an overview of activity insight n.
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An Overview of Activity Insight PowerPoint Presentation
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An Overview of Activity Insight

An Overview of Activity Insight

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An Overview of Activity Insight

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  1. An Overview of Activity Insight TLI 2013 Janet Maschke and Brian Moore

  2. What is Activity Insight “AI”? Activity Insight is a database designed specifically for faculty to catalog professional work experience, educational background, service activities, professional development, and other accomplishments.

  3. Benefits of Activity Insight (AI) • Easy access for DU faculty via DU website • User-friendly screens • Logical input forms to organize information • Built-in reports available to faculty • Save and print capability • “Available Anywhere” as it is web-based • Secure - logins required to access a record

  4. How is DU using the information? • Faculty data from “AI” is used to populate the faculty web page on • Updated vitas are easily compiled • Accreditation information on faculty may be pulled from “AI” • Reports by department and college

  5. Look at the extent to which your colleagues are using Activity Insight: In the last month, DU faculty have logged into “AI” 321 times as of 7-12-13

  6. Main Menu Categories “AI” is divided into the following categories: • General Information • contact info, biography • educational and work experiences • current position information • Teaching • Scholarship / Research • Service

  7. Main Menu Detail The following screens show a detailed list of each Main Menu component. TIP: It is helpful to review the sections before entering content so that you have a better idea of where items should be placed.

  8. General Information Menu This item is entered by DU administrator, J. Maschke

  9. Teaching Menu Service Learning Experiential Learning Directed Student Learning Service Learning and Experiential Learning are special DU forms to collect and organize faculty teaching efforts in these areas. More consistent input is needed in this area to make this a valuable resource for DU. After reviewing the forms, please contact Wayne Sneath if you have additional questions on content for these areas.

  10. Scholarship & Research Menu The following screens show the actual fill-in forms for the starred items so that you have an idea of the scope of the information.

  11. Intellectual Contributions Form

  12. Presentation Form

  13. Presentation Form (cont’d.) Option for co-presenter Double-click to expand text box

  14. Service Menu When you are no longer active in a Service activity, be sure to apply an End Date. • At times it may be difficult to distinguish between the DU service areas – Department? …or College? …or University? When in doubt, use the higher-level. Just enter it! • All items do not need to be completed in each form. Fill-in the primary ones—title, type, and date of activity. • The more detail you enter--the more detail will appear on your vita.

  15. Report Output • Available through “Custom Reports” • Multiple export options (Word, PDF, HTML, and Excel for summary reports) • Save the file to your drive • Print from that application

  16. Report Menu

  17. Run Report • Tips: • When multiple reports are available in step 1, click the “Select Report” button which will also display in that step. • Select a date range which is early enough to include all your content.

  18. Sample Report If phone numbers were entered, departments would have a quick reference list.

  19. Next Steps • Login at • Select Forms & Procedures under Resources on the Faculty Connection

  20. Next Steps (cont’d) • Watch “Using Activity Insight” video for more detail on input. • Then, you’re ready to start entering your data! • Remember: You do not need to complete every field. Stick to the primary information --What? Who? When? TIP: The “biography” field is restricted. Send bio to

  21. Need Help? Contact: • Janet Maschke 616-554-5189 • Brian Moore 586-620-4087 GOOD LUCK!