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Online training on selenium in hyderabad,Online training on

Online training on selenium in hyderabad,Online training on

Course DescriptionWithin fast moving agile software development teams it becomes important to test user interfaces as they are being coded. Automated Testing techniques using Selenium 2 allow for test replay of important features as development progresses. Selenium IDE and Selenium Web Driver are important tools for any tester or developer to use in ensuring software quality and making changes with confidence. This interactive, hands-on workshop provides an understanding and advanced techniques in the use of Selenium 2 with hands on practice. The practice exercises are tailored to various skill levels and type of application being tested, from simple forms to complex web applications.Objectives:The class will teach participants to:Understand trade-offs of automated vs. manual testing.Record, edit and play back Selenium IDE tests against multiple types of web applications.Minimize test failure due to normal changes to code.Understanding of basic Selenium commands to get through common issue with web applications.Use of Eclipse to run tests individually and as a group to generate test failure reports.Learn how to help developers understand the importance of making applications more testable to improve usability.Topics:Overview of automated testingSelenium Suite OverviewSelenium 2 LimitationsSelenium IDEHTML Locator strategy and false test failureFirefox Firebug and reading HTMLSelenium Web Driver setupEclipse and JUnit (Don't Panic it's just code)Convert Selenium IDE tests into Selenium 2 Java WebDriver testsWorking with unsupported commands from Selenium IDEDealing with security and certificatesSelenium Web Driver practice workshopLearn how to test in multiple browsers and generate metrics and reportsDiscussion of setting up Selenium Web Driver for continuous integrationBonus Features:Sample Selenium Web Driver codeScripts to run JUnit test suites on multiple browsers and generate reports and metricsList of web resources and blogs for

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