menthol ban 2020 the implications n.
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menthol flavour concentrate

menthol flavour concentrate

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menthol flavour concentrate

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  1. Menthol Ban 2020. The Implications. The 2020 UK Menthol Ban What will happen, and will it affect you? The UK is about to undergo legislative changes with regards to the sale of tobacco products this year. Several types of cigarettes and hand-rolling tobaccos are set to be banned. Here’s our take on what these new laws cover, how this may affect you and what this means for us at iBreathe. First things first, what is the ‘Menthol Ban’? The Menthol Ban is a new law banning cigarettes with “characterising flavour” other than tobacco. The EU Tobacco Products Directive will be outlawing flavoured cigarettes, of which menthol is the most popular, hence the popular term “menthol ban”. What does the ban cover? In simple terms, flavoured cigarettes will no longer be available to buy within the EU and the UK. The ban will also extend to skinny cigarettes. Also included in the ban will be capsules, click-on, ‘click and roll’ and dual menthol cigarettes. Currently, UK legislation only allows menthol cigarettes to be sold in packs of 20. This is part of the plan to slowly phase out ‘flavoured’ cigarettes completely. Heated tobacco products and vapes will be exempt from the ban. Why Is the menthol ban being introduced? The tobacco ban is part of a push reduce the number of young smokers and discourage others from starting. 1/2

  2. It’s a commonly believed myth that menthol cigarettes may be a ‘healthier’ option, but this is not supported by evidence. On the contrary, menthol cigarettes could potentially be more harmful as the flavour helps mask the harshness of the smoke, making it easier to relax smokers’ airways. When will it become law? th The new law will come into force on the 20 of May 2020 as part of the EU Tobacco Product Directive. You will still be able to use menthol cigarettes after the ban, but you will no longer be able to purchase them. Will the menthol ban affect retailers? 100%. With an estimated 40% of tobacco-based sales being menthol cigarettes, it will have a massive effect. There will be no sell through period, meaning that retailers will have to sell any remaining stock of flavoured cigarettes by the 20 of May 2020. th How will the changes affect iBreathe? The menthol ban will not directly affect any of iBreathe’s E-Liquid products. In fact, if you are worried about going without menthol or other flavourings then now the perfect time to make the switch to vaping with iBreathe. We have a range of menthol E-Liquids including menthol Premium liquid and our brand new Nic Salt menthol. Not a menthol fan? That’s not a problem. Alongside our menthol range we have hundreds of other flavours and combinations to choose from. So maybe now the time to start stopping? It’s easy, it’s iBreathe. 2/2