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Canada Beef Inc. Global Marketing Strategy Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Canada Beef Inc. Global Marketing Strategy Overview

Canada Beef Inc. Global Marketing Strategy Overview

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Canada Beef Inc. Global Marketing Strategy Overview

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  1. Canada Beef Inc.Global Marketing Strategy Overview

    Canadian Angus National Convention June 7, 2013 Guelph. ON John Baker, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing
  2. Topics Canada Beef Inc overview 3 Year strategic plan 2013/14 marketing priorities Canadian beef brand strategy Export perspective
  3. Canada Beef Inc. Vision: “A Dynamic Canadian Beef Advantage Delivering Recognized Value" Mission: “Innovative, Collaborative & Sustainable Canadian Beef Solutions”
  4. Canada Beef Inc. is Funded Through National Check Off & Leverages Various Government Funding Initiatives
  5. Global Representation Canada Calgary Mississauga Mexico Japan Korea Hong Kong China Taiwan
  6. 3 Year Strategic Plan - Priorities Development of the Canadian Beef Brand and leveraging the points of differentiation provided through the Canadian Beef Advantage Prioritization of global markets – highest values Collaborate with supply chain partners & targeted customers that align with the Canadian beef value proposition Leverage investment through long term-based relationships Enhance domestic consumer perceptions & protect share Align stakeholders to a common brand promise Measurable results & Fiscal transparency
  7. Key Assumptions & Considerations Decreased beef production in 2013/14 JBS long term stability & export recovery Strong $CDN (compared to $USD) Enhanced Market Access Japan UTM, Plant approvals for China, Russia WTO, Non tariff trade barriers (China, Taiwan, Russia) Pending FTA’s (CETA, Korea) Need for Flexibility, Scalability and Sustainability Long term funding stability
  8. Strategic Objectives To have Canadian Beef recognized for its premium quality, safety and value in priority markets Utilize priority markets to drive incremental product values To enhance Canadian Beef brand loyalty with consumers To preserve/maintain consumer confidence in the Canadian beef industry Align industry stakeholders to foster collaborative, sustainable Canadian beef solutions
  9. 2013/14 Marketing Strategy is based on 4 Marketing Priorities Connect Consult Communicate Collaborate
  10. Brand Differentiation Create a differentiated and premium brand identity through establishment and communication of the CBA, the combination of our unique selling points which support our value proposition Brand strategy will be comprehensive and targeted to include both technical and emotional attributes - Technical (Genetics, Meat Quality & Food Safety Assurances) - Emotional (Natural Resources/Environment, Commitment industry/producers, Positive reputation of Canada/Canadians) Must be supportive of Industry brands (Packer, Producer, Retailer) Ongoing development and delivery of the “Canadian Beef Story” to enhance consumer confidence in Canadian beef industry
  11. Reputation of Canada and Canadians Reputation Institute's 2012 Country RepTrak(TM) Data from 42,000 respondents categorized Canada as having the best reputation of 50 countries around the world. The study measures the overall Trust, Esteem, Admiration and Good Feelings towards a country.
  12. 42,000 respondents rate Canada #1for 2 years running
  13. Reputation of Canada and Canadians is an important attribute of the Canadian Beef brand Study found that being perceived as a “safe” country and a country with “friendly people” are the “most important attributes that drive a country's reputation” Study found “a very strong correlation between a country's reputation and people's willingness to visit there and to buy its exported products and services”
  14. Product/Industry Image Create an affinity for Canadian Beef - Enhance the emotional connection between consumer and Canadian beef industry based on trust - Culinary connection to consumers on the unique benefits of Canadian beef Trust in Industry / Culinary Connection Food & Lifestyle Media Social Media Industry Ambassadors Brand Partners Market Influencers MEETING CONSUMER DEMANDS
  15. Social Footprint ILoveCanadianBeef
  16. Market Segmentation & Development Defined portfolio of high value priority global markets Align with industry to identify customers in regions/market segments that value unique attributes of CBA -develop long-term partner based relationships Align with industry to identify product opportunities in each market segment to drive incremental value growth Provide insightful and timely market intelligence to industry partners to support management and investment decisions
  17. Stakeholder Connectivity/ROI Align and empower industry with consistent brand positioning and execution Collaborate with industry organizations to support timely and effective management of emerging issues Broadened and enhanced communication channels and programs to a multitude of stakeholders, industry partners and governments Clear Performance Measurements and results transparency
  18. Performance Measures • Canadian versus US CutoutValue • Market Share of Domestic Market • Retail/Wholesale/International Demand Indexes • Consumer Confidence rating of Canadian Beef • Increased Commitment to the Canadian Beef Brand by Targeted Customers • Buyer Perceptions of Canadian Beef versus Global Competitors • Return on Stakeholder Investment for Marketing Efforts
  19. Program Budget Allocations by Market Global Canada Canada 26% Global 14% ROW 53% Opportunity 7% USA Opportunity Japan ME/Europe SE Asia Korea Hong Kong Latin America China
  20. Enhanced Operational Efficiencies Strategic shift away from dedicated individual markets to a “regional hub” approach to increase operational efficiencies (Latin America, SE Asia, Europe/Russia, MENA) Extend reach and leverage investment through collaboration with Trade Commissioners in export markets
  21. Exports represent 30% of fed carcass value 2012 = $462.99 Per/hd
  22. 2012-2017
  23. Domestic Brand Partners Building brand equity through licensed partners 120 signed licensees spanning all trade sectors with a focus on industry leaders 23 International licensees in 5 countries
  24. Canada Is Well Positioned To Be A Global Leader Natural Resources Breeds/ Genetics Committed Global Marketing Animal Health Systems Consumer Preference “Image” Food Safety Systems National Cattle Identification System National Quality Grading Standards On Farm Production Systems
  25. Strong Global Competition
  26. Summary Canadian beef needs to be positioned as a premium beef offering in global markets A differentiated premium brand positioning leveraging our unique attributes is our highest marketing priority A balance of high valued export markets and our domestic market are equally important Market access hurdles remain but industry & government must continue to negotiate viable access to key international markets The Canadian Beef brand is your brand, get behind it!