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DIWALI –FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. Before Diwali Hindus send cards to their friends and family

  3. They go to people’s houses and give presents

  4. People like to buy new clothes on Diwali

  5. Jewelry is also a big favourite

  6. Many create elaborate designs (Rangoli)

  7. Another Rangoli example

  8. On Diwali, the story is that a famous Indian God & King, Rama returned home after 14 years

  9. But it was a moonless, dark night. Rama couldn’t see. So the people of Ayodhya, who were waiting, had an idea

  10. They lit the roads with little lamps to show them the way home. It was a huge celebration that day. This is Diwali, the festival of lights.

  11. Every year Diwali comes on a moonless night. The streets are covered with lights.

  12. People shop. Children buy interesting things like these clay dolls

  13. The shops and markets are colourfullylit too

  14. Temples of all religions are brightly lit on this day

  15. The Golden Temple

  16. There are Diwali fairs everywhere

  17. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth is worshipped for a prosperous year ahead.

  18. The actual day begins with people decorating their prayer areas at home. They thank God for their families and pray for a great new year with health, wealth and good luck

  19. Little lamps surround the Gods

  20. The prayer area looks festive with fruits & flowers

  21. After prayers, everyone goes out to light lamps and candles around the house

  22. After prayers, everyone goes out to light lamps and candles around the house Some diyas are colored and decorated

  23. Then, its time to eat.

  24. Coloured mithai (sweets) are everywhere.

  25. People prepare delicious foods in their homes

  26. After eating, kids light firecrackers

  27. The spinning wheel is a big favorite

  28. Children love the sparklers The spinning wheel is a big favorite

  29. Diwali is a time for Hindus to get closer to family and friends

  30. Diwali symbolisesgoing from darkness to light, the start of the Hindu New Year and a celebration for Indians of all religions all over the world.