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School Family Education (SFE)

School Family Education (SFE) Orientation Briefing 28 April 2009 Family Education Department OVERVIEW Roles and responsibilities of service provider and coordinator Funding and outcome indicators Reimbursement AIM Enhance quality of family life by

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School Family Education (SFE)

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  1. School Family Education (SFE) Orientation Briefing 28 April 2009 Family Education Department

  2. OVERVIEW • Roles and responsibilities of service provider and coordinator • Funding and outcome indicators • Reimbursement

  3. AIM • Enhance quality of family life by • providing family life education programmes to parents, staff and students • making family resource easily available to parents, staff and students

  4. DESIRED OUTCOME Family life education skills & knowledge can & need to be learnt. We need to take a proactive effort to strengthen and enrich family life.

  5. SERVICE PROVIDERRoles and Responsibilities • Provide consultation to school on family life education programmes and resource people • Provide guidance to school & coordinatorin planning suitable programmes for target groups • Provide guidance to school on budget and make payments for coordinator fees, programmes and related items on behalf of school

  6. SFE COORDINATORRoles and Responsibilities • Together with school & service provider, plan and implement family life education programmes for target groups • Provide and coordinate with family life educators on programmes • Conduct assessment to identify needs • Publicise family life education programmes and family life centre/ corner

  7. SFE COORDINATORRoles and Responsibilities (Continued) • Provide information and referral service to those who need professional help • Set up/ manage and promote family life centre/ corner • Identify parents for parent facilitator training

  8. SFE COORDINATORRoles and Responsibilities (Continued) • Collate feedback on programmes and its effectiveness - Workshop Evaluation Form • Prepare monthly reimbursement documents • Assist in the school survey commissioned by MCYS

  9. PROGRAMME CONTENT • Parent education • Parent facilitators’ course • School staff’s family wellness • Students’ lifeskills training

  10. FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES Parent – parenting tips, marriage enrichment, financial & stress management, work-life harmony. Examples: • Build self-esteem in your child • Understand your child • Discipline strategies • Effective communication skills • Model a good marriage and a healthy lifestyle • Marriage enrichment • Family bonding • Money management • Work-life harmony • Sexuality education for parents • X Academic • X Health

  11. Parent Facilitator Parent Befriender/ Mentor Reaching out to hard-to-reach parents and form support groups Encourage parent participation and co-facilitate in SFE workshops FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES PARENT FACILITATOR TRAINING PROGRAMME Parent volunteer

  12. FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES(Continued) • Staff - financial & stress management, personal effectiveness, work-life balance, single education. Examples: • Stress management • Money management • Work-life harmony • Parenting/ Marriage X Enhance teaching role

  13. FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES(Continued) • Student – lifeskill, character development, financial & stress management. Examples: • Build self-esteem • Build character • Be money wise • Stress and conflict management • Media influence • Communication and relationship skills • Service learning (with parents/grandparents) X Sexuality education, BGR, academic

  14. FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES(Continued) • Based on needs of target groups • Include subject matters that are central to the family life of each target group • 100 hours per year per school - 70 for parents/staff & 30 for students - max 10 hours for recreational/social events

  15. FAMILY LIFE CENTRE/ CORNER • Open for 12 hours a week • Easily accessible • Well-maintained and utilised • Drop-in centre to gather more information on family life and seek advice from SFE coordinator

  16. PUBLICITY STRATEGIES • Banner- Overall layout and design of the banner provided by MCYS. School to provide logos to be included in the banner – send logo to chua_li_ping@mcys.gov.sg by 6 May 2009. • Pamphlet/ handout/ poster – SFE Parent Guide & other MCYS resource materials, SFE corporate video, brochure stand, SFE banner will be sent to schools (May 09) • School Website- Hyperlink to SFE website (www.sfe.org.sg) • Notice board/ Newsletters/ Tip sheets • Book reviews-Encourage parents to borrow books that are available in the family life centre/ corner


  18. MCYS FUNDING • MCYS provides the following funding per school: • 1st yr - $20,000 (Prog) + $10,000 (Coordinator) • 2nd yr - $15,000 (Prog) + $10,000 (Coordinator) • 3rd yr - $10,000 (Prog) + $10,000 (Coordinator) • From the 4th year, school will be given the option to continue the programme • School must meet MCYS’ outcome indicators each year to secure funding for subsequent years

  19. MCYS FUNDING – Performance Indicators

  20. MCYS FUNDING - Performance Indicators • Figures for year 2 and 3 are cumulative, i.e., an additional 10% of parents should be reached in year 2 and additional 20% for year 3 • Figures based on student enrolment for the year. E.g., if student enrolment is 2,000, total number of parents reached should be 600 in the first year, 800 in the second year and 1200 in the third year • Outreach figures should reflect the actual participants and not attendance rates, which means that these do not include repeat participants

  21. MCYS FUNDING - SFE Coordinator • Appointment of a SFE coordinator in each school for 3 years • $10,000 each year per school • Working hours – 936 hours/year or 78 hours/month • Annual funding of coordinator is tied to funding of family life education programmes

  22. EVALUATION • Summary of Workshop Evaluation Form -Summary of participants’ feedback on SFE programmes • Monthly Reimbursement & Evaluation Form (MREF) - Monthly evaluation on output and of outcome indicators • Half-yearly report provided by MCYS • Quantitative and qualitative survey on impact of SFE

  23. REIMBURSEMENT • Monthly basis • Must reach MCYS within 15 days after each Month, e.g., for May - submit by 15 June • For Feb 09 reimbursement, must reach MCYS by 10th March due to close of FY • School certify the accuracy of invoices and claims - signature of P or VP or HOD and school stamp • MCYS disburses fund via service providers

  24. REIMBURSEMENT -Documents Required Family Life Education Programme • Cover letter signed by head of service provider with organisation letterhead • Monthly Reimbursement & Evaluation form (MREF) signed by P or school representative • Original invoices/ receipts. Photocopied -certified true copies, signed, and bear school’s stamp • Summaryof workshop evaluation form or Programme short report • Certification letter from school for the coordinator’s work hours

  25. For more FAQs, visit www.sfe.org.sg For reimbursement enquiries, Email chow_hor_wai@mcys.gov.sg or call Christopher at 6354 9872 For general enquiries, email mcys_sfe@mcys.gov.sg or call Eunice Sui at tel: 6354 9871 and Li Ping at tel: 6354 9847

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