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prepared for: IFMA COEX 02-27-06 PowerPoint Presentation
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prepared for: IFMA COEX 02-27-06

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prepared for: IFMA COEX 02-27-06
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prepared for: IFMA COEX 02-27-06

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  1. prepared for: IFMA COEX 02-27-06

  2. Kicked off by Self-Invention Creating Inside-Out Answers Propelled by Personal Authenticity Creating Inside-Out IDs Enriched by Advantage: Intangibles Pursuing Inside-Out Payoffs

  3. I would rather have so much to do that I risk being stressed than have too little to do and be bored 1999 2004 64% 53% 2002 2003 2004 2001 I never have enough time to do all that I need to do 75% 76% 77% 73% To get more time, I give up sleep at night I am always doing more than one thing at a time I always seem to be in a rush 2004 2004 2004 74% 54% 37% time above all

  4. keep it real Extremely/very important for me to be seen as someone who can see through exaggeration and hype TODAY 55% 2002 38%

  5. never assume The brands you buy tell a lot about the kind of person you are 2000 TODAY Total 51% 41% Echoes 54 51 Xers 52 41 Boomers 50 38 Matures 48 36

  6. Participatory technology abounds

  7. Giving consumers control

  8. Inside-Out Economy for food and diet it’s good... • people accept responsibility • people not blaming others • people open to innovation • people aren’t very good at it • people apply higher standards • people need much more help ...and it’s challenging

  9. Brand new findings on food & diet. The latest 2006 MONITOR trends. A view of food & diet in the context of lifestyles and preventive health care. • People hold themselves accountable • But can’t really do it very well at all • So, people need help and support • The opportunity is thus to focus on the things that people regard as helpful • I.e., the 4 Vital Signs in the Inside-Out Economy

  10. Yankelovich MONITOR Perspective: “Food for Life” • 32-minute Internet survey • Nationally representative • 2,208 respondents • Recontact sample drawn from original respondents to 2005 preventive health care study • Directly tied to Yankelovich MONITOR and PULSE health care segmentation • Directly generates lists of names of people holding particular attitudes as well as attitudinal profiles of trading and geographic areas A forthcoming syndicated study surveying the connection between lifestyle values, preventive health care attitudes and decisions about food & diet. To be launched in a live Webcast on Monday, March 27. Open to all. (Email me to get free access.)

  11. me, me, me Top 10 sources about food healthiness Personal experience/self 61% Nutritional labels on foods 47 Family and friends 30 Cooking shows on TV 22 Magazines 20 Medical community 11 Newspapers 7 Diet books 7 Government agencies/resources 7 Restaurant menus 6 Diet Web sites 5 Diet organizations 5 American Medical Association 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE“Food for Life” 2006

  12. diet GPA 68.2 At Home On a 0-100 scale, how would you rate your diet... 48.5 Away From Home 64.7 At Home On a 0-100 scale,how would you rate your children’s diet... 55.0 At School 45.5 Away From Home Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE “Food for Life” 2006

  13. other sources Sources of nutritional information trust “completely” Medical/health associations 47% Medical community 42 American Medical Association 40 Government agencies 27 Family and friends 25 Cooking shows 13 Diet organizations 12 Diet books 8 Magazines 7 Newspapers 7 Talk shows 7 Diet Web sites 7 Food companies 7 National Restaurant Association 5 Restaurant Web sites 4 Restaurant menus 4 Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE“Food for Life” 2006

  14. scoring a bull’s eye information, please inventing and reinventing rejecting compromise confronting dissonance listening to internal rhythms questioning the comfort zone pursuing passion valuing authenticity feeling above par standing firm on family linking “me” and “we” hiving spirituality iPriority willful disobedience the upside of obscurity looping it

  15. Staying current on self All about ME Maintaining well-being Selfish, narcissistic or isolating • Popping in or dropping out when it feels right for me • Redefining connection and interaction • Putting themselves and their needs out in front...and that’s OK • Centering themselves in order to enable success all-around • Being ready and able to do for, or give to, others

