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Pocket SalesMate

TechMate International’s. Pocket SalesMate. Pocket SalesMate. I. Table of Contents- Setup: 1.0 Installing Microsoft ActiveSync 5 2.0 Installing Pocket SalesMate 6-9 2.1 Installing Pocket SalesMate Updates 10-12 3.0 Pocket SalesMate Setup 13

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Pocket SalesMate

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  1. TechMate International’s Pocket SalesMate

  2. Pocket SalesMate I. Table of Contents- Setup: 1.0 Installing Microsoft ActiveSync 5 2.0 Installing Pocket SalesMate6-9 2.1 Installing Pocket SalesMate Updates 10-12 3.0 Pocket SalesMate Setup 13 3.1 Setting Defaults 14 3.2 Registering Pocket SalesMate 15 3.2 Managing Carrier Lists 16-17 3.4 Managing Agents List 18 3.5 Making Changes to Master Inventory 19-20 4.0 Setting Up Rating Files 21 4.1 Managing Tariff Files 22 4.1.2 Initializing Tariffs 23-25 4.2 Managing Container File List 26 4.2.1 Setting up Container Files 27 4.3 Managing Valuation File List 28 4.3.1 Setting up Valuation Files 29-32 5.0 Downloading Rating files from FirstMate 33 5.1 Establishing a connection with FirstMate 34-36 5.1.2 Downloading Rating Files 37-40

  3. Pocket SalesMate II. Table of Contents: Survey 6.0 Entering Customer Information 41 6.1 Creating a Customer 42-45 6.2 Creating a Survey 46-48 6.2.2 Setting the Mode of Transportation 49 6.2.3 Adding Articles to the Survey 50-52 6.2.4 Changing the size of an Article 53 6.2.5 Adding Comments to Articles 54-55 6.2.6 Creating Miscellaneous Rooms & Articles 56-57 6.2.7 Entering Crates 58 6.2.8 Moving Articles during the Survey Process 59-61 6.2.9 Displaying Totals of Surveyed Articles 62 6.2.10 Adding Notes/Remarks 63 6.2.11 Obtaining Customer and Agent Signatures 64 6.3 Printing Shipper Inventory Reports 65-66

  4. Pocket SalesMate III. Table of Contents- Rating: 7.0 Rating 67 7.1 Tariff Selection 68 7.1.1 Rating- Bind Date 69 7.1.2 Rating- Use of Modes 70-72 7.1.3 Rating- Continue or Exit 73 7.2 Rating- Adjustments (e.g Weight) 74-75 7.3 Main Rating Screen 76-79 7.4 Transportation Charges 80 7.4.1 Local Transportation & Labor Charges 81 7.4.2 Valuation Charges 82 7.4.3 Packing Charges 83-84 7.4.4 Extra Stops/Mini Storage Charges 85 7.4.5 Storage Charges 86 7.4.6 Other Storage Charges 87 7.4.7 Miscellaneous Service Charges 88 7.4.8 Extra Labor/Shuttle 89-90 7.4.9 Bulky Article Charges 91 7.4.10 Appliance Servicing Charges 92-93 7.4.11 Elevator, Stairs, and Long Carries Charges 94 7.5 Discounting 95 7.6 Contract Type 96 7.7 Total Charges 97-98 7.8 Printing Estimate Order for Service 99-102 8.0 Interfaces with FirstMate 103 8.1 Sending a Customer to FirstMate 104-105 8.2 Sending a Customer to Pocket SalesMate 106-107

  5. Pocket SalesMate 1.0 Microsoft ActiveSync Setup • Installing Microsoft ActiveSync: -ActiveSync can be installed from CD included with PDA device -Can also be downloaded from www.Microsoft.com website • Setting up a Partnership: -Establish a Standard Partnership -Synchronize Files with Desktop Make sure the Files are Synchronized

