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hp ScanJet 6300c PowerPoint Presentation
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hp ScanJet 6300c

hp ScanJet 6300c

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hp ScanJet 6300c

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  1. hp ScanJet 6300c

  2. To familiarize teachers with the hardware and software associated with scanning documents or images • To demonstrate the use of scanner and storage of the data • To share curricular applications of scanning technology Objective

  3. Key Terms This is a digital image of our new scanner in the teacher work areas. • Scanner - This piece of hardware is used to create a digital copy of either photographs or documents. • Output Type - Once an item is scanned, we must tell the computer in what form or what extension to save it as. • J-PEG - This is term given to an image file type. It is the extension used by the computer to determine what kind of file the computer is reading. • TXT - This term is given to text that is scanned. It is also an extension.

  4. Scanning Images We can scan anything. Pictures, objects…it really does not matter what the item is. We can make a digital copy of it with a scanner. The only concern we must have is how to do it and what are we going to do with the image once it is scanned.

  5. Step One Double Click on the “HP Precision Scan Pro” icon. This will open the program and display the screen below.

  6. Step Two: • Next, raise the cover of the scanner and place the item to be scanned, face down and in the upper right hand corner as shown. • Close the lid and return back to the desktop.

  7. Step Three: • Click the “Scan” button. It is the first button on the tool bar. • There will be a window appear that says…”Wait…while the bulb warms up” • The scanner will then scan and display on the screen what was scanned.

  8. For the purpose of this example, I placed my desk name plate on the scanner and clicked the “Scan” button. The computer will attempt to recognize whether the scanned item is and image or is text. For this example, the computer recognized the name plate as an image. The next step is to set the resolution. Resolution is a key element. The greater the resolution, the larger the file size. The lower the resolution, the smaller the file size. This is important. When you go to save the image, if the resolution is too large, it may not fit on a diskette. If you are scanning for use in Power Point or on the Web, keep the resolution below 150. Now, this is how to display the resolution and change it.

  9. Changing the Resolution • Click “Tools” • Click “Output Resolution Using the down arrow, change it to a suitable number.

  10. Output Type Click and drag a box around the area you wish to scan for the final image. The computer will attempt to recognize it as an image or as text. Be certain that the image is going to be scanned in “True Color” If it does not, click “Output Type” on the menu and select “True Color.”

  11. Saving the image: • Now that you have selected the scanned area and selected the output type and the resolution: • Click “Scan” • Then select “Save as”

  12. At this window, select where the image is to be saved Give the file a name. Remember that if you are going to use this image on the Web, you must not use space in the file name and it must be in the index folder. Finally, be certain that the file type is .jpg Now click “Save”

  13. Scanning Text • Scanning text is easier with our new technology. We can take a hard copy and scan it. The computer will put it into Microsoft Word. At that time, we can save it, print it, or edit it. • No more retyping. You just need a hard copy and follow the steps. • Open the HP ScanJet as was described earlier in the packet.

  14. Lift and place your document face down in the upper right hand corner. Click “Output Type” and select “Text” Click the “Scan To” button.

  15. The program will prompt you with the “Destination” window. Scroll down until you can select Microsoft Word 2000. Then click “Scan” It is very important that the “Output Type” is “text”

  16. It is magic You may be asked if you want to scan another document into the current page. Answer “Done.” Microsoft Word 2000 will open and your document will appear in Word. At this time you can change font or adjust margins. Save the document