  16. Of U.S. adults practice yoga, a 43% increase over 2002 (“Yoga in America” survey, 2.05) 7.5% Of 136 million spa visits in 2003 were to day spas (The Spa Association, The North American Spa Industry 2004 study) 60% TODAY 2001 Of women treat themselves by getting a manicure/pedicure 23% 31% Say they do a good job setting aside some time for themselves each day 71% signs & signals

  17. New opportunities for “trading up” • Means premium is worth it “if it improves my day” – and more • OK to splurge on a snack/meal out …even better if it makes you a more relaxed friend/spouse/ parent

  18. it’s no big deal Restaurants should be able to offer really big portions if they want to -- if people want to eat big portions it should be their choice 70% Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE“Food for Life” 2006

  19. Seeking to ensure individuality and experience connection Expect greater desire for products that satisfy individual tastes within group situations Opportune time for multi-varieties or mix ‘n’ match or design your own or culturally appropriate offerings Host and facilitate connection and engagement -- people to people not people to brand

  20. Pizza Hut offers something for one – and for all

  21. Companies like Let's Dish! call it "meal assembly." Moms call it a lifesaver. And financial experts call it one of the fastest-growing food trends in the country. The businesses allow home cooks to gather in a commercial kitchen and assemble prepared raw ingredients, following easy recipes, for up to 12 meals. No meals are cooked at Let's Dish! or its competitors. Instead, customers pack up the entrees they've assembled in freezer proof bags and containers and take them home, to be frozen and then cooked as needed… the experience is not only convenient -- cooks get to skip all the shopping, chopping and cleanup -- but it's also fun... there’s music playing and other mothers to talk to., 7.22.05

  22. Ignoring what’s expected Defensive or reactionary Being naughty like never before Arrogant, rude or reckless Violating “my own rules” In your face • A determination to do things differently, to smash the box • May be very public or could be personal, even private • May be serious or could be fun, even frivolous • An exercise in control: Liberating oneself by deliberately going against the grain

  23. signs & signals Once in a while it feels good to do something naughty Total 62% 16-34 74 35-49 65 50-64 51 65+ 40

  24. 22% of Americans faked sick day in past year* 14% of women 29% of men 7% of adults 26+ smoked pot in past year** *”Attitudes in the Workplace” poll, reported in Boston Globe 10.07.05 **SAMHSA, Office of Applied Studies, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2002, 2003, and 2004. signs & signals Kids are wearing PJ’s in public...and to school “What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” “Parents Behaving Badly”

  25. signs & signals Things you do when you really want to treat yourself: Eat something decadent or sinful 2001 TODAY • Total 20% 32% • Men 14 25 • Women 25 39 • Moms* 28 36 *Moms with children <18 in HH

  26. Aiding & abetting a little rule-breaking or disobedience • Expect a welcome response to abetting some misbehavingor playful protesting • New opportunity for small but extreme food & beverage indulgences • Think “sensible eating” but with a guilty thrill • And, all-out “decadence” in small packages • Even support personal “counter-culturalism”

  27. what do you want to ban?

  28. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) doesn’t like it, but the kids at Scotti’s Record Shops are just wild about the four-store chain’s "Buy It, Burn It, Return It" policy, reports Jolie Solomon in The Wall Street Journal. The policy is, “customers can buy a used or new CD, take it home, listen, and, if they want, burn a copy to a computer. Within 10 days, they can return the CD for 70 percent store credit.” Scotti’s- based in New Jersey and run by brothers Jeff and Gary Scotti — decided to introduce the policy not only because its CD sales were in decline, but also to make their stores attractive to younger consumers. “A kid could grow up now and never set foot inside a record store,” says Jeff Scotti. “We want them to think record stores are cool places.” As reported by, 9.19.05

  29. Wanting protection against excess • Expect a sense of betrayal if abetting personal rule-breaking sets consumer up to fail • Requires fine balance between facilitating willful disobedience and compromising consumer’s health/diet/nutrition goals • Keep it safe…encouraging reckless disobedience among kids will sound the alarm!

