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  1. Group info (if required) Your name …. Main title ERANET - HEP

  2. Consortium NTUA Prof. Evangelos Gazis IASA Prof. Paris Sphicas AUTH Prof. Chariclia Petridou Demokritos Prof. Christos Markou UoIoannina tbs

  3. Current Grid Resources

  4. Expertise in Grid technology (1) At least two teams of the consortium, IASA & AUTH: Have strong cooperation with GRNET They are two of the major stakeholders of the Greek National Grid Initiative (NGI_GRNET/HellasGrid) Operate Grid production-level sites since 2003 Deep knowledge in day-to-day operations of the Grid distributed core services (including Virtual Organization Management Systems, Information Systems, Workload management services, Logical File Catalogs e.t.c.) Experienced in testing and certification of grid services and middleware Datacenter/Grid monitoring Clustering, data management, network monitoring

  5. Expertise in Grid technology (2) Participation in the pan-European projects CROSSGRID, GRIDCC, EGEE-I, EGEE-II, EGEE-ΙΙΙ, EUChinaGrid, SEEGRID and since 6/2010 in EGI Additionally, both teams are responsible for running at a National and/or International level services: HellasGrid Certification Authority [] European Grid Application Database [] Unified Middleware Deployment global repository []

  6. Expertise in Grid management On behalf of GRNET, IASA and AUTH personnel carried-out regional and/or national level responsibilities/roles: EGI task leader for Reliable Infrastructure Provision EGI task leader for User Community Technical Services Deputy Regional Coordinator for the operations in the South Eastern Europe region (period 4/2009-4/2010 - EGEEIII) Country representative/coordinator for the HellasGrid (period 5/2009-4/2010 - EGEEIII) Manager for the Policy, International Cooperation & Standardization Status Report Activity of EGEE-IIII

  7. HEP data transfers (1) CMS phedex commissioned links for data transfers

  8. HEP data transfers (2) • ATLAS • DQ2 - Don Quijote (second release) • DQ2 is built on top of Grid data transfer tools

  9. Installed HEP SW The CRAB-CMS Remote Analysis Builder it is installed on the UI that is hosted at IASA The GANGA frontend for job management on the UI of AUTH • Almost all the sites of the consortium have the most up-to-date software installed

  10. Some indicative statistics More than 580k jobs since 1/2005 More than 1.5M normalized cpu hours since 1/2005

  11. Needs ….. What our HEP consortium needs in terms of Physics and Why … [ChristosM]

  12. Specs of a T2 site Based on CMS and Atlas specifications, the minimum requirements that should be covered for a T2 site, are:

  13. Proposed distributed T2 site • Distributed in two locations in order Take advantage of existing Infrastructure and Support Teams • Scenario 1: Computing and Storage Infrastructure in both locations • One Tier 2 with two sub-clusters. • Higher Availability • Redundancy in case of site failure • Allow for flexible maintenance windows • Scenario 2: Computing and Storage Infrastructure decoupled • One Tier2 with one sub-cluster • Split requirement on technical expertise • Each Support team focuses on specific technical aspects (Storage - Computing) • Reduced requirement for overlapped manpower & homogeneity effort

  14. Things to be discussed … (this slide it only for internal discussion/decisions during the EVO meeting on 18/6) Offering a segment (i.e. 20%) of the resources for the SEE VO benefit the academic/scientific communities of the SEE VO. Pledged resources will be provided/guaranteed by us (MoU maybe ???) For example: Guaranteed 50k/year from the consortium, divided as: 50% for computing resources upgrade and/or expansion 40% for additional storage 10% maintenance of the infrastructure (A/C, UPS, Electrical infra, …)