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Global Dairy Alternatives Market to cross US$ 34 Billion by the year 2024

Global Dairy Alternatives Market to cross US$ 34 Billion by the year 2024

For more Info: https://www.renub.com/global-dairy-alternatives-market-nd.php There is no doubt that conventional milk still dominates the dairy market. However, the dairy business is changing as we all have noticed that a number of the plant-based beverages and products are being racked in the shelf of grocery stores. The increasing demand of plant-based dairy alternatives over the conventional milk will indeed help dairy alternative market to gain its momentum in the near future. Dairy Alternatives Market thrives to cross US$ 34 Billion by the year 2024, according to the Renub Research’s latest report. The major reason for the growth of Dairy Alternatives Market is because of the shifting consumer tends to dairy alternatives rather than conventional milk. The consumers tend to shift towards the alternate of dairy products, i.e. plant-based milk such as soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, etc. is mainly because of the rising number of lactose intolerant & milk allergic population and the benefits offered by dairy alternatives as plant-based milk will add less calories to one’s diet and helps them stay fit. How Plant-Based/ Non-Dairy Milk Produced Dairy alternatives (Plant-based milk) are usually made by crushing a bean or nut, then adding water into it. Afterwards, additional flavors, vitamins and minerals were added as per the product requirement. This is why, the nutrients and amount of sugar varies considerably in the plant-based milk. Thus, dairy alternatives offer consumers a variety of different products to choose from what they are looking for, unlike traditional milk.

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