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CEA-ESSI meeting July 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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CEA-ESSI meeting July 2019

CEA-ESSI meeting July 2019

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CEA-ESSI meeting July 2019

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  1. CEA-ESSI meeting July 2019 Mats Lindroos on behalf of the ACCSYS sub-project July 3, 2019

  2. Highlights • First 15 CDS – EL sections have been installed in the tunnel with 3 more just being moved done to the tunnel. First LWU has already arrived at ESS! • 6 LWUs completed at STFC Daresbury and now at ESS. Rest to follow in 2019. • Waveguide installation in Elliptical linac stubs keeping ahead of CDS installation! • RFQ stub conduits installed and wave guides under installation • The first series ESS modulator for the NC linac has arrived at ESS and testing is just starting at test stand 3. The 2nd series modulator FAT done and 3rd under way. • MEBT from ESS Bilbao has arrived at ESS and installation is done • AD-ICS program forum chaired by new testing and commissioning manager started. Sets priorities 2 months ahead for AD and ICS. • The ion source and LEBT commissioning is under way, required beam performance has been demonstrated • The spoke cryomodule prototype is undergoing tests at the FREIA test stand in Uppsala. • Measures to improve shielding for racks and cables have been proposed by a task force and now are now being implemented • The new infrastructure sub-project assures that infrastructure and components are in place for testing, commissioning and operation (see Peo’s talk)

  3. NC linac – See Håkan’s talkINFN-Catania / CEA-IRFU / ESS-Bilbao /INFN-Legnaro

  4. Cryomodules, CDS, Warmunits, RFIPNO / Uppsala University / Wroclaw uni / STFC / CEA / Elettra / INFN-LASA All Hands, 15 May 2019 4

  5. Test and Instruments Cryoplant (ALAT)Fully Commissioned & Turned over to ESS Impure Helium Sources

  6. Beam InstrumentationCEA, STFC Daresbury, ESS-Bilbao, University West All Hands, 15 May 2019

  7. Delays since last TB • RFQ: Further delays for the RFQ. We have now done the MEBT installation (which de-blocks the DTL installation this autumn) and we will do the RFQ installation once the MEBT is fully installed (with some parts removed for RFQ bead-pulling). • DTL: issues with the copper plating quality of one module for DTL1. Being redone. Parts starting to arrive in July for assemble in ESS DTL workshop. • SPOKE CMs: First CM to Uppsala delayed with 4 months. Testing in Uppsala is announced to take more time than planned. • CDS-SPOKE: Delay in manufacturing and installation schedule announced, work on mitigation for minimal impact at ESS has started • SPOKE RF AMPLIFIER: Delay in placing contract due to procurement issues and a failed CDR. Now first amplifier is being assembled and Elettra is closely following the concerned industries at all different sites with staff present to assure a timely completion of the project

  8. Critical IK delays for accelerator • Report requested by Mark Anthony, Project Director on the five most critical In-Kind deliverables which either are on the critical path of is very close to the critical path: • The five issues are: RFQ (CEA), Spoke CMs (IPNO), Spoke CDS (IPNO), DTL (INFN) and Spoke RF amplifiers (Elettra/INFN): • RFQ from CEA/IRFU: No further delays compared to the present schedule agreed (after decision to go ahead with MEBT installation before RFQ installation). The original delay since the May 2018 re-baseline is very large. • Follow on effects: No direct follow on effects as we already installed the MEBT. An additional 2 months delay would affect start date for NC linac conditioning and commissioning. • Risks: We have 3 sections completed, 1 section under a second re-brazing to repair leaks and one section under manufacturing. Further issues with leaks after brazing on section 4 and 5 and possible additional machining mistakes at the factory could cause further delays. • Possible mitigation: We already mitigated with a change in the installation order which will enable us to proceed with the MEBT integration and DTL installation independently of the RFQ. We will also prepare all RF and infrastructure so that we can proceed with testing, conditioning and commissioning without delay after installation. • Key actions: 1) Mats and Håkan should continue bi-weekly phone meetings with CEA/IRFU ESS project lead and 2) Mats to assure high level representation at ESS-CEA/IRFU governance meetings.

  9. Accelerator – Major Installations ISrc to Beam Dump (BOD) ISrc to DTL1 ISrc to DTL4 RBOT Today 2019 2020 2021 2022 ISrc to DTL1 Beam Commissioning ISrc to DTL4 Beam Commissioning ISrc to DMPL Beam Commissioning NCL Installation (RFQ/MEBT/DTL1) NCL Installation (DTLs) NCL RF System Installation SPK CDS Installation SPK CM Installation SPK LWU Installation SPK RF System Installation Elliptical CDS Installation MBL CM Installation MBL LWU Installation MBL RF System Installation HBL CM Installation HBL RF System Installation HEBT/A2T LWU Installation Infrastructure

