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Para 2&3 Damage caused by the earthquake PowerPoint Presentation
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Para 2&3 Damage caused by the earthquake

Para 2&3 Damage caused by the earthquake

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Para 2&3 Damage caused by the earthquake

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  1. HAIKOU, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Rescuers have recovered the bodies of three victims in a boat capsizing incident after tropical storm Parma landed in south China's Hainan Province Monday. Strong winds and waves triggered by Parma caused a fishing boat to capsize and sink off the coast of Wanning City Monday morning, and all nine fishermen aboard the vessel fell into water, a spokesman with the Hainan Provincial Emergency Response Office said. By 5 p.m., one body had been retrieved and five people had been rescued. At about 8 p.m., the bodies of two more victims were found, according to the maritime bureau of Hainan.

  2. HONG KONG, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government said on Monday it had earmarked 4 million HK dollars (0.51 million U.S. dollars) for an earthquake relief project in Indonesia. The grant from Hong Kong's Disaster Relief Fund will be given World Vision Hong Kong to help quake victims in Indonesia, the HKSAR government said. Devastating earthquakes measuring 7.3 or more on the Richter scale hit Indonesia on Sept. 2 and Sept. 30, respectively, killing hundreds and leaving many others missing.

  3. Para 2&3 Damage caused by the earthquake A huge crack 1.巨大的裂缝横贯房屋、道路和运河。 canals cut across houses, roads and . _____ burst from holes in the ground. Hard hills of the rock became rivers of ____. ______ covered the ground like red autumn leaves. Two _____ and most of the bridges fell. The railway tracks were now ______pieces of ____. Water, food,and _________ were hard to get. The number of … killed or reached 400,000 Some rescue workers were also in the ruins. Conclusion: Nearly everything was .It seemed the world was . 2.蒸汽从地面的洞中喷薄而出。 Steam 3.坚硬的岩石山变成了泥沙的河流。 dirt 4.残砖像秋天的红叶覆盖着地面。 Bricks 5.两座大坝和大多数的桥梁倒塌了。 dams 6.铁路变成了无用的钢条。 steel useless 7.水、食物和电都很难得到。 electricity injured 8.死亡或受伤的人数达到40万。 trapped 9.一些救援工作者也被困在废墟中。 destroyed 10.几乎所有的东西都被毁了。世界好象到了末日。 as if at an end

  4. Strange things before the earthquake Smelly gas came out of wells. There were bright lights in the sky. Animals were nervous. The sound of planes could be heard. Water in wells rose and fell

  5. rise vs raise 1.He ______from his chair when the door bell rang. 2.Her job is _________chickens. 3.Her temperature is still________. 4.He ________ in rank recently. rose raising rising has risen e.g. The number of students in his school ______ by 5% every year. A. arises B. raises C. rises D. get risen

  6. the number of …的数量 (谓语用单数) The number of people learning Chinese _____(be)increasing rapidly. 死亡的人数达到五千万. The number of people killed _______(reach) 50 million. 辨析:a (great/large) number of… 许多,大量(谓语用复数) A great number of people were killed in the quake. is reaches

  7. too…to vs. so …that… 1. The chicken and pigs were _____ nervous ____ eat. too to 2. The chicken and pigs were _____ nervous _____ they didn’t want to eat. so that Ex: 同义句转换 (1)The book is so difficult that I can’t read it. The book is _____ difficult ____ _____ ____ ______ (2) I went too late to see him. I went ____ _____ ____ I couldn’t see him. too for me to read so late that

  8. burst (burst, burst) burst into+ n. burst out + doing…… He burst into laughter.= He burst out laughing He burst into tears.= He burst out crying. Ex:The hall _____ ____ cheers when the singer appeared. 当歌手出场时,大厅里爆发出欢呼声。 burst into

  9. it seems that / as if …好象,似乎 • 用seem的不同结构改写下列句子 • The girl seems to be much better today • than yesterday. • _____ _____ that the girl _____ much better today than yesterday. • (2) It seems that his not rich . • He seems _____ _____ _____ rich. • (3) It seems that they have known about it. • They seem _____ _____ _____ about it. It seems is not to be to have known

  10. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in_______. ruins The village _____in ruins after the war. An earthquake left the whole town_________. lay lay in ruins Ex:多年战事已经使这个地区满目疮痍.

