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Presentation by Audra Robertson

Presentation by Audra Robertson. Meet the author… Natalie Babbitt.

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Presentation by Audra Robertson

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  1. Presentation by Audra Robertson

  2. Meet the author… Natalie Babbitt Natalie Babbitt was born in 1932 in Dayton, Ohio. From an early age she pursued interests in art and reading. She married in 1954 and had three children. It wasn’t until 1966 that Babbitt thought of writing seriously. She has earned many awards and honors. In describing her work, Babbitt once said, “I write for children because I am interested in fantasy and the possibilities for experience of all kinds…”

  3. Complete your Anticipation Guide

  4. Prologue The introduction to a literary work.

  5. The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning.

  6. The weeks that come before are only a climb from balmy spring, and those that follow a drop to the chill of autumn, but the first week of August is motionless, and hot.

  7. It is curiously silent, too, with blank white dawns and glaring noons, and sunsets smeared with too much color.

  8. Often at night there is lighting, but it quivers all alone. There is no thunder, no relieving rain.

  9. “These are the strange and breathless days, the dog days, when people are led to do things they are sure to be sorry for after.”

  10. One day at that time, not so very long ago, three things happened and at first there appeared to be no connection between them.

  11. At dawn, Mae Tuck set out on her horse for the wood at the edge of the village of Treegap. She was going there, as she did once every ten years, to meet her sons, Miles and Jesse.

  12. At noontime, Winnie Foster, whose family owned the Treegap wood, lost her patience at last and decided to think about running away.

  13. And at sunset a stranger appeared at the Foster’s gate. He was looking for someone, but he didn’t say who.

  14. No connection, you would agree.

  15. Or is there? Is there any connection between those three events? Look again… there are already a couple of similarities. Did you see Treegap in two places? Did you see Foster in two places?

  16. Your Assignment

  17. But things can come together in strange ways.

  18. But the wood was at the center, the hub of the wheel.

  19. A Ferris wheel has one, as the sun is the hub of the wheeling calendar.

  20. Fixed points they are, and best left undisturbed, for without them, nothing holds together.

  21. But sometimes people find this out too late.

  22. Prologue 1. What three things happened in the first week of August that seemed to have no connection at first? (pg. 3/pg. 4)

  23. Chapter 1 • In what way was the wood strange? (pg. 4/pg. 6) • Why didn’t the people go through the wood? (pg. 4/pg. 7) • What would the people have noticed if they had gone into the wood? (pg. 5/pg. 8)

  24. Chapter 2 5. What dream is Tuck having when Mae wakes him? (pg. 6/pg. 10) 6. What is Mae’s response to Tuck’s description of the dream? (pg. 6/pg. 10) 7. When and why does Mae set out for the wood? (pgs. 5 & 6/pgs. 9 & 10) 8. How long has it been since Mae went to Treegap? (pg. 6/pg. 10) [cont.]

  25. Chapter 2 (Cont.) 9. How does Tuck feel about Mae going to the wood to meet her sons? (pg. 6/pg. 10) 10. What does Mae take with her (one pretty thing she owns)? (pg. 6/p. 11) 11. What is the strangest thing about the Tuck family? (pg. 7/pg. 12)

  26. Chapter 3 12. To whom does Winnie complain? (pg. 7/pg. 14) 13. What does she complain about? (pg. 8/pgs. 14-15) 14. What does she plan to do in the morning? (pg. 8/pg. 15)

  27. Chapter 4 15. Who appears at the Fosters’ gate at sunset? (pg. 8/ pg. 17) 16. What is he looking for? (p.9/p.19) 17. What do they hear coming from the wood? What does Winnie’s grandmother say it is? What does Winnie say it sounds like? (pg. 10/ pgs. 20-21)

  28. Chapter 5 18. Why does Winnie decide not to run away? (pg. 11/pg. 22) 19. Whom does Winnie meet in the wood? (pg. 14/ pg. 27) 20. How old does he say he is at first? How old does he say he is after Winnie persists? (pg. 14/pg. 28) 21. How old is Winnie? (pg. 14/pg. 28) 22. What gets Jesse upset? (p.15/p.29)

  29. Chapter 6 23. How was Winnie’s visions of being kidnapped different from the actual situation? (p. 16/p. 31) 24. Whom does Winnie see stand-ing on the road? (pg. 16/pg. 33) 25. What calms Winnie down? (pg. 17/pg. 35)

  30. Chapter 7 26. How long ago had the Tucks drunk the water from the spring? (pg. 18/pg. 37) 27. According to their story, everyone had a drink, except for the ______. (pg. 19/pg. 38) 28. When did they first realize “there was something peculiar”? (pg. 19/pg. 38) 29. Why did Miles’s wife leave him? (pg. 19/pg. 39) [cont.]

