regular affirmative ud commands n.
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Regular Affirmative Ud. Commands PowerPoint Presentation
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Regular Affirmative Ud. Commands

Regular Affirmative Ud. Commands

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Regular Affirmative Ud. Commands

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  1. MURPHY Regular Affirmative Ud. Commands • Formed by: hablar • conjugating the verb in the first person singular in the present tense (yo). “Start with the yo” hablo 2. Drop the “o”: habl- 3. Add the opposite vowel ending. For ar verbs add e, forir or er verbsadd a: hablar hablo e

  2. MURPHY Regular AffirmativeUds. Commands • Uds. commands are formed the same way as the Ud. Commands but your ending choices are: • Ar verbs – en • Er & ir verbs – an vivir vivo an

  3. MURPHY Now try to form the Ud. commands for the verbs that follow:

  4. MURPHY nadar e nado swim

  5. MURPHY dormir (ue) a duermo sleep

  6. MURPHY hacer a hago do

  7. MURPHY decir a digo say, tell

  8. MURPHY Irregular Ud. & Uds. Commands There are 5 irregular Ud. & Uds. commands that you have to memorize: dar dé give estar esté be ir vaya go ser sea be saber sepa know

  9. MURPHY Regular Negative Commands negativecommands are formed by placing no in front of the affirmative command. no decir no diga

  10. -car, -gar, -zar spelling change • Because we are using opposite endings, we must change spelling for car, gar, zar verbs Buscar – no busque Jugar – no juegue Almorzar – no almuerce

  11. Pronoun placement with commands • You could have reflexive, direct and/or indirect object pronouns • For Affirmative commands, pronoun attaches to end of command • Hábleme – Talk to me • For negative commands, the pronoun goes between the no and the beginning of the command • No se bañe – Don’t take a bath

  12. More than one pronoun • Remember • indirect first, direct second • No double “L”s…change indirect to “se” if both pronouns start with “L” • Démelo – Give it to me • No se la dé – Don’t give it to her

  13. MURPHY acostarse (ue) e acuéstose put to bed

  14. MURPHY venir a vengo come

  15. MURPHY pedir (i) a pido ask for, order

  16. MURPHY bailar e bailo dance

  17. MURPHY correr a corro run

  18. MURPHY caer a caigo fall

  19. MURPHY morir (ue) a muero die

  20. MURPHY leerla a léola Read it

  21. MURPHY conocer a conozco meet, know

  22. MURPHY dígame tell me

  23. MURPHY ver a veo see

  24. MURPHY Now translate from English to Spanish. Remember that the direct, indirect and reflexive pronouns are placed after affirmitive commands: look mire

  25. MURPHY venga come

  26. MURPHY diga Tell

  27. MURPHY cómprelos buy them (m.)

  28. MURPHY encuéntrela find her

  29. MURPHY lea read

  30. MURPHY escríbanos write us

  31. MURPHY vuelva regrese return

  32. MURPHY aféitese shave yourself

  33. MURPHY maquíllese put on makeup

  34. MURPHY báñese take a bath

  35. MURPHY lávese la cabeza wash your hair

  36. MURPHY dúchese take a shower

  37. MURPHY Now form the affirmative Ud. commands for the following infinitives. Remember that if the verb is followed by a pronoun you need to place it appropriately. ir vaya go

  38. MURPHY dar ¡Dé! Give!

  39. MURPHY estar ¡Esté! Be!

  40. MURPHY darme ¡Deme! Give me!

  41. MURPHY ser ¡Sea! Be!

  42. MURPHY estar ¡Esté! Be!

  43. MURPHY ir ¡Vaya! Go!

  44. MURPHY darnos ¡Denos! Give us!

  45. MURPHY ser ¡Sea! Be!

  46. MURPHY ir ¡Vaya! Go!

  47. MURPHY Now translate from English to Spanish using the Ud. command: go vaya

  48. MURPHY sea esté be

  49. MURPHY dé give

  50. MURPHY denos give us