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“Day of the Butterfly” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Day of the Butterfly”

“Day of the Butterfly”

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“Day of the Butterfly”

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  1. “Day of the Butterfly” Alice Munro

  2. Pre-reading Questions:Choose one to answer in your lit circle journal Why do some people leave others out of activities or tease them? Or What does it take to be popular at school?

  3. Sharing Questions Write one or two different sharing questions you can discuss with your small group. These are questions you have about the short story from the first reading. They can be about vocabulary, what happened in the story, or anything that left you wondering. Discuss them thoroughly with your group, and in your notebook write the question someone else asked that interests you the most.

  4. Guided Notes H = Helen is thinking of herself. M = Helen is thinking of Myra. And B = A character betrays another character with her thoughts, actions, or words. In the margin of your text next to one place you marked with “B,” answer: How does one character betray another here? What does it reveal about either character?

  5. Shared Inquiry DiscussionInterpretive Question Why does Helen insist Myra accept the butterfly pin? Why doesn’t Helen want to accept Myra’s gift? • Evidence from the text to support your answer (include a page number and a quote or short summary of the passage):

  6. Evaluative Essay Do you think Helen is a good friend to Myra? Why do you say so? Or What is the best way to help someone who is excluded or teased at school?