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The 4 E’s of Leadership

The 4 E’s of Leadership. Presented by Regina Lawson, Dana Vierck, and Sue Hawes Based on a presentation by leader-values.com. 2009 International Convention Indianapolis, IN. Leadership depends on . Having a unique vision Making strategic choices

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The 4 E’s of Leadership

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  1. The 4 E’s of Leadership Presented by Regina Lawson, Dana Vierck, and Sue Hawes Based on a presentation by leader-values.com 2009 International Convention Indianapolis, IN

  2. Leadership depends on • Having a unique vision • Making strategic choices • Finding the right tools and people for the job • Designing and enabling an organization to get it done

  3. Unique Role of the Leader • Provide energy and commitment to see the job through • Ensuring execution is perfect • Listening and making a real “connect” with others

  4. The 4 E’s • Envision • Enable • Empower • Energize

  5. Simple Set of Fundamental Truths • Leaders always create (and need) change • Leaders always create (and need) followers • Leaders have a rock-solid value system, which is congruent with their followers

  6. Without a need for change, leadership is meaningless. Leadership is a practical activity with a specific goal. Leaders and Change

  7. Leaders and Followers • Leaders can’t do it alone! • It is the job of the leaders to encourage people to get things done. • Leadership varies by situation. • Everyone can train, develop and enhance their leadership skills.

  8. Leaders and Values • Must have a thorough understanding of the follower’s needs, aspirations, and concerns • Must understand and then communicate their own value system • Balance and synchronization are needed with the leaders, members, community members, etc.

  9. Values and IdeasWhat are ideas and values and how do they connect?

  10. Ideas • A thought to be presented as a suggestion • A thought about or mental picture of something such as a future or possible event • A realization of a possible way of doing something or of something to be done

  11. Values • The accepted principles of standards of a group of individual • Ideas lead to values eventually, if they are big enough • Ideas motivate people, but values tie them together

  12. Where Do We Fit In?

  13. Our Leadership Definition “Leadership is the energetic process of getting other people fully and willingly committed to a new and sustainable course of action, to meet commonly agreed objectives whilst having commonly held values”

  14. Back to The 4 E’s of Leadership Let’s look at these in terms of operational parameters and organizational issues

  15. Envision • Starts with vision, then developing a plan to achieve it • Based on assessment, as well as intuition, hope, and fear • Must take culture of organization into account to be successful

  16. Envision: The Beginning of the Growing Grid

  17. Enable • Decide what tools, technologies, or methods will be used to enable the objectives • Decide if the right processes, structure, people, and skills are in place • Remember that leadership is the key. Serendipity and chaos are not usually enablers, except for the briefest moments

  18. Enable: The Growing Grid Continues

  19. Empower • There is a “deal” between the leader and the followers – a contract for success • Both are given mutual freedom and are held mutually accountable • “You deliver this, and I deliver that. You will get more space, the better you do. The more I meet your needs, the stronger Leadership position I will be in. Together we will better be able to accelerate the changes we have agreed to make.”

  20. Empower: Another Step Toward Growth!

  21. Energize! • The leader must energize the organization to act, but this “energizing” step is also very personal to each member • Members will most likely feel energized by a sense of “winning” and achieving a sense of personal success and satisfaction • The more energy the team generates, the more energy the leader has – it’s a virtuous circle of reinforcement!

  22. Energize: The Growth is Complete!

  23. Wait, There is One More E:Execute! Thank you for coming today and we hope we have inspired you to take steps to grow your leadership potential!

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