  6. Pocket SalesMate 2.0 Installing Pocket SalesMate 1- PDA must be both Connected and Synchronized with Desktop 2- On Desktop computer- go onto the www.TechMateInternational.com website 3- Click Downloads then Pocket SalesMate 4- Determine the model of PDA you are loading (2002, or 2003/newer) 5- Select the “new user install” that corresponds to your model of PDA - 2003 models would select Pocket SalesMate 03 full install 6- Select the option to either “Open” or “Run” file

  7. Pocket SalesMate • Once the file has been run- follow the following steps to complete the download process: 1-. You will be asked if you would like to “Install Pocket SalesMate PSM”- answer Yes        2- Would you like to “Setup in the following destination folder”- click OK       3- Install Pocket SalesMate PSM- answer Yes     4- You will then be prompted to “check you mobile device to see if any additional steps are necessary” on your desktop computer click the OK button. 5- On your PDA you will be at a screen asking you if you would like to “replace existing files”. Always select the box in the bottom right corner “No to All” Always select “No to All” Option

  8. Pocket SalesMate • Please Note:if you are installing Pocket SalesMate on a 2003 or later model PDA you must also download the “Runtime” file - this file can be found on the www.TechMateInternational.com website, directly under the Pocket SalesMate 03 new user install

  9. Pocket SalesMate • Once the PDA has completed copying files, you can now open Pocket SalesMate: 1-Tap on Start 2-Then on Programs 3-Tap on the Pocket SalesMate icon • New user installs download in the form of a 7 day trial -When you get to this point, contact TechMate to receive a key for an extended license

  10. Pocket SalesMate 2.1 Installing Pocket SalesMate Updates • Pocket SalesMate updates can be downloaded from the www.TechMateInternational.com website • PDA must be both connected and synchronized with desktop computer • Exit out of Pocket SalesMate program on PDA

  11. Pocket SalesMate • On web page, click on Downloads/Pocket SalesMate • Most recent update will be displayed near the top Right corner • Enter Username/password • Follow the defaults to install update • Always select the “NO TO ALL” option when asked to replace existing files Always select “No to All “ Option

  12. E-Mail Notifications for Updates: On the www.TechMateInternational.com website you can register to receive e-mail notifications regarding Pocket SalesMate. Pocket SalesMate

  13. 3.0 Pocket SalesMate Setup Opening Pocket SalesMate: -Tap on Start -Tap on Settings -Tap on Pocket SalesMate icon Pocket SalesMate Setup Screen: -Defaults -Register -Carrier -Agent -Inventory -Tariffs-rating versions only -Containers-rating versions only -Valuation-rating versions only Pocket SalesMate These options appear in Rating Versions only

  14. Pocket SalesMate 3.1 Setting Defaults • Select Default Language - English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish • Select Default Weight Factor - Each Mode (e.g Road, Air) can have it’s own Weight Factor - Please Note: If you are sending Survey information to FirstMate, Set all Weight Factors the same • Select Unit of Measure • Printer Setup- - Canon BJC 50 & 85 printers- Canon BJ 360DPI driver - HP 450 CBI Printer- HP PCL driver - Pentax Pocket Jet 200- HP PCL driver Tap here to assign a Default Printer

  15. Pocket SalesMate 3.2 Registering Pocket SalesMate • Tap on Setup/Register • Contact TechMate with the Pocket SalesMate Serial # to receive License Key • Type License Key in the row of boxes exactly how it is given to you • After the Key have been entered, the key expiration date will be displayed beneath the row of boxes Key Expiration Date

  16. Pocket SalesMate 3.3 Managing Carrier List • Carrier Lists can be viewed by tapping on Setup/Carrier • A list of all Carriers that have been downloaded in Pocket SalesMate will be displayed • Agents not under their own authority can download carrier information from the www.TechMateInternational.com website, under the Downloads/Carriers -This will include the Carrier and Valuation file for the US 400N tariff

  17. Pocket SalesMate • A new Carrier can be added by tapping on “New” • Carrier information can be viewed/modified by tapping on the Carrier name • To delete a Carrier, press and hold stylist on Carrier name • An Edit/Delete option will appear

