pacific northwest coast native americans n.
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Pacific Northwest Coast Native Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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Pacific Northwest Coast Native Americans

Pacific Northwest Coast Native Americans

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Pacific Northwest Coast Native Americans

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  1. Pacific Northwest Coast Native Americans Kyleigh Kalso

  2. Region • The Pacific Northwest Coast Native Americans were located on the Pacific Northwest Coast of the United States. • This includes modern day Oregon, Washington, and even as far north as Alaska.

  3. How I Made My Model • I used cardboard boxes, wooden craft sticks, and hot glue to make my Native American home. • I used cedar sticks to make the three totem poles that go in front of my home. • I used sand paper and golden glitter to make the floor of my environment. This represents how the ground in this region would be sandy because it was on a coast.

  4. Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Homes • The Northwest Native Americans would have made their homes out of red cedar trees because they were surrounded by great forests. • Their homes were considered sturdier than most other Native American homes because they were built out of strong wood. • Totem poles, made out of cedar, are located on the fronts of homes. They were used to tell stories because the Northwest Coast Native Americans had no written language. • These homes had to be connected with wood pegs because there were no nails available to connect the wood.

  5. Environment and Culture • A totem pole in front of a Native American’s home would show the ancestry and the social rank of that family. • Jobs of men in this region include hunting, gathering and fishing. The men also made large canoes that could be up to 60 feet long. • Jobs of women include making baskets, making clothes, cooking, and taking care of children. • The Northwest Coast Native Americans ate a lot of ate salmon, seals, sea otters, whales, and other types of shellfish from the water.