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Gold Jewelry Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Gold Jewelry Tips

Gold Jewelry Tips

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Gold Jewelry Tips

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  2. Gold has been there for a long time and still holds its charms! Gold is available in many karats (14k, 18k, 22k, 24k) as per the purity of the gold. 24k Gold is known as the purest form of gold as it contains 100% gold. But pure gold is not suitable for Jewelry as it is soft and cannot be used to hold a diamond or other stone to it. PRO TIP –“carat” in diamonds represent – weight, and “karat” in gold represents its purity. We are going to present all the necessary tips required to purchase gold jewelry so that you can make up your mind if where and how to invest your hard-earned money. Today, gold is a very popular choice for engagement rings, fine jewelry, and other jewelry items.

  3. GOLD PURITY AND ITS VALUE – GRAND DIAMONDS • Gold purity is measured in “karats” Chances are if you already have any gold jewelry then it would be marked as 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k. Higher the karats, the more expensive the gold becomes. 24k is 100% gold and other karats have gold and other metals in it in the form of alloys. • 24K Gold is known as the pure Gold as there are not additional metals involved. • 18K gold has 18 parts of Gold and the remaining 6 parts are additional metals that equal 24. This means 18K Gold is 75% pure Gold. • Similarly, 14K Gold has 14 parts of Gold and 10 parts of additional metals. This means 14K Gold is 58.3% pure Gold. • 12K gold contains 12 parts of Gold and 12 parts of additional metals. This means 12K Gold is 50% pure Gold. • This way, 10K of Gold contains 10 parts of Gold and 14 parts of additional metals. This means 10K Gold is 41.7% pure Gold.

  4. GRAND DIAMONDS WHICH GOLD KARAT I SHOULD GO FOR – • 14k Gold • A most popular choice in jewelry making as due to its stronghold with the diamond or other stones • Less expensive due to less percentage of gold into it • 18k Gold • A more appealing and luxurious choice for most of the buyers to choose from • It is softer compared to 14k gold and • slightly less durable too. As we already discussed, 24k gold is the purest form of gold. If you are planning to purchase gold for the purpose of investment then you should go with 24k for sure. But 24k gold is not suitable for jewelry making so an alloy of gold is used and thus 14k or 18k gold is suitable to go with. They provide a strong hold of the jewelry and are durable enough as well.

  5. GRAND DIAMONDS POINTS TO REMEMBER Gold jewelry which is more than 100 years or so old might not have a hallmark or trademark. But consider checking for the hallmark or trademark for the gold jewelry or at-least check for the country from where the gold is imported. You’ll need to make sure that the gold has been tested and verified. COLORS OF GOLD Although gold comes in yellow gold by default, it is mixed with other metals to come up with different shades of gold which are primarily – Yellow gold, White gold, and Rose gold. The mix of metals depends on the composition of different metals such as - zinc, copper, nickel, iron, cadmium, aluminum, silver, platinum, and palladium into the gold

  6. GRAND DIAMONDS YELLOW GOLD It is a mixture of silver, copper, pure gold (and a trace of zinc). This results in a warm glow of the yellow gold and is suitable in most of the settings with diamonds and other stones. 14k is harder and used generally,however you can consider 18k gold too.

  7. GRAND DIAMONDS WHITE GOLD White gold looks brilliant, shines more and a perfect setting when added with diamonds. It is a mixture of nickel, or palladium, and silver, plus another whitening alloy. It comes with the rhodium mixture as well and then required occasional service for the coating as you can see a tint of color change in it over the period.

  8. GRAND DIAMONDS ROSE GOLD The romantic pink hue to the gold is provided with a mixture of copper as an alloy. The higher the percentage of copper, the more the pink hue you can see into the gold. Recent trends are showing an increase in the demand for the rose gold and its continuing to rise in the future as well.

  9. GRAND DIAMONDS PRO TIPS TO CONSIDER • The best you can do to save yourself from getting ripped off – To always buy a hallmarked gold. It is your right to ask for the hallmark and any other certifications that the gold carry along with. For every purchase, always ask for the certificate and trademarks if any along with. • 24k Gold is best suitable for investment purpose but 14k and 18k are the ones which are used in settings for jewelry. • If you are planning to but online then do read the detailed description and check for the post-sale services and return policies. • Do check the review by certified customers, Trustpilot, and other media to make sure you are going to make a purchase from an authenticated retailer.  • Home experiment to check for real or fake diamond – Bring your gold close to a magnet. Real gold does not attract to magnet however fake gold may attract a magnet.