publishing House “Eksmo” has prepared books, which will make a great present. The New Year is a perfect occasion to make happy your colleagues, relatives and friends with such a present as wise perfectly designed and printed book!

  3. Series «Encyclopaedias of Russia» Beautiful gift editions dedicated to culture, traditions, customs, beliefs and legends of the Russians are presented in this series. They belong to famous authors - scholars, experts on Russian history and culture, such as V.Dal, A.Afanasiev, M. Zabelin. The editions contain lots of unique black and white and coloured pictures, engravings and drawings, plunging the readers into the world of ancient Russian culture. The books are printed on high quality white paper, colourful design of the covers is an additional bonus. Each edition perfectly complements others and is also unique as it is. Terrific present for the lovers of Russian antiquity and best adornment to the home library.

  4. Series «Russian Empire» Three hundred year old history of Russian Empire is no doubt one of the brightest periods of development of Russia. The series of gift editions “Russian Empire” fully covers this magnificent age of Russian history. It includes the best works of scholars, writers, statesmen, including Russian emperors. “Russian Empire” – the great country and the great changes, brave reformers and careless minions, military feats and court intrigues, years long chronicles of peoples customs and annals of the Romanovs dynasty.

  5. Series“Russian Hunting and Fishing” The books by the acknowledged expert on hunting and fishing Leonid Sabaneyev will make a wonderful present for every man! Our editions are new versions of the books, which became classical in their genre. These books, containing even more illustrations and practical advices then before, will become your discovery of the amazing world of Russian hunting and fishing. Rich design of the books will make any reader eager to add them to his home library!

  6. Series «Culture and Art» This series consist of unique encyclopaedias, based on the best works on world culture and civilization by such famous authors as brilliant Russian historian of art and interpreter P.Gneditch, outstanding German art historian Richard Mutter, famous German artist and scholar German Weis. Every edition contains vast material, which makes it possible to understand the topic under consideration in details. All encyclopaedias are full of unique coloured illustrations, ancient engravings, some of them contain unique drawings, which are made from originals by the authors themselves and considered to be antiquarian curiosity.

  7. A series of gift editions, beautifully designed, printed and dedicated to the Russian and world art of painting, includes masterpieces of art – “500 Masterpieces of Russian Painting: from Classicism of the 18th century to Avant-garde of the 20th century. The Album: “World Painting Through the Works of the Grand Masters”, “11 000 Masterpieces”, “1000 Masters of Classical Painting: Golden Fund of World Fine Art”. The high quality editions will make an unforgettable present for art lovers. Series «Masterpieces of World Painting»

  8. Series “The Library of the Great Writers» • Modern series is revival of the best traditions of Russian book publishing, worthy continuation of “Library of the Great Writers”, which was published by joint-stock society “F.A. Brokhaus – I.A.Efron” at the beginning of the 20th century and has become a rarity. These editions fully copy the format of legendary series, and the carefully selected texts are decorated with the best illustrations, ever created for these books. A unique feature of our series is detailed biographies of the writers and comments of historians and literary critics. The books of this series no doubt will become a source of aesthetic pleasure for the happy owners.

  9. Series “The Library of the Great Writers» Stylish design of these series will move any, even the most particular reader. Luxurious leather covers with facsimile of the author, gold and silver lettering, half book size wrapper are distinctive features of design of these elite editions. Artistic design of the books differs the epochs, when they were written: those of the 20th century are in black cover and those of the 19th century – brown colour. The books of the series will adorn any home library, which no doubt makes a family treasure to be passed on from generation to generation.

  10. Series « The Golden Volume» Exquisitely designed and illustrated great gift editions with gilt edgeprinted on exclusive coated paper. The “Fairy Stories" will make your favourite adornment to the home library. Published in this series: collection of the best fairy stories by A. Pushkin, H.C.Andersen, the most full edition of stories by brothers Grimm, as well as Family Bible.

  11. Series «Golden Fairy Stories» The series contains timeless collection of the best fairy tales by world famous authors: Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm etc. These are just that book, which were read in childhood by your mothers and grandmothers and will be gladly read also by your children. Beautiful Russian fairy tales…Russian story telling tradition is one of the oldest and richest in the world. The astonishing breadth of Russia, the variety of its peoples contributed in countless fantastic tales comprising a shared folk heritage. These stories, were passed on from generation to generation, until finally recorded in the late eighteenth century and now are available in perfect literary redaction in the books of this series.

  12. Series «Wines and Drinks of the World» The books “Whisky”, “Wine Guide of the Customer”, “The Wine. New World Encyclopaedia” – are beautifully designed and illustrated editions, real guide books in the world of alcoholic drinks. A perfect present and adornment of your book shelf. The books provide lots of interesting and useful information.

  13. Series“Russian Cuisine” Russian Cuisine is a part of national culture, which has been developing for many ages to reach its excellence and international acknowledgment. Wonderful books by Russian celebrities and experts of cuisine Julia Vysotskaya, Larisa Rubalskaya, Elmira Medzhitova will help anyone to get acquainted with secrets of authentic and modern Russian cuisine. Creative, easy to make and well tried receipts… Great present for those, whose hobbies are Russian cuisine and culture.

  14. Hope you liked our books and you have already decided which of them you would give as a present this New year! Then contact us: by phone: +7-495-411-50-74 by fax: +7-495-411-50-74 or by e-mail: international@eksmo-sale.ru Please visit also our web-sites: www.eksmo-sale.com, www.eksmo.ru to know more about the best Russian books we can offer.

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