  10. Start of Beam Commissioning (Isrc to DTL1) Start of Beam Commissioning (Isrc to DTL4) 20 Apr, 2020 7 Dec, 2020 Q1 2020 Q1 2021 2019 2021 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q2 Q3 Q4 Today RFQ 18 wks Aug 26 - Dec 27 RFQ Assembly 6 wks Aug 26 - Oct 4 RFQ Local Hardware Tests 4 wks Oct 7 - Nov 1 2 wks RFQ Infrastructure Work Completion Nov 4 - Nov 15 RFQ Integrated Hardware Tests 6 wks Nov 18 - Dec 27 MEBT 37 wks Jun 17 - Feb 28 MEBT Assembly 10 wks Jun 17 - Aug 23 MEBT Rafts 1 -3 Reassembly 3 wks Nov 4 - Nov 22 2 wks MEBT Infrastructure Work Completion Nov 25 - Dec 6 MEBT Local Hardware Tests 3 wks Dec 9 - Dec 27 MEBT Integrated Hardware Tests 9 wks Dec 30 - Feb 28 DTL1 12 wks Oct 7 - Dec 27 DTL1 Installation 4 wks Oct 7 - Nov 1 2 wks DTL1 Infrastructure Work Completion Nov 4 - Nov 15 2 wks DTL1 Local Hardware Tests Nov 18 - Nov 29 DTL1 Integrated Hardware Tests 4 wks Dec 2 - Dec 27 PSS Validation (ICS) 4 wks Sep 30 - Oct 25 MPS Final Integration Tests (ICS) 4 wks Dec 30 - Jan 24 RFQ/MEBT/DTL1 RF Conditioning Window 7 wks Mar 2 - Apr 17 2 wks SRR2 Apr 6 - Apr 17 13 wks Beam Commissioning (ISrc to DTL1) Apr 20 - Jul 17 12 wks DTLs 2, 3, 4 Installation Window Jul 20 - Oct 9 8 wks DTLs 2, 3, 4 RF Conditioning Window Oct 12 - Dec 4 2 wks SRR3 Nov 23 - Dec 4 13 wks Beam Commissioning (ISrc to DTL4) Dec 7 - Mar 5

  11. 2019 – Accelerator Planned Installations

  12. Major Milestone Evolution

  13. Other Issues • It is becoming urgent to agree on local safety rules adopted to installation, testing and commissioning activities for the ESS buildings. • Temperature of temporary cooling water doesn’t meet specification (is too cold) and cleanliness. This is an irritation at TS2 but will likely prevent linac operation. • No changes can be done to the NC linac cable database any longer as design and orders are going ahead. Dead-line will now be set for the SC linac cable database (see Peo’s talk)

  14. EV Graph (* No InKind included) • Current Status • Cumulative Cost Variance is by end of May 4.7 M€. • There is a needofadditionalreplanning to reflectactualcost. • Invoices for WP12 Vacuum not yetreceived is a major contributor. • Cumulative Schedule variance is by end of May -9.6 M€. • Main contributors to the SV are NCFE: Delay in copper plating for the DTL tank sections. Delay in RFQ delivery. • RF Systems: Delay in ESS Bilbao and Atomki In Kindactivities.

  15. Schedule Variance (SV)(= Earned – Planned) Cum SV is – 9.6 M€. Main contributors are: Normal Conducting Front-End: -3.2 M€, Delay in copper plating for the DTL tank section 3-1 and 4-4. Tank section machining for sections 2, 3 and 5. Delay in the delivery of the RFQ. RF Systems -4.1M€: Delay in RF Interlock MB & HB (Atomki) activities. Delay in Warm linac RF Systems (ESS Bilbao) activities. A scope swap has been agreed between ESS and ESS Bilbao. Procurement activities in progress.

  16. Cost Variance (CV) (= Earned – Actuals) Cum CV of 4.7 M€. Main contributors are: There is a needofadditionalreplanning to reflectactualcost. Invoices for WP12 Vacuum not yetreceived is a major contributor.

