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CAT Quant Myths PowerPoint Presentation
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CAT Quant Myths

CAT Quant Myths

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CAT Quant Myths

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  1. CAT Quant Myth

  2. Think Before You Choose : Quantitative Aptitude, better known as QA, generally termed as CAT Quant is one of the daunting sections of CAT and that many fail to clear. What is the reason for this failure? Is it lack of proper reasoning power or inability to learn formulae? We shall explore how to systematically approach this section, improve the score, and convert a seeming weakness into a strength contributing to a high score!

  3. Myth – firstly lets debunk a myth.Quantitative Aptitude section can be cleared with high marks by only those who have lots of math skills, understanding of higher math and having a high level of aptitude. • Reality – there is hope for everyone! • The Quantitative Aptitude section is • all about right selection, fundamental • knowledge and common sense. • Yes, believe me, a lot of common • sense..!!!!

  4. CATEGORY-1: GEOMETRY This includes chapters on line, circle, plane, sphere, volume, conics etc. This is the one of the important categories from which a lot of questions appear in CAT each year. This year 5-6 questions were from this category which means 20-25% questions of the whole QA section. The questions on geometry requires good vision and looking into the key areas of the problem. Practical applications of various theorems which will enable you to save a lot of time in the exam

  5. CATEGORY-2: ALGEBRA AND NUMBER THEORY Chapters like permutation and combination, probability, functions, Logs, A.P & G.P., Number theory etc. fall in this category. Let me remind you that although some of the chapters fall into the area of higher math but in case of CAT all that is required is primary understanding and visualization in a more practical manner rather than memorization. Number theory can be easily managed by knowing some simple tricks and tactics to solve them.

  6. CATEGORY-3: Arithmetic Operations This category covers chapters on Set Theory, Time-Speed-Distance, Ratio & Proportion, and Mensuration. On the CAT you will find some baffling questions from this category, so just basic knowledge is not sufficient unlike knowledge required for algebra and higher math but it requires relating two or more concepts in a single problem. Mensuration section involves a lot of intensive calculation and judgment of the problem so lots of practice is required to tackle such problems.

  7. CATEGORY-4: LOGICAL PROBLEMS The questions falling under this category do not demand good mathematical skills but just the right logic will enable you to solve such types of problems. Generally such problems cannot be taught to solve, only practice can improve proficiency. There are generally 2 to 3 or sometimes 5 questions falling in this category in CAT and these easily fetch good marks without much preparation.

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