  18. Pocket SalesMate 3.4 Managing the Agents List • Agent lists can be viewed by tapping on Setup/Agents • A list of all Agents that have been entered into Pocket SalesMate will be displayed • New Agency information can be added by tapping “New” - Selecting the “Default Origin Agent” will automatically default you as the Origin Agent for each new customer • To View/Modify Agency information- Tap on Agency Name • To delete Agency information- Tap and hold stylist on Agency name, an Edit/Delete option will appear • Agency information that has been previously entered in FirstMate can be downloaded into Pocket SalesMate to avoid repetitive data entry - See section 5.0 Downloading Rating Files from FirstMate

  19. Pocket SalesMate 3.5 Making Changes to Master Inventory • Tap on Setup/Inventory to view or edit the Master Inventory list • A New Article can be created by tapping on “New” • Type in the article description as well as the Cubic size • Select the group list in which you would like the article to appear (HHGI or O&I) Enter Article Description and adjust size Tap to Create a New Article

  20. Pocket SalesMate • Articles already appearing in the Master Inventory can be edited by taping on the article name and then on “Edit” -Article description can be modified -Cubic size can be adjusted • To change the Room List that the article appears in: -Tap on the Article name and then on “Groups” -Select the room list that you would like the article to appear in • All changes made in this part of the inventory will remain set as defaults Tap to View/Edit articles in Inventory List

  21. Pocket SalesMate 4.0 Setting up Rating Files • Pocket SalesMate is a fully functional rating tool • Create and Manage Valuation, Container, Tariff, and defaults • Files can either be downloaded from www.TechMateInternational.com website or from FirstMate - Eliminates repetitive data entry

  22. Pocket SalesMate 4.1 Managing Tariff Files • Tariff screen found by tapping on Setup/Tariffs • Displays the complete list of all tariff files that have been downloaded into Pocket SalesMate • Current status of Tariff displayed - Not Initialized - Initialized (blank entry in the Tariff screen) • Tariffs must be initialized prior to using them in Pocket SalesMate - If Tariffs are downloaded from FirstMate, they will already be initialized Tap on Tariff name to Initialize

  23. Pocket SalesMate 4.1.2 Initializing a Tariff • To initialize or view/modify a tariff simply tap on the Tariff name • Tariff items are arranged in Groups for display and report purposes -Groups are shown with a trailing “====“ • Groups or items shown with an “X” indicate that the group or item has been turned off • If “Show Tariff Info” is “Customized,” groups or items that have been turned off will not be displayed -To display all groups and items, select “All”

  24. Pocket SalesMate • If you want to use a Single Pack Rate (combine the container and packing rates into a single pack rate)- place an “X” in the far left column • If the rate for an item is not published in the Tariff, tap on the Rate column and enter the desired rate Take “X” out of this box to separate Container and Packing costs Tap on Rate Column to enter desired price

  25. Pocket SalesMate • The discount column indicates what group the item is discounted with -Tap on the discount column to change how the item is discounted - “—” indicates that the item cannot be discounted Discount Column shows which group the item is discounted with

  26. Pocket SalesMate 4.2 Managing Container File List • A list of Container files can be created and maintained in Pocket SalesMate -Tap on Setup/Containers -Container screen will display all Container files that have been entered • A new container can be created by tapping on “New” • Container Files can be created in FirstMate and then downloaded into Pocket SalesMate • To view/modify a container file- tap on container name • To delete file tap and hold stylist on Container File name, an Edit/Delete option will appear Tap on “New” to build a Container File

  27. Pocket SalesMate 4.2.1 Setting up a Container File • A new container file can be created by tapping on “New” • If you are rating with the Local, Intra-State, International, TPG, or APP Tariffs you will need to create a Container File for these Tariffs • Each Container File needs a Description and File Name • The description should describe what the container file is (e.g Local Container Rates) • The File Name is used within the Tariff to identify the Container • File Name limited to 8 Characters • Limited to Alphabetic and Numeric characters (no “,\../ , etc.)

