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Vocabulary Lesson 16

Vocabulary Lesson 16

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Vocabulary Lesson 16

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  1. Vocabulary Lesson 16 English IV

  2. Trenchant Joan Rivers’ trenchant comments trash and humiliate celebrity fashion offenders.

  3. Bourgeois Much of bourgeois America is struggling during current economic times; the unemployment rate is higher than ever, with fewer job opportunities.

  4. Nascent The freshman’s nascent interest in the banjo was more a ploy to win the heart of a girl than it was to learn the instrument.

  5. Indefeasible Tattoo removal is indefeasible; even with laser removal, there is always a faint scar left on the skin.

  6. Paladin The rise in popularity of stars like Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogen is an inspiring paladin for geeks, nerds, and fat kids everywhere.

  7. Sine Qua Non Horror films such as The Shining, House on Haunted Hill, Pet Semetary, and Psycho are a viewing sine qua non before watching the new television series, American Horror Story.

  8. Arcane The ancient art of a magician is quite arcane; there are only a few left who can truly perfect the craft of illusion.

  9. Tangential All it takes is one question about her children to divert the tangential teacher’s attention from her lecture.

  10. Mercurial The cosmetology student’s mercurial hair has been purple, blue, and pink in the last month.

  11. Exculpate It is highly unlikely that Dr. Conrad Murray will be exculpated from his involvement with the death of Michael Jackson.

  12. Salubrious Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Cameron Diaz follow a salubrious lifestyle full of rich greens, whole grains, and organic meats.

  13. Vicissitude The Saturday morning detention supervisor noticed a considerable vicissitude in the attitude of his assigned students once the students planned a mutiny of sorts.

  14. Squelch To quit smoking, Jill squelched her desire for nicotine by eating a lollipop or having an apple.

  15. Tyro Mr. Mayr collects the souls of chess playing tyros by beating them in a match of the minds.

  16. Matriculate College freshman can often be said to matriculate into a class or major by auditing a course or taking a placement test.