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PUBLIC SAFETY. MLK Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley Councilman Kansen Chu FOP Lodge 52. Fear. Domestic Violence. Lt. James Ford, Commander Family Violence Vice President BPOA. Gangs. Types of Crime. Person Robbery Assault Domestic Violence Elder Abuse Car Jacking.

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  1. PUBLIC SAFETY MLK Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley Councilman Kansen Chu FOP Lodge 52

  2. Fear

  3. Domestic Violence Lt. James Ford, Commander Family Violence Vice President BPOA

  4. Gangs

  5. Types of Crime • Person • Robbery • Assault • Domestic Violence • Elder Abuse • Car Jacking

  6. Types of Crime • Property • Burglary • Theft • Stolen Vehicles

  7. Who to call 911- For Emergencies 311 -Non Emergency Service

  8. Personal Safety • Trust you instincts If you feel uncomfortable then listen to your inner voice (whistle) • No Texting while walking to car. Be aware of your surroundings • Don’t walk with your head down or with headphones on listening to music. • Keep head on a swivel looking for suspicious activity

  9. Personal Safety • Walk facing traffic to avoid cars coming up behind you • Conceal valuables ipods, ipads, laptops • Never discuss personal information ( money, account, numbers, etc) near strangers • ATM transactions should be made inside or in a well lit and visible location. • Put money away immediately.

  10. Residential Burglaries • The greatest deterrent to Residential Burglaries is to get to know your neighbors • Lock all outside doors before to go out or go to bed. Dead bolts LOCK YOUR DOORS • Leave lights on when you go out. Automatic timers to turn on in evenings and weekend • Sliding glass doors are vulnerable, Special locks are available. Wooden dowels

  11. Burglaries • Bicycles should put away • Use curtains on garage doors • Never leave note on door ( Gone Shopping) • Don’t have a hide a key or secret spot • Change locks immediately after lost or stolen • When moving into a new home change locks

  12. Secure the outside • Adequate lighting motion-sensitive light for front, side, driveway, backyards. Delay motion • Trim trees and shurbs • Make sure door hinges are on the inside • Use alarm decals/ community watch decals • Check window locks and change if needed • Cover windows with blinds or curtains • Lock all windows no matter the size

  13. Buglaries • Limit the amount of cash in your home, and store it in a creative hiding place. • Remember you don’t have to answer the door install a peep hole that you can see out of. Must have a wide angle lens • If you find unexplained open/ broken window or door. Do not enter • Use cell phone or neighbor/ don’t or clean up

  14. House Security • An alarm it will draw attention of your neighbors to your home • Check around for best security system available • Decide if you need a dog • If you must keep valuable at home find a good hiding spot. Jewelry boxes help thieves • Secure guns in safe that are secure to the floor

  15. Car theft why you! • Leaving your car unlocked or window down • Warm- ups or unattended • Leaving your car unattended • Parking in poorly lit location • Leaving valuables visible in your car • Car without anti theft devices ( alarms, lojack, onstar ) • Manual transmission vehicles

  16. Car theft • Replace T- shaped door locks with straight locks. Hard to open • Never leave personal identification documents, vehicle ownership title ( pink slip) or credit cards in your car. • Copy your license number and keep it on you

  17. At Home • Don’t open door to strangers • Don’t let strangers in. • Get a peep hole to see out the front door • Don’t keep Valuables near front door or windows.

  18. Car Jacking • Walk with keys in your hand for quicker entrance • Keep doors locked • When coming to a stop, leaving enough space to maneuver around other cars • Don’t let strangers approach your car • Drive in the center lane when possible, making it more difficult for pedestrian to get to you. • Give up the car! Your life is worth more than any car • Check the back seat before you get in

  19. What is Robbery? • Section 211 California Penal Code: • Theft from another by means of force or fear.

  20. Background of Robberies • Most criminals are in a highly nervous or emotional state when committing robbery • May be under the influence of drug or alcohol, mentally unbalanced, driven by peer group or gang pressures • They may be desperate • Businesses need to institute some sort of prevention program to insure safety, limit losses and support successful prosecution of offenders

  21. Understanding Robbery • There needs to be motivation, opportunity, and ability on part of perpetrator. • Needs a reasonable expectation of escape, and low probability for detection and apprehension • Robbers fall into three categories: the amateur, the intermediate, and the professional. • Most of today’s robberies are the first two • Method of attack will vary

  22. Emergency request • Remain Calm: Slowly tell what is happening Tell call taker if crime or accident Describe persons (How many)involved Weapons (type) Injuries (extent/ Breathing , conscious, bleeding.

  23. 911 Crime • Notice unchangeable features • Description of suspect • Build, Height, Hair, Clothing including base layer • Sex, Race, Hair Transportation • Car, Motorcycle • Type, color, unusaual marks (dents, stickers and non operating lights) • Last direction of travel

  24. Graffitti • Eradication is primarily accomplished by Graffiti Protective Services, a private contractor hired by the City to eradicate the graffiti. We also rely heavily upon our volunteer base to help clean up the graffiti/ litter. One can report graffiti or litter for abatement by downloading the APP, San Jose Clean, to generate a work order or you can call the hotline number at 1-866-249-0543 or send an e-mail to antigraffiti@sanjoseca.gov for graffiti clean up.

  25. Graffitti • Volunteers, business owners or home owners who are victimized by graffiti are encouraged to photograph the graffiti prior to clean up. Digital Photographs can be up loaded for evidence to the San Jose Police Department public portal at the following address www.sjpd.org/_forms/graffitifaq.asp Evidence may be used to file a restitution request and prosecute individuals who get apprehended for graffiti vandalism. If you have any questions regarding the graffiti tracking database you can contact Anti Graffiti and Litter Program Staff at (408) 975-7233. This is not a site to report graffiti for clean up. If you want to submit a request for graffiti abatement please either e-mail your request to the antigraffiti@sanjoseca.gov call the 1-866-249-0543 or download the San Jose Clean APP and submit your request for graffiti abatement.

  26. ME

  27. Endorsed By •President’s Challenge Program on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition •National Police Activities League (PAL) •National Association of School Safety & Law Enforcement Officers (NASSLEO) •National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) •California Association of School Counselors (CASC) •California State Parent Teacher Association (PTA) •California Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) •Texas: Dallas Police Department •Florida: Miami-Date County Police Department •Florida: Surfside Police Department •Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) •Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) •Los Angeles Schools Police Department (LASPD) •Los Angeles Schools Police Association (LASPA) •Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department •Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA)

  28. Thanks for Assistance • MLK President Kathleen Flynn • MLK Director Jose Salcido • Steve Mello Retired Mountain View PD • Tim Jackson President BPOA • Contributors- Lt Tom Morales, Sgt. Larry Day, Capt. Tony Ciaburro • Special Thanks Scott Vermeer Chief MVPD • Lt. James Ford • Sgt. Larry Day

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