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Power Tool Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Power Tool Safety

Power Tool Safety

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Power Tool Safety

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  1. Power Tool Safety Guidelines for Construction Trades Students

  2. General Rules For Power Tools • Do not attempt to operate any power tool before being checked out by instructor on that tool • Always wear eye protection when operating tools • Wear appropriate clothing for the job being done • Do not distract others or let anyone distract you while operating a power tool

  3. General Rules For Power Tools • Be sure the power tool is properly grounded before operating • Use a power tool only for its intended use • Keep work area clean at all times • Use the proper size extension cord • Keep a firm grip on the tool at all times • Report unsafe conditions to the instructor • Do not leave a power tool running while unattended

  4. Power Miter Saw • Always check the blade before starting the saw • Keep fingers clear of the blade • Never make adjustments while the saw is running • Never leave a saw until the blade has stopped

  5. Power Miter Saw • Be sure the saw is sitting on a firm base and properly secured • Be sure the saw is locked securely at the correct angle • Do not attempt to cut oversized material • Turn off saw immediately after making cut and use the brake to stop the blade

  6. Power Miter Saw • Enlist a helper to support the end of long stock • Be sure the blade guards are in place and working properly • Be sure the saw has attained maximum speed before starting the cut • Hold the material firmly against the fence while making the cut

  7. Power Table Saw • Do not stand directly in line with the blade • Make sure that the blade does not project more than 1/8 inch above the stock being cut • Never reach across the saw blade • Use a push stick for ripping less than 4” wide

  8. Power Table Saw • Keep guard over the blade while machine is being used • Never adjust the fence until the blade has stopped • Do not rip without a rip fence, or cross cut with out a miter gauge • Be sure that the stock has a straight edge before ripping

  9. Power Table Saw • Enlist a helper or use a work support when cutting long or wide stock • Never remove scraps from saw table with your hands or while saw is running • Use the proper blade for the job being done • Know where emergency shut off is

  10. Power Jointer • Keep guard over knives at all times when operating a jointer • Do not use stock less than twelve inches long • Use a push stick or a push block when jointing narrow or flat pieces of stock • Adjust depth before using

  11. Radial Arm Saw • Make sure that the saw is set at the proper depth before turning it on • Make sure the saw has attained maximum speed before making a cut • Do not let the saw feed to fast when crosscutting heavy stock • Always use the anti-kickback guard

  12. Radial Arm Saw • Do not use a radial arm saw for ripping if you have a table saw • When ripping, feed the stock against the direction of the blade rotation • Do not stop blade by forcing a scrap into the blade

  13. Mark Roesler EDHD 5007 Power point as a software tool naturally lends itself very well for presentations to students. I would have major topics in a presentation format to use as an addition to lecture. The presentations would also be useful to put on a web site for viewing if a students would want to review the information or a student was absent the day of the presentation. Power point would also be useful to present information for parents through an automatic presentation during a parents night or put up as a web site. The presentation could also be used to promote your class to other students and administration. In technology education we need to purchase equipment and supplies. As a teacher you could present to administration your vision for your program and when you would need to purchase equipment and why. This software is very universal and used in many businesses. I think teaching the use of power point is beneficial for every student. Even if the students never used the program again it has similarities with other software programs. The use of importing sound, movies, clip art, pictures are a part of most programs and follow the same process.