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Performance Parts for Motor Scooters - Scootsusa PowerPoint Presentation
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Performance Parts for Motor Scooters - Scootsusa

Performance Parts for Motor Scooters - Scootsusa

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Performance Parts for Motor Scooters - Scootsusa

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  1. Performance Parts for Scooters Introduction: Scooters as a mode of transport are the best thing which man has made in quite a long time. Getting anywhere you want, within distances that are short or long these contraptions make up for an exciting ride. Therefore there is special emphasis which is placed on motor scooter parts since every one of it needs to be calibrated and selected as per the specifications of your ride. Performance Parts for Motor Scooters: There are several performance parts for motor scooters which prove to be beneficial and we would be listing some of them out below, 1.QMB139 PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSION KIT: This performance transmission designed as a motor scooter partis worth the money having a 1500 RPM motor. A great sliding clutch plate outer diameter of a 119mm. among other specifications.

  2. 2.GY6 RACING VARIATOR KIT: The racing variator is designed for keeping the engine at optimum levels, be it a 50cc or a 100cc. The GY6 provides an inner versus outer diameter of 24*115mm including the 12 grams of roller weights. As a performance part for motor scooters, it is definitely a splendid choice to be considered. 3.HOCA MINARELLI 2T POWER PACK PIN: This comes from the trademark Hoca racing kit and the Minarelli Style Engine is best made for your 70cc vehicle. Armed with a nickel finish exhaust with carbon fiber silencer, it has a 12mm piston pin that provides a radicalized amount of torque to boost you up with high performance. Conclusion: Getting the most out of your scooters is the key and some of the performance parts mentioned above are definitely the ones for the job. Contact Us Call: - (703) 652-0718 Email: - Source URL: -