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Importance Of GSM Tracking Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance Of GSM Tracking Technology

Importance Of GSM Tracking Technology

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Importance Of GSM Tracking Technology

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  2. ABOUT US ComsTrac Limited  has specialized in the supply of professional surveillance and protection equipment for Cellular Interception, Cellular Tracking and Cellular Monitoring for Law Enforcement Agencies for the last 10 years especially GSM Tracking, GSM Interception, GSM Monitoring, GSM Interceptor and interception monitoring systems both active and passive versions. Cell mapping of full GSM networks via Cell Seeker III, IMSI catching systems and online web server assistance for IMSI identification.


  4. GSM TRACKING GSM-Tracking is a user supported, free, global location service for GSM users. GSM-Tracking can help you locate your current geographical position, and other useful information about your current location.


  6. What is GSM? GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a digital mobile telephony system. GSM uses a variation of time division multiple access (TDMA) and is the most widely used of the three digital wireless telephony technologies (TDMA, GSM and CDMA). GSM is a second generation Cellular standard developed to cater voice services and data delivery using digital modulation.

  7. How GSM Works GSM networks come into play when it comes to actual tracking. When and if the phone is turned on, these networks capture the signal, then sends it to the satellite for processing and the satellites sends the data to the person with the query. There is a need of network service providers, those who enable communication between mobile phones, as well. The phone must have a SIM card installed which connects to the service provider network as often these networks double up as GSM networks. Using these combinations, the actual location of the GPS GSM enabled phone can be known.

  8. Advantages Of GSM GSM is used all over the world with more than 450 million users. International roaming facility permits the use of one phone throughout the world unlike CDMA which will work in Asia, but not European nations. GSM is established, started in the mid-80s due to which a more stable network with healthy features are available. The accessibility of Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM cards), which are smart cards; provide secure data encryption to give GSM m-commerce advantages. GSM service is in more than 200 different countries, so it is quite easy to simply use your GSM phone when you are in one of these countries.

  9. Disadvantages of GSM Incase of GSM, SIM cards, individual authentication keys of the users are stored in the authentication centers. Any person with the rights and qualifications to access to authentication center can manipulate these to impersonate that mobile user. Security algorithms used in GSM e.g. A3, A5, and A8 are all undisclosed algorithms. But researchers have proved that these algorithms cannot guarantee 100% security. Privacy of a call and mystery of a subscriber are only assured on the air interface among the mobile station and the base station subsystem leading to likelihood of eavesdropping of voice data.

  10. CONTACT US Communication Tracking SystemsComsTrac Limited5 Lyttelton RoadLondonN2 0DWTel: +44-208-2018898Fax: +44-845-2802659Email:

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