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The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship

The whole concept of entrepreneurs and their relation to society too are being subject to changes in a rapidly changing world. More and more entrepreneurs are viewing the whole concept of entrepreneurship in a wholly different light. Not only are they making money, providing employment but they are also giving back to society in a big way. Read more at: https://scholarlywriters.com/about-us/

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The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship

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  1. If you thought that entrepreneurship was all about raking in the moolah, think again. The following entrepreneurs presented he not only achieved worldly success but also garnered fame as socially conscious entrepreneurs. Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs

  2. Blake Mycoskie • Mycoskei founded TOMS shoes in the year 2006. • He was the pioneer of the one for one business model where a pair of shoes bought translates into a pair donated to children in need • His eyeware section helped to restore the vision of 175,000 persons

  3. What Can be Learnt • Mycoskie has not let commercial success put on hold his ability to come up with ideas that are tune with the needs of society as his latest venture TOMS Roasting will aim to clean up the sources of water as you chat about it over a coffee. • Start Something That Matters is a book written by him where he envisions a future of companies and consumers which are socially minded.

  4. Jord Poster • Poster was instrumental in founding Tickets for Charity in 2007. • Its business model was based upon asking corporations to donate tickets for resale with a lions share of the proceeds supporting more than a hundred charitable organizations. • By the year 2012 Tickets for Charity had already raised $10 million.

  5. What Can be Learnt • Through its initiative, Poster leveraged a relatively untapped market as 30% to 70% of tickets bought be corporate organizations are wasted. • The virtue of patience is stressed through this example as Tickets for Charity was able to break even only in 2013.

  6. Sergey Brin and Larry Page • In the year 1996 the pair developed the Pagerank algorithm. • In 1998 the pair started Google which has become a staple vocabulary of even the most casual of netizens.

  7. What Can be Learnt • Start of new ventures with dedication and conviction and be prepared for the long haul. • According to Page, companies do not succeed mostly due to doing the wrong things or lack of ambition not due to litigation or competition.

  8. Kevin Plank • Plank the founder of Armour (1996) used to actually sell his performance clothing from his car and operated out of his grandma’s basement. • By 2010 Amour had nearly $1 billion in revenue.

  9. What Can be Learnt • Plank is among the University of Maryland board of trustees and has directed many efforts to support upcoming entrepreneurs. • He also takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and supports his community through various initiatives.

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