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  2. MISSION • To improve the quality of the basic education received by children in public elementary schools through an integral development of the educational community

  3. BENEFICIARIES 2010: • 41 schools • 13, 596 students • 661 teachers • 2,014 familyparents



  6. COVERAGE DISTRITO FEDERAL -21 13 de Septiembre de 1847 Amistad Mundial Alfredo Bernardo Nobel Club de Leones (F) Club de Leones (V) Ejército Mexicano El Pensador Mexicano El Pípila Emperador Cuauhtémoc Francisco Sarabia Leopoldo Kiel Luis Castillo Ledón Mi Patria es Primero Miguel Hidalgo Román Saldaña Secundaria Heberto Castillo Plutarco Elías Calles Presidentes de México República de Corea República de Haití MICHOACAN - 4 Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Lázaro Cárdenas del Rio Melchor Ocampo Miguel Hidalgo Ricardo Flores Magón ESTADO DE MEXICO - 4 Ángel María Garibay Emiliano Zapata José Ma. Luis Mora Netzahualcóyotl MORELOS - 8 Emiliano Zapata Felipe Neri General Francisco Villa Hermenegildo Galeana Ignacio M. Altamirano Ignacio Maya Leobardo Silva Niños Héroes ZACATECAS - 4 Escuela Modelo Francisco I Madero Victor Rosales Manuel M. Ponce

  7. PROED BASIC PROGRAM • Training todirectors and teachers • Degreeforfamilyparents • Libraries • Roomsforcomputers

  8. PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS “I do decide”: prevention of addictions I take care of myself + I respect myself + I love myself = I take good decisions Michoacan, Estado de Mexico and Morelos English classes I speak English + I write English = I’ll have better opportunities. Students of 5° and 6° degrees of elementary schools are benefited Morelos Summer activities I play + I enjoy = I learn in my vacations During the summer vacations we support those schools that belong to the SEP Program "Always Opened School" with workshops of prevention of addictions, reading club, and "the science in your house". Morelos and Distrito Federal “Beyond the money” Classes of financial education I handle the money with responsibility + I see the importance of saving = I’m a better administrator. Distrito Federal

  9. PROGRAMS FOR FAMILY PARENTS Degree for Family Parents “You improve for your children” I learn + I know myself + I’m a better person = I’m a better father or mother Emotions managing Self esteem Communication Values Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de México and Michoacan Plenary Chats for Family Parents I get updated + I get involved in my children’s education = I’m a better father or mother How to set up limits without hurting or punishing What to do to make my son pay more attention The importance of the reading Why my son doesn’t learn? How can I help him? Chats of special educational needs. First Aids Workshop Financial Education Workshop Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Michoacan

  10. PROGRAMS FOR PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS PedagogicalupdateforTeachers and Principals I update my knowledge + I get new teachingtechniques = I’m a betterteacher Management skills Workshops: special educational needs, Mathematics I and II, body and reading, spelling and writing, the eye of the beholder, language skills I and II. Plenary Talks: group integration, the play at your school, limits in the classroom, learning problems and behavior, how to identify children with learning and behavioral problems in the classroom. Science in yourschool. Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Michoacan

  11. COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAMS Program "I love to read": the creation and operation of school libraries I listen + I read + I enjoy = I learn better During this year we opened two new libraries 1,872 students and 50 family parents were benefited. We have 8 libraries installed by PROED with: reading encouragement, home loan (with an average of 3 books per month per student) and reading club for parents. Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Michoacan Access to New Information Technologies I experiment + I learn + I acquire new skills = I’ll have better opportunities 12,007 students were benefited with preventive maintenance of 38 computer rooms. Two new computer rooms were inaugurated, with 21 equipments. Proed’s computing teachers gave classes to 547 students and 34 teachers. 100 computers were installed this year as a part of the computer rooms updating program; programs as well as software were improved. Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Michoacan

  12. EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY “Our School asks your opinion” Program (NEPSO) I look for problems affecting my environment + I analyze and chart the results + I make recommendations = I get involved in my community welfare 210 children were benefited. We provided 105 hours of training. The supported schools in the State of Morelos are participating in the NEPSO multiregional project with the theme “Education, Youth and Society” shearing their findings with students of other countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Portugal. Morelos Environmental Education I’m sensitive + I’m aware + I take care of my planet = I live in a better world 90 students and 25 parents were benefited. 60 hours of training were given in three workshops on "Action and environmental awareness” and the development of an organic garden Distrito Federal and Michoacan

  13. EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY Changing Stories Program I work as a team + I share my reading = I’m an example for my community The program's goal is to encourage leadership, strengthen self-esteem and awaken love for reading through the interaction of teen agers and children readers. Training in Brazil Distrito Federal “Improving your school” Program Civil society resources + community involvement = strengthening the educational community We support educational communities with: Two new classrooms for computer lab and two libraries Structural damage repair in three schools. 302 lenses were donated, 785 pairs of socks, 800 pieces of clothing, 100 computers, school supplies, school furniture, printers, and books for the libraries. Morelos, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Michoacan

  14. EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY • “Healthy Living” • I eat healthy + I do exercise + I drink water = I’m healthy • Anthropometric measures of students • ABC of nutrition workshops: drink plane water, eat vegetables and do exercise • Healthy menus development • Food supervision in diningrooms and school cooperatives • Training concierges • Drinking water filters for kitchens • “Clean School“ Campaign • Distrito Federal and Michoacan



  17. HOW TO HELP PROED: YOU can help PROEDUCACION in many ways:- Adopt a school - Pedagogical Training Courses - Installation, operation and maintenance of a library - Donate computers, books, teaching materials and furniture - With a monthly donation by credit card.

  18. CONTACT US : Contact us and help many children to give solid steps for the surest way to the development: EDUCATION Hidalgo No.61 Local 7 Col. San Jerónimo Lídice 10200 México, DF Tel. 55 75 96 57 / 55 75 16 24 Cel. 04455 2300 7445 ALL YOUR DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE