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Journalism 2300: News Photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Journalism 2300: News Photography

Journalism 2300: News Photography

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Journalism 2300: News Photography

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  1. Journalism 2300:News Photography Week Four February 14, 2011

  2. Announcements • Extra Credit: Wing Young Huie Presentation • Thursday, February 17, 2011 • Noon, Ballroom, Kirby Student Center • Mr. Young Huie is an award-winning photographer who has received international attention for his many projects that document the changing cultural landscape of his home state of Minnesota. His best-known work is Lake Street USA, which in the summer and fall of 2000 transformed six miles of a well-known Minneapolis thoroughfare into one of the most remarkable public art projects in recent memory. • 10 points for 5 paragraph summary of what you learn emailed to by February 24

  3. Upcoming major assignments • Major Assignment I: Features Photograph * Due NOON this Friday, February 18 • Major Assignment II: Winter Events * Due NOON on Friday, March 4 • Major Assignment III: Portraits * Due NOON on Friday, March 11 • Major Assignment IV: Sports * Due NOON on Friday, April 1 • Major Assignment V: Spot News * Due NOON on Friday, April 15

  4. To be a better photographer…

  5. …you need to take a lot of photos!

  6. Carry your camera with you!

  7. The week in pictures • MSNBC: • • Duluth News Tribune •

  8. Let’s look at your photos • Overall excellent variety of shots! • Some of you had tough lighting to overcome • Learning more about exposure and compensating for poor light • Bracket, bracket, bracket! • Need to answer 5Ws and H in caption • Get familiar with Associated Press Stylebook!

  9. Need to share ALL of your photos in your Picasa album • Contact sheet of photos • Shows me that you have taken a variety of photographs from different angles, with different exposures

  10. Brad Dick exhaustedly looks up at his teammate between periods of an intramural broomball game.  "Nation of Domination" won the game 5-3. Tough lighting! Interesting angle. When? Where? Difficult to stop action in low light

  11. Buddy, a 3 and half month old Beagle, was too young to officially enter the Beargrease Cutest Puppy contest, but he still drew his share of admirers. When? Where? Owner name? Creative depth of field. Puppies always cute!

  12. Mark Slinden braves the cold to play hockey at Piedmont Community Center on Feb. 11. Where from? Cold? Interesting angle, but stronger if saw face! Tough to stop action.

  13. Braving the cold in Canal Park, a photographer captures the icy rocks along the boardwalk on Feb. 10. The park remains a popular attraction even when temperatures fall below zero. Again, cold? Strong composition, exposure. He’s a little soft! No name OK.

  14. Friday morning on February 11th, the 4th Street Maytag Laundromat in Duluth was fairly empty. Samuel Mitchell, a Duluth resident, waits for his clothes to be finished drying. Tells story, but focal point? Good exposure, different subject! Style: Date

  15. A duck swims in the Duluth harbor near the William A. Irvin ship on this freezing February morning. Strong composition. Need date, and what’s the temperature? Can see eye!

  16. Two UMD students unwind playing video games in the Under Ground, a game room in the Kirby Student Center, on a Friday afternoon. Need date, names. Flash flashes back!

  17. Paul Karlen and Brooke Peterson are reading the drawing design of Ordean Middle School on Feb. 10, outside of the building in Duluth, MN. The school is under renovation and expected to be re-open in September 2011. Interesting topic! Could crop top. Style: Minnesota

  18. The Underground Kirby Game Room is open for all UMD students to come blow of some steam by playing foosball, pool, and video games. Interesting angle! People stronger; tough lighting! Spelling

  19. Canal Park is a ghost town during the winter months in Duluth, Minn. Strong composition! Be careful with generic caption.

  20. Garbage cans line an apartment building off 20th Ave., East Second Street in Duluth, MN on Feb., 11. Garbage collected from this site will first be taken to the WLSSD transfer station in Superior, WI, and then disposed of in a landfill. Focal point? Style: State, Addresses

  21. Angelina Costrino, Lindsey Lanigan, and Shannon Bjerketvedt work on hand crafted Valentine's Day cards for their friends, family, and special someone during a Late Night Kirby event on Tuesday, Feb. 8 in the Rafters at UMD. Good composition. Watch faces in shadow. Color makes the photo pop!

  22. Broomball proves to be a fun time for Antahn Volk, as well as for many other UMD students. When play? Where? Tough to stop action! Face?

  23. UMD Student Zach Hartig's cat Rusty News hook??

  24. The sun sets on the Canal Park skyline captured here as a  reflection in the windows of the U.S. Bank building on Michigan Street in downtown Duluth, Thursday night. Excellent angle, exposure. Creative! Shows that persistence and being in right place at right time pays off!

  25. Capt. Bob Noldin (left) and firefighter Tom Simmonds spray and scrub a fire truck in the Duluth No. 4 Fire Station with the rest of the crew on Feb. 10.  On days that are too cold during the winter, daily washings aren't possible. Excellent exposure, strong topic, good initiative!

  26. A lone man is shocked to find the walkway to the North Breakwater Lighthouse closed on Feb. 9 just before sun down. The lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction and a marker for ships to find their way into the harbor at night. Good composition, but if we know he’s shocked, what about his name?

  27. Travis Kasheimer donates blood at UMD to the North Memorial Blood Drive on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Good composition. Strong use of depth of field. Name of blood drive?

  28. An instructor makes a group of dancers "drop and give her five" at a dance class in the Marshall Performing Arts Center at UMD on Feb 10. • Strong exposure, composition. Name??

  29. Landon, a five-year-old from Dululth, lays down while waiting for his toy car to roll down to him at noon on Feb. 10, at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. Landon and his father were shopping together and Landon received this toy car for behaving well during the day.  Interesting angle. What about his face? Dululth? Last name?

  30. Taylor Moore (left) shows Meg Kirk (right) and Denise Johnson (back) how to roll a beeswax candle at a candle making class sponsored by the Recreational Sports Outdoor Program on Jan. 9 in the Kirby Student Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Good exposure. Strong focal point/caption. January 9?????

  31. Equivalent f-stops/shutter speed It's a simple 1:1 relationship.One f-stop change = one shutter speed change.

  32. Exposure concepts

  33. Shutter speeds •

  34. Macro photography=Closeups

  35. How to hold your camera •

  36. Expressions of motion •

  37. What’s a caption? See page 150 • Who: • Need names or detailed description • Need last names • What: • What’s happening in photo • When: • Time element important • Day of week, time of day • Where: • Location • Why: • Importance of shot • How: • Explanations as needed

  38. Chapter 7: Photo Editing • Eye-Trac Research: • ¾ of a second spent looking at a photograph! • Imaginative Assignments • Go beyond the news release • Nursing home example • Select the strongest photographer • Look at other photographers’ work for ideas

  39. What does it take to be a photo editor? • Research, research, research! • Camera skills not necessary • Day in Pictures: • San Francisco Chronicle Web site •

  40. Photo-selection strategies • Tough to be own photo editor • Too close to subject • Washington Post Hierarchy: P. 130 • Informational • Graphic • Emotional • Intimate • Combine categories for strong images

  41. What readers don’t see • Whole population segments often ignored • Inciting violence or informing the public?

  42. What do readers prefer? • Not easily defined • Liking photo different than being interested • Victim photos

  43. Chapter 6: Sports • Concentration the key • Easy to get distracted! • Anticipate the action • Timeliness important • Old news = no news • Important to get background information on sport you’re covering

  44. Barry Bonds: Brad Mangin, SI •

  45. Summarize game in one photo • Stay until the end of the game • Summary shot might not be action shot • Crowd reaction • Coach reaction • Thrill of victory, agony of defeat…

  46. Need complete caption information • Must know names of athletes photographed • Editing nightmare: having excellent action shot, but no name • Take a photograph of the game roster • To get names with the numbers

  47. Sports as features • Entertainment factor • Look in the stands for photos that capture flavor of the event

  48. Sports photography techniques • Freezing action • Shutter speed of at least 1/500 second for action sports • Let’s look at your cameras! • Speed of subject: sprinter vs. jogger - Coming straight at you, or on side • Distance - The closer that the camera is to moving subject, faster the shutter speed

  49. Shutter: 1/200 Aperture: f/5.20 Focal length: 115 ISO 50 No flash

  50. ISO 800 Shutter: 1/250 second Aperture: f/5.60 No flash Focal length 300