  11. Nearly everything was _________. 1. Most buildings were ______. ______ covered the ground. Two dams and Bridges _______ The railway tracks were ______ pieces of steel. 2. Cows would never _____ milk. Pigs and chicken were dead. 3. Sand filled the well ________ water. 4. People were _______ Post-Earthquake destroyed gone Bricks fell useless give instead of shocked

  12. injure ; hurt ; wound Their criticisms _________him deeply. He was slightly ________in the car accident. He got ___________in the fighting. What you said ________my feeling. hurt injured wounded hurt 1.(车祸等意外事故中)受伤 2.感情或心灵的创伤,也可指肉体的伤害。 3.战争中所受的刀伤,枪伤

  13. shock v.& n. • 听到事故的消息,全家人都大为震惊。 • The news of the accident ______ ____ _____ deeply. • 2. 听到他的死讯,我们都感到震惊。 • We ____ all _______ at the news of his death. • 3. 听到他被炒鱿鱼的消息,我深感意外。 shocked the family were shocked I was shocked to hear that he had been fired.

  14. all…not … = not all… All hope was not lost. (para4, line1) Not all the people were injured. * The soldiers were sent to help the workers who_______ * Teams were organized to dig out those who_________ * A great number of miners were rescued, most of_____ were working from the coal mines. * Workers built shelters for survivors ____ homes had been destroyed.

  15. bury v.& n. • The house ___ _____ under ten feet of snow. • Since she left, he has _____ himself in his • work. • 3. She _____ ____ _____ the country to write a • book.她隐居乡间写作。 • 4. 十年来她一直专心致志于研究工作。 was buried buried buried herself in She has been buried in her research for ten years.

  16. It is always calm before a storm. • Words and expressions: • rise-rose-risen • raise-raised-raised • arise-arose-arisen • 2. a (great)number of/ the number of • 3. burst into sth.= burst out v-ing. • 4. ruin/ destroy/ damage/ harm • injure/ wound/ hurt • 5. Be shocked at sth. • be shocked to do • be shocked that… • sth shock sb. • 6. dig-dug-dug • 7. bury-buried, be buried in (doing)sth.

  17. Proofing(改错) • When I heard from that, I shocked. • This building was destoried. • This miner digged out the gold. • She burys herself in study. • I run as if Liu Xiang. • The taxi in ruins. • He rescue the boy from drowning lost his life. • I won’t injure you in the future. • Many rescue workers were traped under the bricks. from of/about ∧was destoried destroyed digged dug burys buries Liu Xiang I were Liu Xiang ∧was rescue rescued ∧but injure hurt traped trapped

  18. 1.他太小了不能上学.(too…to) 2. 并不是所有的人都有喜欢听音乐.(all…not) 3. 看起来你好象认识他.(It seemed as if) 4. 当歌手出场时, 大厅里爆发出欢呼声.(burst ) 5. 漫长的酷暑过去了.(at an end) 6. 自从那以后,她全心扑在工作上.(bury) 7. 多年战事已经使这个地区满目疮痍.(in ruins) Translation

  19. Make up the missing part Several days before July 28, 1976, there were signs for the e__________. But people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think m____ of these. At 3:42am that day,the earth began to s_____, which d_______ the city. Many people, including workers and doctors, came to r_______ those t______ under the ruins. Later that afternoon, another big earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were killed or i_____ and more buildings f___ down. Soldiers were called in to help the rescue workers. T_____ were organized to dig out the trapped and b_____ the dead. arthquake uch hake estroyed escue rapped njured ell eams ury