  28. Pocket SalesMate 4.3 Managing the Valuation File Lists • A List of Valuation Files can be created/maintained in Pocket SalesMate • Valuation Screen will display a complete list of all Valuation Files that have been downloaded into Pocket SalesMate • To view/modify a Valuation File, tap on the file name • To delete a file- tap and hold stylist on Valuation File name, an edit/delete option will appear • Valuation Files can be created in FirstMate and then downloaded into Pocket SalesMate Tap on “New” to build a Valuation File

  29. Pocket SalesMate 4.3.1 Setting up a Valuation File Setting up a Valuation File is divided into 4 sections: • The first section is the Description and File Name -Enter any description that best describes what the valuation file is for -Only alphabetic and numeric characters can be used for the File Name • Most major Carriers can obtain a pre-built carrier valuation file for inter-state tariffs from the www.TechMateInternational.com website -The most current Valuation Rates will be included when downloading the Carrier from the website Valuation Description Valuation File Name

  30. Pocket SalesMate • Agents operating under their own authority MUST use the Carrier ID that was entered for the File name for US Interstate Tariffs -It is recommended that you use your SCAC code for this ID • The remaining sections are for entering the Basic, Depreciated and Replacement Valuations -Rates must be entered into these fields, so if you do not use Basic of Depreciated valuation, make the rates 0

  31. Pocket SalesMate • The final section of the Valuation screen pertains to the Replacement valuation • There are two types of replacement valuation, Fixed Rates and Rates per $1000 -Make sure that you select the appropriate type before entering any rates in -Any Replacement Rates entered will be cleared out when changing type • You will be able to enter up to four deductibles -Any deductible not used can be left blank • To Enter rates, tap on the “New” to add a line for rates Be Sure to Select appropriate type before entering any rates Tap “New” to add a line for Rates

  32. Pocket SalesMate • For Fixed rates, on the new line, enter the Valuation and rates for each deductible -Enter the maximum valuation you will sell under the “Valuation to” amount • The rates for Rates per $1000 can include the decimal or cents -If the decimal is left off, Pocket SalesMate will automatically add it in -If you enter 10, Pocket SalesMate will display it as 10.00 • Any Valuation files that have been previously created in FirstMate can be downloaded into Pocket SalesMate to avoid repetitive data entry Enter the Maximum Valuation you will sell

  33. Pocket SalesMate 5.0 Downloading Rating Files from FirstMate into Pocket SalesMate • Rating files as well as any Agency information that has been previously created in FirstMate can be downloaded into Pocket SalesMate to avoid repetitive data entry • To do this, you must first set up a connection between FirstMate and Pocket SalesMate

  34. Pocket SalesMate 5.1 Establishing a Connection to FirstMate • Start Pocket SalesMate and sync the Pocket PC device • A partnership must be created, it cannot be setup as a guest -Make sure that the Files are synchronized Files Must be Synchronized

  35. Pocket SalesMate • Serial In Pocket SalesMate go into the Setup/Register screen • The PDA’s # will be displayed at the top of the screen • On your Desktop computer go into the FirstMate program • Click on Setup and go into the “Users” section • Select the user that will correspond to this PDA -A new user can be created by clicking on the Yellow Folder icon

  36. Pocket SalesMate • On the FirstMate “Users” screen make sure that the Pocket PC is selected as the device • Enter the device serial # from the Pocket PC register screen in the Serial # box on FirstMate • Establish a link by clicking on the Detect button • When the “FM_Sync.PSM” file is found, the location of the Sync folder will be entered into the location box • Click the “Yellow Disc” icon to save the user information Location of Sync Folder

  37. Pocket SalesMate 5.1.2 Downloading Rating Files to Pocket SalesMate • Once a connection between FirstMate and Pocket SalesMate has been make, you can begin to download files between the two systems • Make sure that the PDA is both connected and synchronized with your computer • Exit out of Pocket SalesMate on your PDA

