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Smart Mobs

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Smart Mobs

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  1. Smart Mobs Key: AWL to Study, Low-frequency Vocabulary What is a Smart Mob?

  2. The Smart Mob Movement • Smart Mobs evolved as a consequence of modern communication technologies. • SMS (short message service) or texting • Raves • the first Smart Mobs Can you list a few examples of modern communication technologies?

  3. SMS Technology • Young people in Tokyo and Helsinki sent the first text messages to give the location of the next big dance event. • A single message can be sent to an address book. • SMS technology allows large groups to form quickly. Do you like to send text messages? Why or why not?

  4. Younger GenerationLed the Way • Smart Mobs • large groups empowered by Internet-enhanced communication devices • turning up everywhere to accomplish diverse goals What types of goals do you think a Smart Mob can achieve?

  5. Political Goals • A massive demonstration against a corrupt Filipino leader was organized through the use of SMS. What is a corrupt political leader?

  6. Other Demonstrations • Anti–Miss World and WTO demonstrations were also mobilized through the use of SMS. Have you ever witnessed or taken part in a demonstration? Explain.

  7. Virginia Tech Incident • An English major shot and killed 32 people at Virginia Tech High School. • Texting, webcam, and cellphone video were used to let victimsknow how to avoid danger. Have you ever used a webcam or cellphone video?

  8. Environmental Goals • Critical-massbike rides are an international phenomenon. • Rides are organized via web postings and mobile phone trees. • Goal • to demonstrate that cycling is a practical alternative to driving. Do you support the goal of this movement?

  9. Mating Rituals • Dating services are part of some cellphone packages. • Fill in a personality profile. • Find out when a potential match is in close range. • Trackingdevice powered by Bluetooth technology • short-range radio frequency operates within 10-meter radius What is your opinion of dating using Bluetooth technology?

  10. Dating and Technology • Dating via texting and Bluetooth technology is takingoffin a big way. • India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE • Dating prior to marriage is not accepted by the majority. • Without parents’ knowledge, young people are meeting and getting to know potential mates. How do your parents feel about your texting habits?

  11. Peer-to-Peer Software • Large groups piratemusic, video, and software. • The peer-to-peer paradigm connects individual computers to transfer specific files. • This process is illegal. • Creative software makes it almost impossible to track users. Have you ever used peer-to-peer software?

  12. Distributed Computing • Makes use of the unused power of individual computers • Users download screensavers. • Combined computer power assists in treatment of diseases, weather prediction for global warming, and searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence. • The shared power of millions: • another Smart Mob? Would you donate your computer’s unused power to serve a good cause? Explain.