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MEDIEVAL TIME TRAVEL BROCHURE PROJECT. MR MERCADO WORLD HISTORY. You are creating a travel brochure for one of the cultures/parts of the world we have studied so far this year

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  2. You are creating a travel brochure for one of the cultures/parts of the world we have studied so far this year • Each page of your brochure must include at least three detailed pieces of information about the topic (Try to make it something that would make a person want to travel there • Each page should also have a few images that relates to your information • Make an effort to use at least one content vocabulary word or historical figure’s name on each page. • Once you have completed your brochure, you will write a reflection about what you have created. (see last slide)

  3. THE COVER (In class today) • Your cover should include an illustration that symbolizes the culture you are trying to promote as well as a small map showing where in the world your culture was located. • You should have an appropriate title (Make your culture sound fun and exciting!!! • OPTIONS: Muslim Empire, Feudal Japan (Heian Japan), Imperial China, The Americas (Maya, Aztec, Inca), West Africa, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Europe.


  5. Sights (Art, Architecture, Inventions) Tonight (4/30, 5/1) • Tell about new and exciting things people would see in your culture • Tell about new inventions or discoveries your people made • Describe some of the buildings or artwork they could see

  6. DID YOU SEE THAT? • In the United States there are very exciting place like Disneyland which shows our countries interest in entertainment. • You can also visit the White House where the President lives, which shows the democratic side of our country. • Another cool place to visit is the classroom of Mr. Mercado at RMMS. It is a great representation of the high standard of formal education in America

  7. Religion (Gods, Practices, Places of Worship) Saturday 5/2 • What is the name of the main religion? • What is the primary belief of this religion? • What kind of practices would people see? • Are there more than one religion? • Who is the God or gods? • What kind of ceremonies might they see?

  8. In the United States there is no official religion, even though we have a majority Christian society. • People have the right to worship any religion that they wish; its written in the Constitution. • You can see places of religion all over; From Islam to Catholic, Buddhist to Jewish….you name it, we’ve got it!

  9. Government (Great Leaders, Type of Government) Monday 5/4 • Who is the leader? Are there problems with him or her? • How does someone become the leader in your culture? (voting, war, inheritance) • What laws should visitors know about? How are laws enforced?

  10. GOVERNMENT “THE MAN” • The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our government, it tells us what our rights and freedoms are. They CANNOT be taken away!!! • In the United States the leader of our country is the President. Presidents are voted on by the citizens of the US every four years. Some of our most well known presidents include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and Franklin D Roosevelt. Our new president is Barrack Obama. • Congress, our legislative branch of government makes the laws that our country must live by. • Laws are enforced by police and courts. Depending on the law that has been broken, you can go to jail for a long time, so be careful!

  11. Shopping (Economics)Tuesday 5/5 • Describe some items someone might want to buy or trade for while they are visiting? • Why are these souvenir unique to your culture? Why should travelers buy these items to remind them of their trip through time? • What would you need to get items? Trade goods? Money? What is valuable to your people?

  12. Shopping SPREE • In the United States you NEED to have money to buy everything! You can’t buy things with your looks…I’ve tried, but itt didn’t work :( • We use the dollar system with both paper money and coins. • Our economy is based on supply and demand, so popular things, usually cost a little more! • A cool souvenir from the United States would be a Mr. Mercado Bobble-head doll…in honor of one of our country’s greatest living teachers

  13. People (Social Structure)What are the people like?Wednesday 5/6 • Are they religious? Serious? Wealthy? Are there classes? • Who is most respected in society? What do they have that gives them this respect? • What are some of the customs of your people that visitors should know about?

  14. WE THE PEOPLE… • People in America are all types of religions, cultures, ethnicities, and races; America has even been referred to as the world’s “melting pot” • Respect is often given to people who are good citizens; those who obey laws, get their education, and represent themselves with dignity. • The “American Dream” is that all people have the potential and opportunity to reach their dreams and goals

  15. ReflectionIn class Thursday-Friday 5/7-5/8 • What have you created? Be very detailed. • How does your assignment show that you have mastered the standards of this class? Give 3 examples. • Which section do you think you did the best work on? Why? • If you were a time traveler, would you visit your culture after seeing your brochure? Why or why not? • What grade do you honestly feel you deserve?

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