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Why should you opt for bike insurance purchase? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why should you opt for bike insurance purchase?

Why should you opt for bike insurance purchase?

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Why should you opt for bike insurance purchase?

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  1. Bike Insurance

  2. In India, motorcycles are the most preferred mode of the vehicle to slide through the snarling traffic, go for endless rides with near and dear ones or daily mode of transport. Bike helps you get fuel efficiency, relatively low cost of maintenance and the ease of navigation on the roads. But have you ever wonder what happens when your bike gets a sudden jerk in the big pot hole, losing your balance and ramp into a car, person or third party property. For a moment you’ll be shocked. You will get physically damaged and financially bear the losses due to damage done.

  3. Relax! There is a way out in the form of bike insurancepolicies. Bike cover helps you protect an individual against financial losses caused due to third party damage, man-made or natural circumstances. To keep your vehicle safe from unnecessary problems, nature’s fury, man-made damages, etc. it is better to buy a suitable bike cover. If you observe carefully, we see two-wheeler is considered riskier than driving a car because they are more exposed to danger than someone seated in a car. This means they are more prone to accidents or mishaps than a four wheeler and require more protection.

  4. Thus, a good insurance policy can compensate the owner for the loss against accidents and thefts, which can happen anytime without any warning. You see the cost of the bike insurance is very nominal and these can also be reduced by installing some useful applications like anti-theft devices such as siren and tracker on his or her bike or scooter. • Although, bike insurance is not imade mandatory by any Indian state or central government, but, considering tsbenefits one must go from having one for his or her two wheeler bike or scooter. However, third party insurance for two wheelers is mandatory.

  5. Some ways to curb your expenses on your bike insurance policies are as follows: • •Insurers like to cover those vehicle with minimum damage and wear & tear of the parts. You rewarded with better coverage and lesser premium. Low risk drivers without a history of accidents and dangerous on road behavior may have to shell out more money. • •Higher & more technically advance bike model more will be the premium you have to pay. If you choose a relatively expensive bike with a powerful engine or a vehicle which may be classified as rare or exotic by current market standards, you are likely to pay a hefty premium. On the other hand, if you choose an older model, insurers will tend to offer you competitively lower premium rates.

  6. •Some insurer provides a small to a medium discount to customers who belong to a riding, touring or Automobile Association of India. •Also, with an initiative to reduce your every year hassles of annual renewals and reminders, two-wheeler owners are now able to buy long term bike insurance policies. Long-term policies are expected to reduce instances of dropouts, which is growing amongst the bike owners since agents do not find it lucrative enough to pursue renewals. [Source:]

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