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PAUL NEGUS CEO. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT BIG DATA?. What should we do with it -- if anything at all? Who needs it, and what for? Will it destroy the planet… …or make us all rich?. THE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO THE BIG DATA GALAXY. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BIG DATA.

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  2. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT BIG DATA? What should we do with it -- if anything at all? Who needs it, and what for? Will it destroy the planet… …or make us all rich?


  4. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BIG DATA. In 1995 the web contained 15,000 domains Today there are over 390 million 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created DAILY 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last TWO YEARS As Dilbert says, it comes from everywhere… Websites, blogs, social networks, & mobile devices

  5. What can we do with all that information? EXPLOIT IT. Information = KNOWLEDGE Knowledge = POWERFUL INSIGHT Insight = SUCCESS DATA CAN AFFECT BUSINESS IN A BIG WAY

  6. BIG DATA IS THE NEW GOLD Finding good data from deep within the web is like chasing a feisty woman. It’s incredibly fickle, changeable & difficult to catch. Stealth-like tactics are required to hunt it, reel it in, hang on to it and figure it out. As soon as you do… …it changes again! Big Data keeps business on its toes - you want it badly, so does everyone else. Employ strategic methods to keep an eye on it before someone else steals it – and your business with it.

  7. WHAT IS TRANSACTIONAL DATA? • In business, TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN. • Data decays so fast, it’s not what it is that counts… it’s what it was. • Changes within a company provide insight &predict trends:- - Executives move, email addresses change - Companies relocate, get sold or fold • Transactional data is an opportunity for B2B insight • With the right information you can see what has passed and analyze the changes • Tracking transactional data brings greater competitive advantage

  8. TRANSACTIONAL data matters.

  9. DEAD DATA KILLS BUSINESS UK REGISTERED COMPANY CHANGES FEB-MAY 2012 • In one quarter in the UK:- • 109,280 new companies were registered • 59,303 were closed down • 126,479 modified contact details • STATIC DATA WILL KEEP YOUR BUSINESS WHERE IT IS. 109,280 NEW COMPANIES 126,479 CONTACT DATA CHANGES 59,303 COMPANY CLOSURES

  10. MANUAL VALIDATION IS ERROR-PRONE WHY? 40% of essential UK company data can change in one year A database of 3 million business records takes 50 call centre staff 2 years to manually validate Through automation, aiHit can do the same in just ONE WEEKregularly achieving 99% accuracy. Have you figured it out yet? DATA GATHERING CYCLE OF A LEADING BUSINESS DIRECTORY


  12. CAN WEB-SOURCED DATA SHAPE THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS? • The unstructured web requires intelligent technology to make sense of the vast expanse of data • Innovation provokes debate, skepticism and resistance to change. • aiHit is not re-inventing the data-wheel. • We aim to revolutionize it. THE BIG DATA ERA HAS ARRIVED And it’s here to stay.

  13. TRANSACTIONAL DATA MATTERS! • The first place a business publishes important company news is its own website. • If Google can find your customers, so can your competitors. • TheaiHit data monitoring platform constantly monitors the web, tracking changes - as they happen. • Advanced data searches list companies by value, location and industry classification, enhanced by email addresses & detailed biographies of senior executives. • Constant gathering of information can flag changes that may indicate a recruitment drive, company merger, or a downturn in trade.

  14. LOVE YOUR DATAand business will take care of itself •Don’t just rely on traditional data gathering methods • Regularly enhance & maintain your CRM • Focus on the data you actually NEED & that is easy to read Board Meeting - 8th February 2012

  15. THE TRANSACTIONAL DATA COMPANY By More than just a database


  17. MORE THAN JUST A DATABASE • Deltabaseis a one-stop resource for transactional Company data. • It doesn’t just rely on annual returns to UK Companies House for information, nor does it resell data on behalf of list brokers. • Deltabase uses the aiHit monitoring & extraction platform to scour publicly available open sources for much of its data, gathering information direct from company websites- 24/7 • Data is validated against past datasets to highlight changes in a business as they happen. • The Deltabase is updated weekly, so you are guaranteed the freshest data available.



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