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  1. MOVIN’ ONIN RENEWAL Implementation of the Pastoral Plan - 2010 Goals and Objectives -

  2. What’s a Pastoral Council? Exists to assist the pastor with the care of souls Exists to further holiness of all members Exists to help the parish live out the ideals outlined in the Parish Mission Statement Is a prayerful, discerning body Is a consulting body Is not an administrative, function-driven body Are not the “do-ers” of the parish, but the enablers Enables and encourages members to better live out their baptism call and responsibility Identifies talents, gifts, of the and strengths in the parish to serve the greater parish A little review…

  3. What has the Pastoral Council done? Set priorities for 2010 initiatives: Analyzed Input gathered from the Parish The scope and complexity of each idea that comprised the goals and objectives for the entire 5 year Plan The impact of parish life The requirements and needed resources of each initiative Detailed information for high level direction Set “start –up” dates for each goal and associated objective by month for 2010 Implementation Plan Determined Pastoral Council liaisons for each goal and objective A little review…

  4. 2010 Implementation Plan

  5. 2010 Implementation Plan – con’t

  6. Great question…this is the most exciting time of everything we have been doing as a parish family. This is the time when all the analysis, information gathering, prayer and planning goes from paper to flesh and spirit. As St. Paul reminds us, “there are many gifts…and all members are needed…for the one body.” This is the time when your flesh and spirit are needed. In the upcoming months, you may be contacted for to help with one of the initiatives by a member of the Pastoral Council. You may see an announcement in the bulletin. You may hear of opportunities when your gifts, skills, knowledge, and experience can made a significant contribution to the life of the parish. The following pages outline the scope and requirements needed for the implementation of each goal and objective for 2010. So, see where you may help. Some initiatives require the organization of new groups and ministries. Others are more temporary as ad hoc committees. Still others are a mixture of both. Your parish needs YOU to be RENEWED! So, what’s next you ask?

  7. What’s Needed?... Scope and Requirements of Goals and Objectives for 2010 Implementation EUCHARIST AND LITURGY Goal: To bring alive a fuller and more active participation in the celebration of the Eucharist rooted in the rich liturgical tradition of SEP: Objective: Explore options for celebrating the Liturgy of the Word for Children, children’s homilies, etc. Scope Requirements For younger children Need team of catechists – Faith Formation is Need consistency – same mass, same Sunday working on; need training and resources Offer once per month Space – used cafeteria and cones in parking lot to easily move children to/from church Goal: To enrich the spiritual life of SEP by offering a variety of devotions and prayer experiences throughout the year related to the liturgical seasons and celebrations. Objective: Host bi-annual missions Comments: It was decided that the Council will maintain responsibility to decide on speakers, topics, etc. along with the Pastoral Staff. Goal: To build a greater spirit of welcome within the parish community Objective: Initiate a Ministry to new parishioners/welcome phone calls, targeting young adults, new families, etc. Scope Requirements Form a Welcome Committee Computer skills, interpersonal skills, hospitality, Compile a welcome book social organizing, people who are knowledgeable Call of welcome of parish, graphic arts, marketing, training Social planning – Meet and Greet

  8. What’s Needed?... Scope and Requirements of Goals and Objectives for 2010 Implementation FORMATION Goal: Strengthen youth ministry and introduce young adult ministry Objective: to respond the expressed need for a greater commitment to a comprehensive youth ministry program examining priorities and alternatives for leadership. Scope Requirements Catechesis Dynamic personality/ministry experience with youth Social Consistency in ministry offered Service Commitment in ministry Liturgy and Prayer Youth Ministry Plan Relationship building/networking Faith-based

  9. What’s Needed?... Scope and Requirements of Goals and Objectives for 2010 Implementation STEWARDSHIP Goal: To execute a formal education and spiritual formation program based on the “Church Sharing” in order to initiate and entire parish culture of stewardship. Objective: Form Social Committee Scope Requirements Planning regular events of fellowship Social/event planning experience Design Social Plans for parish Organizational leadership with budget, leading, Identify parishioners for social pricing, etc. experience organizing, planning, engagement All ages/groups must be part of membership Reach out to all ages and groups Marketing/advertizing background Comments: Primarily, this goal was put under Stewardship because of the voiced and observed need to build up the sense of community among parishioners and to help people get to know each other better. Once parishioners feel more comfortable with each other socially, they are more apt to become involved in ministries and organizations. In addition, this will help change people’s perceptions that you come to church for mass, school, and faith formation only. There is an obvious need for this based on the experience of the Pentecost presentation and picnic and the response/attendance at the Harvest Days events. It was voiced that the response to St. Clare of Assisi was astounding as far as stewardship goes. However, our generosity has been a long-time hallmark of our parish. Putting money in a basket is easy, but getting people to give of themselves is more challenging and requires more work. A social committee can help get people together to realize this and provides greater opportunity for education/spiritual formation.

  10. What’s Needed?... Scope and Requirements of Goals and Objectives for 2010 Implementation STEWARDSHIP Goal: To perform a feasibility/utilization study of the parish plant for better use of parish resources/space. Objective: Form Committee to design and conduct the feasibility/utilization study. Scope Requirements Reorganization of campus space Staff input especially Maintenance Dir. and remodeling of church building Architect, builder, contracting experience Appropriate placement of staff/equipment Operations management experience to improve communications, working Cost accounting experience relationships, planning, and sharing of Business consulting experience resources Objectivity and needs assessment Finance Council involvement Liturgical knowledge

  11. What’s Needed?... Scope and Requirements of Goals and Objectives for 2010 Implementation Evangelization Goal: to educate and support the organizations and ministries of the parish in the renewal process. Objective: Educate writing organization for mission statements that contributes to the parish mission statement Scope Requirements Put together Guidelines for writing Mission statement formation experience for Mission statements consultant to organizations/ministries Develop education process for mission Need people in the organizations/ministries to statement writing write mission statement Develop education/process for consultants If a mission statement already exists, it must be Form a group of consultants and train them in re-examined and fulfill part of the parish the guidelines/best practices, etc. mission statement Objective: Assist organizations with the development of their ministry plan Scope Requirements Develop timeline when organizations/ Experience in organizational leadership ministries will complete plans People who will lead, but not dictate, Develop training on discernment process Facilitate and guide with objectivity Develop facilitator training including what Training and development experience all the organizations/ministries are about and what they do

  12. Do you see where you can make a difference at Saint Elizabeth? Contact the Pastoral Council Liaison for the Objective: Pat Ogilvie Debbie Sprung Mike Nista Betty Willig Patty Detwiler Maureen Crossen Wayne Cass Kevin Jones Bill Cone Deacon Joe