  38. Pocket SalesMate • Open up FirstMate on your desktop computer -Click on Setup and Pocket PC • A Pocket PC Setup will appear displaying the users that are set up to share files -Make sure that the salesperson’s name is highlighted Click to Highlight Salesperson’s name

  39. Pocket SalesMate • There are 6 tabs to the right that display Agents, Carriers, Valuation, Inventory, Containers and Tariffs • Click on the tab that corresponds to the file you want to download, then click on the file name within that section • Once you have selected all of the files that you wish to download click on the “Prepare Files” • A “Files Prepared” message will then be displayed in red Click to “Prepare Files”

  40. Pocket SalesMate • The next time that Pocket SalesMate is opened, the files will begin to process and download into the PDA -The status of the download process will be displayed towards the bottom of the customer screen

  41. Pocket SalesMate 6.0 Entering Customer Information Now that Pocket SalesMate is setup, it’s time to put it to use

  42. Pocket SalesMate 6.1 Creating a Customer in Pocket SalesMate • To create a new shipper, tap on “New” • All Shipper and Consignee information is entered on this screen Tap “New” to create a shipper

  43. Pocket SalesMate • Under the Locations fields, tap on “New” to enter the Origin address -Once the origin information is entered, tapping on “OK” will bring you directly to the destination information • Any extra pickup/delivery addresses should also be entered at this screen -Tap on “New” under the location field -Tap on the drop down arrow in the Type field to enter in an extra pickup/delivery Tap “New” to enter in Location information

  44. Pocket SalesMate • The section below the Location field pertains to the Agents • An origin agent can be selected by tapping on the blank line next to Origin -The agents list will pull up and you can assign an agent by tapping on the agent name -A destination Agent can be assigned by following the same procedure • A Carrier can be assigned by tapping on the drop down arrow next to carrier Tap on Drop Down Arrows to Assign Agents and Carriers

  45. Pocket SalesMate • Dates that apply to the move can also be entered in this screen • To enter in dates for the move tap on “Dates” in the bottom left corner -The estimate, book, pack, & load dates can be entered • Tapping on “Main” will return you to the shipper screen Tap to enter Important Move Dates

  46. Pocket SalesMate 6.2 Creating a Survey in Pocket SalesMate • You can begin a survey by tapping on “Survey” • Displayed in the upper left corner of the Inventory screen is the room list -The rooms are displayed in alphabetical order • To move throughout the rooms during the survey process, tap on the drop down arrow to the right of the room name and tap on the new room you would like to move to Room List

  47. Pocket SalesMate • Displayed near the upper right corner are the four “sort by” options -All, Rm, CP, PBO • These four options control what is displayed in the Inventory list • Selecting “All” will display the full inventory list in alphabetical order • Selecting the “Rm” option will display the group list that is associated with the current room being surveyed • The “CP” option will display a list of Carrier Packed items -cartons, crates, wardrobes, etc. • The “PBO” option will display the Packed by Owner list Inventory List “sort by” Options

  48. Pocket SalesMate • In addition to these four options, there is a list of buttons with the alphabet displayed below the inventory list • These buttons can be used to jump to the first article in the active list that corresponds to the letter selected Alphabet Buttons can be used to move throughout Inventory List

  49. Pocket SalesMate 6.2.2 Setting the Mode of Transportation • Pocket SalesMate is a multi-modal surveying tool • Displayed to the right of the room list is a drop down list of Modes -Pocket SalesMate uses the standard list of modes including: Road, Local, Sea, Air and Storage • To assign a mode, tap on the drop down list and select the mode you wish to use Tap to Assign Mode

  50. Pocket SalesMate 6.2.3 Adding Articles to the Survey • To add an article to the survey, tap on the article in the inventory list • Once an article is added to the survey, it will be displayed on the left side of the inventory screen Tap on Article you wish to add to the survey

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