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Learn the ‘s of creating a great presentation

PowerPoint. Learn the ‘s of creating a great presentation. To Begin Your Presentation. Open up Select “ ”, click OK Choose a layout for your first slide. (If it will be copied for a handout choose a light-colored background). PowerPoint.

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Learn the ‘s of creating a great presentation

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  1. PowerPoint Learn the ‘s of creating a great presentation

  2. To Begin Your Presentation • Open up • Select “ ”, click OK • Choose a layout for your first slide. (If it will be copied for a handout choose a light-colored background) PowerPoint Blank Presentation

  3. Background Format Next, select a Pull down the menu and choose: “Apply Design” for a pre-made template“Background” and pull down arrow to fill effects to create your own Click onApply to All

  4. How to a New Slide Insert • Pull down the menu and choose “ “ • Choose a layout for the slide Insert New Slide

  5. ADDING TEXT • Clickwhere it says “click to add text” • Typein your information • Highlightyour text • Pull downthe format menu to select your font/style/size

  6. Adding Text • Be carefulnot to go too small or have so much on the page it’s hard to read.Fontneeds to be atleast 20 or more • Try out different looks

  7. Adding Bullets • To customize,you may want to select Bullets or Numbers • Highlight your text, then pull down the Format menu • Click on “Bullets and Numbering” • Select the style you like best and click on OK

  8. (from the Clip Gallery) To Get Clip Art • Choosea layout which includes a graphic • Double clickon the icon to get clip art • Clickon your selection and click “Insert”

  9. To Get Clip Art-from the WEB • Choose a layout that includes a graphic • Go on-line to a site that has“free” images & clip art –don’t use copyrighted images without permission

  10. To Get Clip Art-from the(cont.) WEB • Double click on your selection and then “right click” • Next, pull your arrow to “Save image as…” and click

  11. Inserting Clipart • Save your image to the desktop • Go to the desktop, do a “right click” & pull you arrow to copy – then click • Return to the slide & “right click” again, pull the arrow down to “Paste” and click(All on-line obtained images for this presentation came from Discoveryschool.com web site)

  12. Animation • Go up to the SLIDE SHOWmenu and select . Custom Animation

  13. Slide Transitions • Select the • Click on your first slide to select it • Pull down the arrow next to “ ” and click Slide Sorter View SlideTransition

  14. NEXT… • Pullyour arrow to “ ” and click • Select the way you want your slide to come look, and click. Don’t forget to click on OK. • Remember, No Transitions SAVE YOUR WORK!!!

  15. Running Your Presentation • Go up to the • Selectyour first slide • Clickon the in thelower left hand cornerof slide show • Clickto advance through your slide show SLIDE SHOW last icon

  16. Timing • Go up to menu again. Use your mouse and click on • Practice clickingthrough yourslide showat the speed you want it to automatically advance SLIDE SHOW REHEARSE TIMINGS

  17. Timing cont. speed • Decidewhat works best • Then,clickthrough yourslide showat the you want it to automatically advance • At the end,clickYESto record timings • Click YESto view timing speed

  18. Next ... • Go to to “ ” • Select “ ” if you wish • Don’t forget to SLIDE SHOW Set Up Show Loop Continuously SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!

  19. Printing Options PRINT ! • Pull downFILEmenu to Here are the different options: • 2 slides per page • 3 slides per page • 6 slides per page • Notes • Outline • Printin eitherBlackand Whiteor in • Printwith or without a frame PRINT WHAT? Color Slides

  20. Keep in Mind... • Thatyou say is than how Pretty it Looks • Readover yourtext • Revise - Make CHANGES(if needed) so it’s clear & understandable • Editfor correct use ofCapitals, Punctuation & Spelling(Use the Spellchecker, but think about it! You don’t want to select a homophone or a word that doesn’t really fit.) WHAT MORE IMPORTANT

  21. End upwith a product you willBE PROUDof when you share it WITH A GROUP of people! presentations are meant to be shared with an ! HAVE PRIDE!!! PowerPoint Audience

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