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Unit 6 Reading PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 6 Reading

Unit 6 Reading

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Unit 6 Reading

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  1. Unit 6 Reading

  2. Free talk 1. Do you think teeth are very important to your health? 2. Do you have strong and healthy teeth? decayed teeth 蛀牙 3. How do you usually take care of your teeth?

  3. How to take care of your teeth Teaching aims and demands: 1. Learn the text, and master some important words and phrases. 2. Train and improve the students’ reading skills and ability. 3. Let the students know the imprtance of health. Think about what is a healthy life.

  4. Revise some difficult words. 1. floss 6. decay 2. brush 7. chew 3. snack 8. bristle 4. gum 9. toothbrush 5. major 10. rid

  5. Translate the phrases and underline in the text. F • up and down • look your best • get rid of • be careful about • eating habits • a major cause of… • instead of • make things worse • be away from • every three months • floss your teeth • 看起来状态最佳 • 小心,注意 • ……的主要原因 • 让事情更糟 • 每三个月 • 上上下下,来来去去 • 排除,去除 • 饮食习惯 • 代替 • 远离 • 用牙线清理牙齿 A G B H C I D J E K

  6. Here are some tips for you to take care of your teeth. Brush your teeth the right way. 以正确的方式刷牙 Learn how to floss your teeth. 学会如何使用牙线 Having good eating habits. 拥有良好的饮食习惯

  7. True(T) or false(F) • Flossing is a very important way to keep your teeth healthy. • Spend two minutes each time you brush. • Brush your teeth and gums. • Carefully move the floss between two teeth, right and left. • 5. You need to be careful about what you eat and drink. • 6. Eating lots of fruit , vegetables and soda can help to protect your teeth. T F F F T F

  8. Summary hew ookyourbest akecare Teeth can help you c____ foods and speak clearly. They make you l___ __ __ . To t___ ___ of your teeth, first you should b___ at least t____ a day. Spend at least three minutes b_____ all your teeth. Get a new t_______ with soft b____ every three months. Secondly, f____ your teeth u__ and d__ to g__ __ __ the food hide between your teeth. Thirdly, You should eat lots of fruit and vegetabales because eating sugar is a m___ cause of tooth d____. rush wice rushing ristles oothbrush loss p own et rid of ajor ecay

  9. Discussion Health is important to us. We should keep good living habits to keep our life healthy. Think about these questions below: 1. What is a healthy life? 2. To live a healthy life, what can we do?

  10. 1. Early to bed, early to rise 2. Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise —— Benjamin Franklin 富兰克林 早睡早起 一天一个苹果 3.An apple a day, keeps the doctor away

  11. How to keep fit ? We all know that nothing is more valuable than health,but do you know how to keep fit ? If you want to keep fit, you should have enough sleep, eat more fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water every day. It is necessary to keep a balanced diet . 如何保持健康?     我们都知道健康对我们的重要,但是你知道如何保持健康吗?   想保持健康,我们需要有充足的睡眠,吃需要的水果和蔬菜,每天喝大量的水,均衡的饮食很重要.

  12. If you want to keep fit, you mustn’t go to work without breakfast. If you want to keep fit, you must early to bed and early to rise. 想保持健康,我们不能不吃早餐去工作。想保持健康,我们必须早睡早起。

  13. If you want to keep fit, you must have healthy habits. It is important to do regular exercises, such as running or playing badminton. Keeping high mood is good for your health. We should release our stress, so that we can have a good attitude towards life. To enjoy our beautiful life, we must keep healthy. 想保持健康,我们一定要有健康的习惯。有规律地做一些运动也很重要,比如说跑步或者打羽毛球。 保持好的情绪对心理健康很重要。我们应该释放压力,这样我们才能对生活有一个好的态度。为了享受美好生活,我们必须保持健康

  14. Homework1. Read the text after class. 2. Do the exercises in the WB.

  15. Good staying with you! Thank you!

  16. Fill in the blanks. Point 1 • How to brush your teeth the right way? breakfast • 1.At least _________, after ______ and before ______. twice a day bedtime not just the front ones 2. Brush all of your teeth,_______________, along ___________,Be away from_________. The sides and back of your mouth yourgums At least three minutes each time you brush 3.Spend ___________________. ________ to help pass the time. Get a new toothbrush___________every three month Play asong with soft bristles

  17. Point 2 a very important way to keep your teeth healthy 1. Find out some key phrases about “flossing”.____________________________________________________________________________________________________ get rid of the food between two teeth movethe floss between two teeth up and down flossyourteethat least once a day 保持健康的一个重要方法去除两颗牙齿之间的食物在两颗牙齿之间上下移动牙线至少每天用一次牙线

  18. Point 3 Answer the question. • What is a good eating habit? • You need to be careful about what you eat and drink. Eating sugar is a major cause of tooth decay. Eating sugar before you go to bed can make things even worse. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and drink water instead of soda.