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EIR Accessibility Training: Collaboration PowerPoint Presentation
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EIR Accessibility Training: Collaboration

EIR Accessibility Training: Collaboration

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EIR Accessibility Training: Collaboration

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  1. EIR Accessibility Training: Collaboration Jeff Kline, Statewide Accessibility Coordinator Texas Department of Information Resources December 6th, 2011

  2. What is an EIR Accessibility Collaboration team? An agency or interagency multidisciplinary team that represents stakeholder areas of the organization where EIR Accessibility compliance is required or may be affected by EIR accessibility.

  3. Stakeholder areas to consider for an agency EIR Accessibility Collaborative team (a non-exhaustive list) • Internet site owners • Intranet site owners • Application / web development • Procurement • Internal IT • Communications • HR • Legal / Civil Rights • Learning • Business controls / compliance office • Medical / occupational health • Other?? • EIR Accessibility coordinator should identify an executive “champion” to • Provide assistance in communicating thru the chain of command • Clearing roadblocks and adjudicating issues

  4. What does an EIR accessibility collaborative team do? • Facilitates progress in EIR accessibility across the agency • Identifies areas of the agency where accessibility implementation is needed and develops plans for implementing them • Develops new EIR Accessibility processes or integrates into existing • Develops EIR Accessibility language, guidance documents, forms, • Other tasks as identified • Identifies inhibitors and works to resolve them as a team • Sponsors or leads EIR Accessibility workgroup and subgroup efforts • Recruits advocates in your agency to participate • Reports progress and issues to agency senior leadership • Solicits support of management and others as needed • Usually led by the agency EIR Accessibility coordinator

  5. Tips for collaborative team success • Stakeholder buy-in is key • Let them know they are vital in this effort. Once behind the effort, they will carry the message back to their teams and accessibility will begin to spread • They understand the processes and procedures of their areas better than anyone else and can provide ideas and guidance for how best to implement accessibility within their functional areas (what will work, what won't, timeline, cost, etc.) • Identify and utilize any “accessibility advocates” already within the organization • They already “get it” and their enthusiasm can be infectious • Include them in workgroup efforts. Their knowledge and experience is valuable • Don't try to solve everything at once • Prioritize • Identify and go after some of the low-hanging fruit • Balance carefully with bigger efforts that have greater impact • Use Executive “champion” support sparingly…don’t overuse!

  6. How do I form a collaborative team in a small agency? • Scale the concept to fit your agency • Smaller agencies may have fewer stakeholder areas • Partner / participate in the collaborative team from another larger agency that has synergy to yours • Leverage the work done there to apply to your agency • Modify deliverables as needed • Partner with one or several smaller agencies to create a “critical mass” • Develop plans to share team output and resources as possible across agencies

  7. Share team activity / project information with agency executive team on a regular basis • Written reports or presentations • Accomplishments / issues • Work proposal communications • Obtain support / approval • Request for executive actions • Deliver action recommendations, not just problem statements

  8. Summary • EIR accessibility collaborative teams are an excellent way to achieve the success of your agency’s EIR accessibility program • Include representation from the appropriate stakeholder areas of your agency • Be sure the team is task and results based, not just advisory • There are various approaches for implementing an EIR accessibility collaborative team • Share team results / accomplishments issues with agency management