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Snowmobile Performance Parts Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Snowmobile Performance Parts Online

Snowmobile Performance Parts Online

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Snowmobile Performance Parts Online

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  1. Snowmobile Performance Parts Online Snowmobile Performance Parts Online CB Performance Parts, we can perform nearly any service to your snowmobile. This can be as extreme as a complete engine rebuild or as routine as changing the hyfax. Nearly every one of our mechanics has competed in large racing circuits and has many years of experience working on sleds. Aside from numerous trophies and broken bones, they still show great passion for the sport. CB Performance Parts uses this passion to ensure you no longer lose that close race with your buddies. If you are shipping parts for service, be sure to include the following information: work requested, return address, phone number and method of payment.

  2. Services Services Preseason Preseason Tune This service allows us to review your sled and make sure you are ready for the next riding season. We clean and inspect your clutches, clean the carburators (if applicable), check engine compression, grease the entire chassis and look for any potential problems. The tune up is $150 plus parts. Fuel injected snowmobiles: $125 plus parts. Engine Engine Rebuilding Rebuilding This service offers a complete rebuild of your engine. We check for wear, change bearings/seals and replace rings/pistons. Please call for approximate quote. We also do crankshaft repairs for $175 plus parts and rechrome cylinders for $250. Track Track Studding Studding Without the right tooling, studding a track can be a very difficult and time consuming job. We can stud tracks for racing or trail applications. Installation fees for pre-drilled tracks is $0.70 per stud (96 studs = ~$67). Installation fees for tracks that need to be drilled is $0.85 per stud (96 studs = ~ $82). Tune Up Up

  3. Gallery Gallery Here at CB Performance Parts, we are not just a website and online sales. We are experienced in every aspect of snowmobiling including but not limited to racing, service work, manufacturing aluminum parts, retail sales, and also spending time snowmobiling with our family and friends in Wisconsin. We are a small, family owned business consisting of the best of the best mechanics and snowmobilers around! For years, we have raced at the Am soil Eagle River World Championships, winning in multiple of the vintage classes.

  4. Featured Products Featured Products 9833h 9833h - - Studded 15" X 121" X Studded 15" X 121" X 1.25 1.25 This Predator (or Carve) track is a true Camoplast classic. One of the most popular models, that has been sold for many years, it has proven to be a top performer. This specific track that you would be buying has already been studded for you! Using only the best of the best this brand new track features a quantity of 144 Woody's Signature Series 1.325 studs and 144 round Woody's backers. The great low price you see is for the track, studs, backers, and the labor to stud the track.

  5. Quick Change Belt Tool Quick Change Belt Tool - - Yamaha Yamaha Quick change tool for Yamaha secondary belt. Weight: 0.05 LBS Shipping: Free Shipping Track Marker Track Marker A white marker used to mark the placement of your drill hole when studding your track. Weight: 0.25 LBS Shipping: Free Shipping

  6. Woody's Extender Trail III Series Woody's Extender Trail III Series - - 4" This 7/16" diameter runner is popular for trail riding. Woody's offers the Extender Trail III™ to replace the manufacturer's stock runner. The 4" of 60° turning carbide provides positive cornering control. 4" Camoplast All Terrain Camoplast All Terrain All Terrain Camoski sold in pairs. Lightweight economical plastic ski designed for mountain, cross- country, and utility applications.

  7. For more information please visit For more information please visit