lucid dreaming what is it n.
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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

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  1. Lucid Dreaming – What is it? • If you have previously heard about the Lucid Dreaming then your brain must be stuck in some questions. What the Lucid Dreaming is? How it can be learned? Is it possible or it’s nothing more than a myth? If it is really possible then how can we lucid dream? There might be plenty of such questions running in your mind. Let’s clear the possible confusions of your mind about the Lucid Dreaming. • You might not be a superhuman in real life but lucid dreaming enables you to put the deepest parts of your brain to work. It usually begins at the mid of the ordinary dreaming when you suddenly realize that everything that is happening in the moment is just a dream and it’s not happening in the physical world.

  2. How to Lucid Dream fast, instantly and easily? • You might be having the ambiguities in your brains regarding how to start Lucid Dreaming. The very first step to lucid dreaming is tell yourself that “I am going to Lucid Dream today” before going to sleep. Keep your intent focused to the fact that you are trying to lucid dream this night. I want to tell you that there is not any specific technique for the lucid dreaming. • Your ability to Lucid dream fast depends upon how fast you can recall your previous dreams, how often you practice the mental exercises and how conscious you really are about this life. You can take the benefits of tested techniques and training programs to enhance your skills as a lucid dreamer. But surely there are some tips that we can share with you to Lucid Dream fast, instantly and easily.

  3. Lucid Dreaming

  4. Some Vital Tips on How to start Lucid Dreaming • State your intent to yourself before going to bed. Remind yourself your aim for tonight and you better know how to do that. Just keep telling yourself that you have to do it. It will be like hypnotizing yourself that will make you do something you want. Your mind will be reprogrammed to do so. • Keep a diary for your dreams. Whatever you have dreamed last night, you need to recall and remind it and put it into the words. More you keep more you will be likely to experience the same when you are slept again. • The next thing you can do is maintaining the consciousness while sleeping. Try to sleep saying that I know I am sleeping and whatever I will experience will be just a dream. Try to activate your logical mind while sleeping. With this, you can be aware of the fact that you are dreaming. • As soon as you got the awareness of your dream, start focusing on the things that are around you. Examine the possibility of these things that are they really possible in the physical world or  they just absurd things with no apparent logic.

  5. A Lucid Dreaming Story • “Wow! What an experience that I am experiencing right now! I am just at the top of the world. “Chirpy”, my pet sparrow, I love her so much and she is taking me on a ride to her world of skies and breezes and so much of other birds. I am riding on her back and other sparrows are flying in a beautiful pattern around me and Chirpy. Hold on, I am wondering how Chirpy managed to get so big that she can make me ride on her back. Why all other sparrows are of normal size and Chirpy is way too large for them. I can bet that she is my Chirpy but she was never too big. She used to sit on my finger and spread her feathers. Am I dreaming? Yes, I am dreaming and I am enjoying it. Now, I am trying to get control over this dream. I am trying to make it more fun and more adventure. Oh! Someone waked me up. And as soon as I woke, I start wondering that I was living a dream, consciously and intentionally. Whatever it was, I loved it and enjoyed it to full.”