  31. Chapter 7 (Cont.) 30. What made the Tucks realize that the spring was “the source of their changelessness”? (pg. 20/pg. 40) 31. When they came to that conclusion, what did Angus Tuck do to make sure? (pg. 20/pg. 40) 32. What is Angus Tuck’s explanation for the spring? (pg. 20/pg. 41)

  32. Chapter 8 33. How is Jesse’s attitude toward immortality different from that of Miles? (pg. 21 /pg. 43) 34. Why does Mae want to take Winnie home with her? (pg. 21/pg. 43) 35. Who has been following the Tucks and heard their entire story? (pg. 22/pg. 45)

  33. Chapter 9 36. What kind of a child does Tuck say Winnie is? (pg. 24/pg. 48) What does he mean? 37. How does Tuck react upon meeting Winnie? (pg. 24/pg. 48) 38. How does Winnie feel upon meeting Tuck? (pg. 24/pg. 49)

  34. Chapter 10 39. How is Winnie’s home different from the Tucks’? (pgs. 24-25/ pgs. 50-51) 40. Why can’t the Tucks settle down at one place? (p. 26/p. 53) 41. How long have they lived in that house? (pg. 26/pg. 53) [cont.]

  35. Chapter 10 (Cont.) 42. How often do Miles and Jesse come home? (pg. 27/pg. 54) 43. What is Mae’s attitude toward immortality? How does she deal with it? (pg. 27/pgs. 54-55)

  36. Chapter 11 44. What is Winnie not allowed to do at home at mealtime that suddenly makes the meal at the Tucks seem “luxurious”? (pg. 28/pg. 56) 45. What ‘rule’ does Winnie notice at mealtime? (p. 28/p. 56) 46. How and why does Winnie’s attitude towards the Tucks change? (pg. 28/pg. 57)

  37. Chapter 12 47. Tuck tells Winnie, “Everything’s a _______, turning and turning, never stopping….” (p. 30/p. 62) What does he mean? 48. Tuck says to Winnie, “We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road.” What figurative language is used here? 49. Why does Tuck want Winnie to keep their secret? (pgs. 31-32/p. 64)

  38. Chapter 13 50. Who steals the Tucks’ horse? Where does he take the horse? (pg. 32/pg. 66) 51. What does he say to Winnie’s grandmother? (pg. 32/pg. 66)

  39. Chapter 14 52. Who is the last person to visit Winnie as she tries to fall asleep? What does he want? (pg. 35/pgs. 71-72)

  40. Chapter 15 53. What kind of a deal/trade does the man in the yellow suit want to make with the Fosters? (pg. 36/pg. 75) 54. How does he describe the Tucks to the Fosters? (pg. 36/pg. 74) 55. Why doesn’t he want Mr. Foster to come along?

  41. Chapter 16 56. Describe the constable’s suspicions. (pg. 37/pg. 77) 57. What is the stranger’s explanation for not reporting the kidnapping right away? (pg. 37/ pg. 77) [cont.]

  42. Chapter 16 (Cont.) 58. What is the constable’s reaction upon being told that the Fosters have sold their wood to the man in the yellow suit? Why? (pg. 37/p. 77) 59. How far is the Tucks’ home from the Fosters’? (pg. 37/p. 77)

  43. Chapter 17 60. Why didn’t Miles take his family to the spring to drink the water? (pgs. 40-41/pg. 84) 61. What decision does Winnie come to about the Tucks’ secret? Why? (pg. 41/pg. 86) 62. What does Miles want to do with his life? (pg. 42/pgs. 86-87)

  44. Chapter 18 63. Why do you think Winnie feels that Tuck is “the dearest of them all”? (pg. 44/pg. 91) 64. What is the Tucks’ reaction when they hear a knock at their door? Why? (pg. 44/pg. 91) 65. Who shows up at their door? (pg. 44/pg. 92)

  45. Chapter 19 66. Who told the man in the yellow suit stories about the strange family that never grew old? (pg. 45/pg. 94) 67. How did she (#65) come to hear these stories? (pg. 45/ pgs. 94-95) [cont.]

  46. Chapter 19 (Cont.) 68. What clue led the man to search for the family that never grew old? (pgs. 45-46/pg. 96) 69. What does the man in the yellow suit plan to do with the water? (pg. 46/pg. 97) [cont.]

  47. Chapter 19 (Cont.) 70. How does he want the Tucks to help him? (pg. 47/ pg. 98) 71. What does Mae do to the man in the yellow suit? Why? (pg. 48/pg. 100)

  48. Chapter 20 72. What is Winnie’s response to the constable when he accuses Mae of kidnapping her? (pg. 48/ pg. 102) 73. What does the constable say would happen to Mae if the man dies? (pg. 49/pg. 103) 74. What realization does Winnie come to regarding Mae’s fate? (pg. 50/pg. 105)

  49. Chapter 21 75. Why does Winnie feel ‘different’ than she did before leaving home? (pg. 51/pg. 108) 76. What news does the constable deliver to the Fosters? (pg. 52/pg. 109)

  50. Chapter 22 77. What does Winnie see across the road from her cottage? (pg. 53/pg. 112) 78. Who comes by to say goodbye to Winnie? (pg. 54/pg. 113) 79. What is Miles’s plan? (pg. 54/ pg. 113-114) [cont.]

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