how to design a website that google s seo will n.
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How to Design a Website that Google’s SEO Will Love?? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Design a Website that Google’s SEO Will Love??

How to Design a Website that Google’s SEO Will Love??

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How to Design a Website that Google’s SEO Will Love??

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  1. How to Design a Website that Google’s SEO Will Love??

  2. If you want to know how to design a website that guarantees to offer you the best SEO results, then you must read our blog post. Back-links, as well as good content, are essential for a website to gain the best SEO results. But apart from these two tasks, we should also take care of other things to create such a website which Google’s SEO will love. To ensure that the crawler programme of Google like your site you must evaluate the whole design as well as the behind-the-scenes coding of your site. If you’re new to online marketing and you don’t know from where to start then all things can seem to be quite daunting, but it’s perfectly okay. We have mentioned here a few crucial steps which will help you in getting your firm foot forward thus helping you to design a site which Google’s SEO will love. On-site SEO isn’t something that you can fix in a one day. If you believe that your website is suffering from poor SEO decisions, then it’s better that you overhaul your whole website. To ensure yourself that you have optimised your website as much as possible for gaining better organic search results it is essential to check the tips mentioned by us below before ever launching your site. Faster Website The most important tip for designing a website which is SEO-friendly is that you should keep your site fast. Most of the companies give preference to beautiful designs. When we add too many images, complex design choices or flash content to our site then no doubt it makes the site to look pretty, but on the other hand, it also makes the site slow. People who view the site on desktop computers usually have to face the problem of slow sites, and the problem becomes even worse when we view the sites on the mobile. Google research shows that if some site takes longer than over 3 seconds to load then about 53% of mobile users will abandon the site. But the question is how it will affect the SEO results of your site?

  3. If people continue to leave your page, then there occurs an increase in the bounce rate of your site. When the bounce rate of a site increases then it means that the user experience of the site is all- time low and people are not finding the pages useful. Google’s algorithms also penalise the sites which have a high bounce rate. Shorter, Optimised URLs If the URLs of your site contain a mess of characters and the numbers, then it means that you are not optimising the URLs correctly. You should always make it a priority to use short and optimised URLs which help both the viewers as well as the crawler program of the search engine to understand the page that they are going to use. The URLs should be such that they make the navigation an easier task. You should consider using the strong and short keywords relevant to that of the content of the page for further optimising the URLs of the site.

  4. SEO-Friendly Images SEO friendly images mean to compress the images so that the file size become shrink, but the quality of the picture remains excellent and beautiful. When we compress the images, then it ensures that your page gets loaded quickly, but at the same time, it displays the gorgeous photographs in full HD quality. Always remember that you should not get stop only after compressing the images but you should move to the other step of editing the ALT tag for the pictures. When we alter the ALT tag, then we ensure that the images carry the correct keywords which are relevant to that of the image. When the crawler program of search engine searches your website, then they don’t see the images which are present on your page. Therefore the crawler program will not be able to know how the images relate to the content which is present on your page. By using the ALT tags for the pictures, we help Google’s crawlers so that they can easily relate what the image is and what is its purpose?

  5. Improved Site Indexing Search engine crawlers don’t understand the images, videos and the flash content. Crawler programmes are not able to relate how a specific photo connects with the rest of the content present on your site. Professional web designers always use a text-based content behind the images to help the search engine crawlers. Therefore, all the ALT tags for the videos and pictures are very crucial as they help the crawlers in relating the purpose of the images. Apart from this, always ensure to edit the data for the title of your page, GIFs as well as the links so that the search engine crawlers can easily visualise them and can relate what they are. If you only concentrate on the beautiful design of your site and will ignore rest of the things then no doubt your page will look amazing to the viewers, but it will be empty for the search engine crawlers. You should also create a sitemap to help the crawlers so that they can quickly find their way around the site. The sitemap keeps the pages and content of your website in perfect order thus speeding up the process of indexing.

  6. Schema Mark-up To categorise all your pages as well as the content of your site you can use structured data mark-up. You can further amplify the Schema Mark-up by using the project. By using structured data mark-up, you allow the crawlers to go through all the pages of your site and then index everything. If we look a few years back, then only big businesses use the structured data mark-up as it helps them in sorting through the back-end of a site. But nowadays, Schema Mark-up has become a significant SEO trend that every site should use for making their pages SEO-friendly.

  7. Better Site Navigation To make your site SEO friendly you should focus on providing good site navigation. For offering better site navigation, you should first ensure that the users of your site can quickly discover their route around your website without going back too many times. Apart from the users, you will have to do the same for the search engine crawlers. You can provide good site navigation by ensuring that your tab menu does not branch out. You should always limit the items of the menu tab to only 7 at a time. Using optimised keywords for SEO purposes is the other way of providing better site navigation. It is always better to test the navigation on both the desktop as well as the mobile devices.

  8. Responsive Website Design More than 2.53 billion people are using the smart-phones today and the time is not far away when the majority of the people will surf the Internet only on their mobile devices. You should compose your website in such a way that it can cater to both the crowds, i.e. your site should get easily loaded both on the mobile phones as well as on the laptops. Therefore, it is essential to consider that your site should have a responsive website design. The primary benefit of the responsive design is that they rearrange the appearance of the page according to the device used. Therefore, if your site has a responsive design, then it guarantees you that when someone views your website on the phone even then, he will have full access to everything that your site contains without too much pinching and scrolling. Contact us: The task of learning how to design a search engine friendly website is time-consuming and requires efforts on your part. But by following the suggestions as mentioned above, you can create a website that the search engine will love. When you have the right design for your website then you can see an increase in the traffic and can achieve better lead generation as well as more conversions. So, for what you are waiting? Contact the skilled professionals of our company Sky For Web today. We will help you in discovering the ways by which you can improve the on-site SEO as well as the backlinking profile of your site.