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Coaches Meeting

Coaches Meeting

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Coaches Meeting

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  1. Coaches Meeting ASU U9-U19

  2. Schedule • Review your schedule carefully before the season begins. • No changes will be made unless we missed one of your listed conflicts or a school activity. • School activities must take away enough to leave less than the PLAYING minimum. Need proof of players participation in school event.

  3. North Texas Rosters • Double check your Got Soccer roster for your current players. • Only players on your roster may play and practice with your team. • Notify Nicky, our registrar, if your roster is incorrect. • ALL players MUST be entered into your Got Soccer account WITH a photo. • You may print your roster from your Got Soccer Account.

  4. Player ID Cards • Players U9 and up will need IDs to play. • You may use the virtual cards available through the Got Soccer App on your smart phone or print them from your Got Soccer team account. • ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE A PHOTO (current head shot) or they will not be allowed to play. • At least 4 people need to have the App on their phones with the username and password for the team login, to insure the ability to check in. Please plan ahead and have the Virtual ID Cards pulled up and ready for the referees to view. • Late players will need to be taken to the green barn by a manager or parent to check in with the Field Coordinator using the Virtual ID cards.

  5. Print your game sheet from GotSoccer before each game. If you forget your game sheet, there are blank forms available in the barn at the fields. The referee will keep the sheet, fill in the score and turn it in following the game. If you are playing away from Harold Patterson, you need to get the game sheet from the referee and fax or email to the office within 48 hours. Game Sheets

  6. Game Day • Every player must play 50% EVERY game, including tournaments. • If a child is missing, please note on the game sheet. • If a player gets sick/hurt during play and can not continue, please make sure that gets noted on the game sheet. • Please do not write in the misconduct section as this is for the referees. • Flags will be provided at Harold Patterson. You may need to provide flags at outside associations. Home team will provide the ball. • Team players and coaches will be required to occupy the sideline opposite of the parents/spectators. Home team will sit on the North or West half of the appropriate sideline. • If there is a color conflict, the home team changes or wears pinnies.

  7. Game Day • U9/U10 25 minute halves • U11/12 30 minute halves • U13/14 35 minute halves • U15/16 40 minute halves • U17/19 45 minute halves

  8. Touchline Behavior • Coaches are responsible for his/her touchline. • It is your responsibility to keep your sideline calm. • If a coach, spectator or player is sent away from the field, that person must sit out the next game and a sit out verification must be completed. • Referees WILL show red cards to coaches or spectators. If they are red carded, they must leave the complex immediately.

  9. Field Coordinator Hotline – 682-305-0912 Tablet – 214-680-5383 • During weekend games, team Managers or Coaches have the capability to call(hotline) or text(tablet) the Board Member/Field Coordinator on duty regarding problems on their field.  • This is for EMERGENCIES ONLY!   This could include hurt players, fights, red cards where ejected person will not leave, or out of control sidelines.   • They will listen/read your message and respond to it OR come to your field.  If you do not get an immediate response do not get impatient.   They could be handling another situation or be temporarily unable to answer. • Please do not call/text the Board member unless you are at the Harold Patterson Complex playing a game.

  10. Trash • Please pick up trash after each game. If there is trash on your sideline when you arrive, please notify the Field Coordinator on duty. • Teams can be fined $25-$100 for leaving trash.

  11. Entering Your Score • Please remember to enter the score of your game using either the Phone-In Service(904-758-0875) or the GotSoccer App(Scoring Icon). • The Event ID is 73303 and the PIN is 1234. • You will need the Game number which is located on your game sheet or on the schedule. • Detailed Instructions are available on our website.

  12. Referees • Any concerns/comments/praise, please complete the referee evaluation on our website. • Our Referee Liaison will receive, read and follow up as needed. • Please be respectful of the referee at ALL times. • Assistant Referees on U9/U10 matches will usually be young and/or new referees, so be especially careful in how you address them. • Rule Changes - Available on website under Referees.

  13. Rain Outs or other Cancellations • Watch the website for rain out information. You may check the website, download the app on your smart phone or call 817-522-4272. • Watch the website for reschedules – it is your responsibility to find the new game time and communicate that to your parents. They will usually be rescheduled within a couple of days.

  14. ASA Office Information • • 817-261-0242 • 817-274-5469 fax • Rec Registrar – Nicky - • Office Manager – Sarah - • API Registrar – Veronica - • Office Hours • MWF 10:00AM-4:00PM • Tue. 10:00AM-6:00PM • Thur. 2:00PM-8:00PM

  15. Thank You! • Thank you for volunteering to coach. We know it is a huge commitment and it is greatly appreciated. • Nat Davies VP of Recreational • Michelle Hennessy Recreational Coordinator 817-946-0372