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Improve Quality of Sleep with Sleep Savior Glasses

Safety Blue is a leading online stockiest of high quality and stylish blue light blocking glasses that can be used to protect your eyes from the dangerous blue lights emitted by computers, smartphones, TVs and other digital devices.

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Improve Quality of Sleep with Sleep Savior Glasses

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  1. Improve Quality of Sleep with Sleep Savior Glasses

  2. According to research, around 7-8 hours of good night sleep is significant for good health in adults. However, nowadays most of us don’t even get close to this time. In the culture of productivity, getting to bed early and sleeping enough every night may seem like a luxury. But you often forgo sleep in favor of socializing, doing work and chores or just scrolling on social media or even catching up on TV shows. However, it’s evident that we vastly underestimate the importance of sleep. Sometimes, we see it as a waste of time. But the time has come to change your perception about sleep as it’s necessary for your health and wellbeing. The Importance of Sleep – Do you find yourself feeling grumpy or forgetting silly things or facing problems with recalling after a few nights of poor sleep? Instinctively you know that getting enough sleep is really good for your health. You can feel that sleep can give you more energy and stamina by improving focus and boosting mood.

  3. When you sleep well, you actually go through five sleep cycles about every 90 minutes. This process includes a period of non-rapid eye movement sleep and rapid eye movement sleep. However, most of the human cellular repair takes during the slow wave non-rapid eye movement sleep while its counterpart is the period of sleep when you dream and process emotions. Therefore, deep sleep is important for brain integration and memory storage as well as meaning extraction from your life experiences. Another important aspect is that the pituitary gland present in the brain releases human growth hormone during sleep. This is essential for repair and regeneration of cells and tissues. A good night sleep helps you to maintain the optimal functionality of all your bodily systems. But a question arises that how can you improve your sleep quality? The answer is by blocking blue light. Moreover, human circadian rhythms get damaged by exposure to artificial light during the night. This leads to disturbance in sleep patterns, exhaustion, and ragged nervous system. Even, there is compelling evidence that artificial light, as opposed to starlight, moonlight or candlelight, is connected to cancer. However, what causes the emission of blue light? Blue and green light is sourced from devices from TV screens, computer monitors and smartphones. It tricks your brain and body into thinking that it’s a daytime even during the night. This results in higher alertness and makes it harder to fall asleep as well as get restful, deep sleep. Bottom Line – How do you block green and blue light? Sleep Savior™ glasses available at Safety Blue Blockers are the right purchase to block harmful green and blue light enabling a peaceful good night sleep. Our Sleep Savior™ Ultra Red Night Glasses have a lightweight and sporty design with the ability to block 99% blue and green light effortlessly.

  4. Conclusion Therefore, our Sleep Savior™ glasses are the options to go for, if you really need a deep, restful sleep in the daytime. Even the brightest light won’t disturb your sleep quality. For immediate purchase of Sleep Savior™ Ultra Red Night Glasses, please visit our website at https://safetyblueblockers.com/ C Co on nt ta ac ct t u us s: : S Sa af fe et ty yB Bl lu ue e A Ad dd dr re es ss s: : 1 13 38 88 83 3 B Ba ar rr ry ym mo or re e S St t. ., , S Sa an n D Di ie eg go o, , C CA A P Ph ho on ne e: : 8 85 58 85 50 04 41 10 07 73 3 C Co ou un nt tr ry y: : U US SA A E Em ma ai il l - - e el la a@ @s sk ky yb bl lu ue ev va au ul lt t. .c co om m W We eb b - - h ht tt tp ps s: :/ // /s sa af fe et ty yb bl lu ue eb bl lo oc ck ke er rs s. .c co om m/ /

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