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Your BFF Business Friends Forever PowerPoint Presentation
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Your BFF Business Friends Forever

Your BFF Business Friends Forever

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Your BFF Business Friends Forever

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  1. Your BFFBusiness Friends Forever Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

  2. The Panel KC Gibson Tim Bryce Erika Lance Mr. Schachter Mrs. Matthews

  3. Career Due Diligence & Personal Career Responsibility By: Kevin Schachter PHUHS - CABAM

  4. Career Due Diligence

  5. Career Due Diligence Bureau of Labor Statistics 40,000 jobs Ask Questions Personality/Aptitude Assessment Myers-Briggs

  6. Career Due Diligence What will you major in? Why?

  7. Career Due Diligence

  8. Career Due Diligence • Who do you know who hates their job? • How did they get there? • Why do they stay?

  9. Career Due Diligence “I want to be a ____________” • Who does this? • What do they actually do on a day-to-day basis • What do they like best, least? • How did they get there? • Does this environment/lifestyle fit you? Informational Interview

  10. Personal Career Responsibility • 100% Accountable • Freedom • Maturity

  11. 10 Steps to Career Due Diligence • Watch Language • Build your EQ • Personal & Professional Development • Help Yourself • Be Accountable • Be Proactive • Take Action • Remain Open-Minded • Healthy Risk Attitude • No Excuses

  12. Employee Evaluation Form

  13. Instructions

  14. Check

  15. Evaluation


  17. What the Employee Expects… • Make good money! • Work in a FUN environment! • Have a nice/understanding boss! • Move up quickly (Promotions) • To be respected & appreciated

  18. What an Employee THINKS an Employer Expects… • The Employee Should: • Follow the Rules • Be a ‘Good’ employee • Show up for work

  19. The Reality of Most Work Environments… • Employers Expect You To: • -Do large quantities of production and make few to no mistakes. • All companies have Product/Service/Quality levels that are based on numbers or what is called the bottom line. • Show up for work ready to do your job. You’re expected to arrive to work on time ready to produce what is needed. • No drama (Your employer does not care about personal problems).

  20. The Reality of Most Work Environments… • In Most Cases: • -You need the job more than it needs you. No one is irreplaceable. • Job will not cater to you. The Employer is not “lucky” you showed up for work. • -Office Politics do exist. You don’t have to like your boss or co-workers, but you do need to respect them and treat them with courtesy. Also you never know who knows who so do not speak bad about work with fellow co-workers, otherwise you can be sold out.

  21. The Reality of Most Work Environments… • In Most Cases: • -You will not get paid what you believe you are worth. But you have to remember that a company knows how much they can pay each part of the company in order for it to be profitable. In most cases it is not personal it is business. • An Example is, even if you were the best fry cook ever at McDonalds and the fries were always ready and they were perfectly crispy you would make the same as an ok fry cook. That is simply how the numbers work.

  22. What You Should Do… -Learn what is expected of you and produce that. -Remember they’re paying you to be there, that is how you get a paycheck, so do the job they are paying you for and do it well. -If you can learn other positions and want to move up in the company, find out what is needed to make that happen. Don’t expect it, but earn it. -The most important thing you can do however is be responsible for you and your job. Think that if this was your company, how would you want your employees to behave?

  23. Comfort Zone - vs. - ComplacencyWhere do you stand?

  24. Complacency - A feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while  unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like;  self satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing  situation, condition, etc.Comfort Zone – A place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.

  25. Benefits of Stepping Out of the Box! Unlimited Potential – Both Professionally and Personal Direct Financial Gain Optimized Performance and Renewed Confidence Growth and Familiarity in Unchartered Territories adding Depth to Character Overcoming Fears and Anxiety while Identifying New Goals and Objectives Self Identification and Strengths Uncovered “A Person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” - Albert Einstein “The lessons we learn-and the shots we take-create the successes and failures that determine who we will become. And while not everyone is an innovator, no one can innovate in his chosen field without taking a chance along the way.” – Godfrey Sullivan