5 eco friendly tips to keep your pool clean n.
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5 Eco-friendly tips to keep your pool clean PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Eco-friendly tips to keep your pool clean

5 Eco-friendly tips to keep your pool clean

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5 Eco-friendly tips to keep your pool clean

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  1. 5Eco-Friendly Tips to Keep your Pool Clean

  2. Why Eco-Friendly Jumping in a swimming pool during summer can be good fun. Maintaining the swimming pool? Well, generally, that’s not an exciting idea. A dirty pool acts as a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms leading to infection. While using a substantial amount of pool cleaning products helps in clearing the water, it culminates in a pool that is harmful for your skin and eyes.

  3. List of top 5 swimming pool cleaning tips that will help you out in keeping your pool safe, eco-friendly and crystal-clear

  4. Follow a daily pool maintenance routine Regular pool cleaning helps you in monitoring the condition of your pool’s water. Doing it early morning is even more beneficial as the weather is often calm and the water is still. Remove unwanted waste, clear broken pumps and change water whenever you think is required.

  5. Know how your pool cleaning chemicals work Use of chlorine helps in eliminating algae and sanitizing your pool. Alternative systems like ultraviolet or ionizing systems functions well as secondary systems to kill algae, but they don’t ensure long-lasting or substantial residue to treat hundreds gallons of water. Also, please make sure that you use environment-friendly pool cleaning products.

  6. Check the balance of pool’s levels Please consider the following: • Total Alkalinity: 100-150 ppm. The complete alkalinity works as a “shock absorber” against the quashing of pH levels. • pH: 7.2 – 7.6; extreme low levels causes irritation and extreme high levels leads to calcium scaling. • Calcium Hardness: 180-220 ppm. Maintaining neutral level of calcium hardness aids in safeguarding concrete or plaster lined pools.

  7. Make Use of Pool Covers when not in Use Using pool covers helps in decreasing evaporation. It helps in reducing large amount of debris, pollen, dust and other unwanted wastes. Pool covers helps in keeping your pool clean, decreases the amount of pool cleaning products you have to use, thus eventually reducing the amount of maintenance.

  8. Make a Habit of Skimming Your Pool Every Clean This way you will be able to eliminate bugs, leaves and other unwanted debris that contaminate your pool during night. Also, empty the skimmer basket daily. At least once in a week, scrub the walls and outer surfaces. One can use automatic robot pool cleaners to get results by saving you enough time.

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