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C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers PowerPoint Presentation
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C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers

C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers

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C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers

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  1. C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers

  2. The "SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Fiori Application Developer" certification exam verifies that the candidate has the required knowledge in the area of SAP Fiori application development as it pertains to the Developer consultant profile. This certification builds on the basic knowledge gained by a developer from formal SAP Education training and preferably refined by practical experience within a SAP Fiori application development project team in a mentored role. This is an entry level certification. C_FIORDEV_20 Exam Details ●Exam Name: SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Fiori Application Developer ●Exam Code: C_FIORDEV_20 ●Exam Price: $550 (USD) ●Duration: 180 mins ●Number of Questions: 80 ●Passing Score: 61% ●Reference Books: UX402, UX403, UX410, UX411S, UX100 ●Sample Questions: SAP Fiori Application Developer Sample Question ●Recommended Practice: C_FIORDEV_20 Practice Exam C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers 1

  3. 01. Your customer needs an app that can perform data modifications. Which O DataModel binding-mode do you select? a) One-time b) One-way c) Two-way d) Three-way ANS:- C 02. Which tool do you use to deploy SAP Fiori app developments? a) Eclipse (SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio) b) Process Modeler c) Object Navigator d) SAP WEB IDE ANS:- D 03. In which attribute do you specify the themes for an SAP Fiori app? a) sap-ui-theme of a <title> tag b) sap-ui-theme of <body> tag c) data-sap-ui-theme of the <head> tag d) data-sap-ui-theme of <script> tag ANS:- D 04. Which element in the SAPUI5 architecture holds the data in JSON or XML? a) Component b) Model c) View C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers 2

  4. d) Controller ANS:- B 05. You need to explain the core functions of OPA5 for testing SAPUI5 apps. Which test options are offered by OPA5? There are 2 correct answers to this question. a) Development tests b) Load tests c) Navigation tests d) User interaction tests ANS:- C,D 06. Which UI5 theme is replacing SAP Blue Crystal as the base Fiori theme? a) SAP Corbu b) SAP Belize c) SAP Tradeshow d) SAP High Contrast Black ANS:- B 07. In the Git source code management system, what is executed initially to create the local Git repository in SAP Web IDE? a) Push b) Pull c) Clone d) Fetch ANS:- C C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers 3

  5. 08. Your customer wants to extend an SAP Fiori app through a Controller Extension. When can a controller extension lead to a crash? There are 2 correct answers to this question. a) If the extension code exists in the extended app but the controller name is changed by an app update. b) If the extension code exists and is NOT referenced in the original view. c) If the extension code accesses parts of the original application that were removed. d) If the original code required to run the application is overwritten. ANS:- C,D 09. You need to strengthen the connection security between the Web IDE and the Hybrid App Toolkit Connector. Which of the following activities do you perform? a) Run the connector with administrator rights b) Install an X.509 certificate c) Replace the default API key d) Change the default port number ANS:- C 10. Which of the following components are part of the SAP Web IDE, hybrid app toolkit add-on? a) Hybrid App Project Templates, Device Configuration, Hybrid App Toolkit Connector b) Kapsel Plugins, SAP Web IDE Plugin, Hybrid App Toolkit Connector c) Hybrid Companion App, Config.json, Package.json, SAP Web IDE Plugin d) SAP Web IDE Plugin, Hybrid Companion App, Hybrid App Toolkit Connector ANS:- D C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers 4

  6. More Info on SAP Certification VISIT WWW.ERPPREP.COM C_FIORDEV_20 Questions and Answers 5