  30. not my kids Foods served in schools contribute to childhood obesity 71% Marketing foods of poor nutritional quality to young children is unfair 58% Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE “Food for Life” 2006

  31. Kraft: Hitting the sensible & sinful chord

  32. work for me The government should provide subsidies on fruits and vegetables so they are more affordable 53% If restaurants portions were smaller, I would eat less and still be satisfied when I eat away from home 62% Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE “Food for Life” 2006

  33. it’s my fault Who is most responsible for the obesity epidemic? (Ranked #1 or #2) Who is responsible for the health of a person’s diet? Individuals themselves 87% Fast food restaurants 33 Marketers 32 Schools 18 Food companies 16 U.S. government 14 Solely food cos./restaurants 2% Mainly food cos./restaurants, but consumers,too 4 Equally food cos./restaurants and consumers 11 Mainly consumers, but food cos./restaurants, too 39 Solely consumers 44 Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE “Food for Life” 2006

  34. Keeping away from the Joneses Anti-community or anti-status Standing apart from the crowd Divisive or dissonant Staying under the radar About bragging or elitism • Pursuing implicit satisfaction, putting aside showmanship • Capturing or assembling exclusivity, even creating incongruity • Finding the good – and the goods – where “nobody” else has

  35. Reasons for selecting a particular brand: The brand represents my unique taste and individuality TODAY 2002 Important in personal life:Expressing your creative side 38% 46% TODAY 2004 55% 61% Important to me to be seen as:Someone who has the inside scoop on a lot of things TODAY 2001 21% 30% signs & signals

  36. signs & signals “A questing sensibility is prompting bargain seekers by the thousands, tourists and locals alike, to visit the colorful street bazaars popping up like ragweed in urban centers from New York to Los Angeles.Amid the predictable detritus of bong pipes, CDs, there areoriginal and surprisingly stylish clothing, jewelry and handbags to be unearthed, often the work of talented fashion young bloodswho dream of becoming the next Zac Posen or Marc Jacobs. That may be a distant goal, but for buyers with a hungry eye for style, this is designer shopping where you don’t have to be buzzed inside.” New York Times, 9.01.05

  37. Going beyond playful to the really quirky • Expect a competitive edge to go to the unpredictable • Support for reaching for unexpected promotional partnerships • Means offbeat in-store programs, even product touches

  38. Coke is taking an iPod-inspired approach to reviving its flagship cola's appeal with an experimental marketing campaign. The new bottle collection--dubbed M5 for Magnificent Five--will roll out over the next year in 50 to 60 select nightclubs around the world. The icons are intended to draw attention from trendsetters, spicing up Coke's image in the minds of cool hunters and fashionable urban consumers. Don't expect to see M5s in grocery stores; they're much too hip for that. TIME 10.14.05

  39. Greater intolerance for black boxes Need for unnecessary details • Taking the need to know to new places. Curiosity killed the cat…not the consumer • Getting in the loop earlier and staying longer • Equating the understanding of process to making real-live progress Desire to be privy to process Being nosy or meddlesome A 24/7 proposition Chasing nitty-gritty “why’s” & “how’s”

  40. 81% 58% 44% 2004 TODAY Researching productsbefore buyingis important to me Feeling intelligentis important to me

  41. signs & signals

  42. 48% I know more about the products being sold in stores than the people who are selling the products

  43. signs & signals • Super premium vodkas have increased sales 32% in the past 4 years(Los Angeles Times 12/22/04) • Premium sake sales up 400% in the past year(Chicago Tribune, 1/12/05) • Wine connoisseurship is increasing - wine sales in the U.S. are up 32% from 2000–2003(6/12/05 Chicago Tribune)

  44. Kendall Jackson print ad: “Many of you enjoy the taste of my wines but you’re not sure why. My goal is to help you understand with A Taste of Truth…

  45. what’s your excuse What prevented you from rating your diet higher? (selected items) How many calories should you consume on a daily basis? Don’t eat enough vegetables 56% Don’t eat enough fruits 56 Eat too much junk food 38 Eat too many processed foods 34 Eat too much sugar 33 Skip meals too often 32 Don’t know 48% How many calories do you think you consume on a daily basis? More than I should 48% Yankelovich PERSPECTIVE “Food for Life” 2006

  46. iPriority willful disobedience the upside of obscurity looping it