  17. Cumulative Variances (* No InKind included)

  18. Milestones (1/2)

  19. Milestones (2/2)

  20. Accelerator Division– organigram for line org (in white) and contractors/visitors for the sub-project + In-kinds Head Count: 141 (2019-06-12) 98 employees 31 from EIS, Visitors, Consultants, Students, Planners, Controller 13 In-kind Mats Lindroos – Head of Division Håkan Danared – Deputy Head of Division John Weisend II – Deputy (sub) Project Leader IN-KIND from IFJ PAN Poland Leszek Hajduk Krzysztof Myalski Michal Sienkiewicz Tadeusz Ostrowicz Edward Gornicki Wawrzyniec Gaj Marek Skiba Karol Kasprzak Pawel Halczynski Artur Krawczyk Agnieszka Zwozniak Planning and Project Control Lena Gunnarsson Eldar Safarov Anders Ingels (part time) Diana Bergenholtz Administration Caroline Prabert Inga Tejedor WeiYing Li IN-KIND from Norway Greyson Christoforo, Oslo IN-KIND from Warsaw University of Technology Krystian Bec IKC Coordination Håkan Danared Ebbe Malmstedt (C) Beam Physics, Operations & Beam Diagnostics Andreas Jansson - GL Testing and Comissioning Ciprian Plostinar Beam Physics Mamad Eshraqi – SL Renato de Prisco Ryoichi Miyamoto Yngve Levinsen Natalia Milas Björn Gålnander Emelie Nilsson Benjamin Folsom YuanShuai Qin (S) Linac Håkan Danared- GL Cecilia Maiano Iñigo Alonso (on leave) Accelerator Utilitiesgroup Peo Gustavsson – GL Olle Lagerblad Kristofer Falkland (C) Björn Rundcrantz (C) Ila Sjöholm (C) Mats Pålsson (C) Nicolas Eke (C) Fredrik Håkansson (C) Patrik Weiler (C) Lars Jalmarson (C) Magnus Jönsson (C) Radio Frequency Systems Anders Sunesson- GL Specialized Technical Services John Weisend II – GL Gunilla Jacobsson Power Converters Carlos Martins – SL Göran Göransson Marko Kalafatic Rutambhara Yogi Petro Pohorilo Dana McKenzie Matthew Bergstrom Manish Kumar Anders Andersson (C) YuryLoayza (C) Cryogenics Philipp Arnold – SL Jaroslaw Fydrych Xilong Wang Xiaotao Su Johnny Råström Mattias Olsson Per Nilsson Romain Goncalves Piotr Tereszkowski (C) David Hugne (C) Jianqin Zhang (S) YijunChao (S, 1 July) Front End & Magnets Edgar Sargsyan – SL Georg Hulla Janet Schmidt Richard Bebb Alejandro Garcia Sosa Emmanouil Trachanas Jim Stovall (C 20%) Beam Diagnostic Tom Shea– SL Cyrille Thomas Hooman Hassanzadegan Hinko Kocevar Irena Dolenc Kittelmann Rafael Baron Edvard Bergman Clement Derrez Slava Grishin Dmitri Gudkov (at CERN) Elena Donegani Kaj Rosengren Roxana Tarkeshian Thomas Grandsaert (EIS) Johan Norin (C) Mehdi Mohammadnezhad (C) HongmingXie (S) Utilities and Test Stand Wolfgang Hees - SL Anton Lundmark Frithiof Jensen Emilio Asensi Owen Buchan Steven McGlasson Lars Rosberg Antonio Muras Montejo Nour Akel Jörgen Jönsson (EIS) Superconducting RF Paolo Pierini – SL Christine Darve Felix Schlander Saeid Pirani Luca Sagliano Nuno Elias (EIS) Andrea Bignami (C) RF Sources Morten Jensen – SL Rihua Zeng Rafael Montano Bruno Lagoguez Chiara Marrelli Staffan Ekström Stevo Calic Iñigo de la Fuente Anders Svensson Christian Amstutz Walther Borg Anirban Krishna Bhattachanyya Linus Ternelius Svensson SlavisaMicic Nils Öst Vacuum Marcelo Juni Ferreira – SL Hilko Spoelstra Fabio Ravelli Kristell Barthélemy Ralf Huber Laurence Page Fredrik Svensson Henric Gunnarsson Grant Wallace David Bigelow Peter Ladd (C 50%) Rosa Camilleri-Lledó (C) Operations Lali Tchelidze – SL Marc Munoz

  21. ACCSYS Accelerator Collaboration Board (ACB) – meets twice annually: • Reps from each IKC & collaborating institute (one elected as chair) • ESS Technical Director • ACCSYS Sub-Project leader Accelerator Technical Board (ATB) – meets quarterly: • AccMT & all WP leaders and deputies • Reps of all contracted institutes if not already a WP leader • ESS Machine Management Team members invited Accelerator (Project) Management Team (AccMT) – meets weekly: • Mats Lindroos: Project Leader • Caroline Prabert: Administration • John Weisend II: Dep. Proj Leader (WP 1) & STS (WPs 11,12,15,16) • Lena Gunnarsson, Eldar Safarov, Anders Ingels: Project Planners • Diana Bergenholtz: Controller • Lali Tchelidze: Section leader Operations • Peo Gustafsson: Installation coordinator and infrastructure sub-project leader (sub-project 25) • Håkan Danared: Linac systems leader (WPs 3,4,5,6,14,19) and IKC coordination manager • Andreas Jansson: Beam Physics, Diagnostics, Init ops planning mgr (WPs 2,7) • Anders Sunesson: RF power systems leader (WPs 8,17) Note: Section Leaders (AD line) can be called to participate in AccMT meetings IKC coordination, IKC liaisons & BrightNESS IKC ‘field coordination’: Håkan Danared: IKC coordmgr Ebbe Malmstedt (C): assists overall IKC coord and risk manager at AD Georg Hulla: for WP 3 IKC Felix Schlander: for WP 4 & WP 5 Nuno Elias: forWP 4 & WP 5 IKC Fredrik Håkansson (C): for WP 4 & 5

  22. ACC – Top 5 Risk Mitigation Status (data from Exonaut)Value of cost risk = 4.47 M€ (3.90 M€ last month)Latest risk workshop: CEA & ESS WP4 & WP5, May 17, 2018 ; Next workshop: TDB 2019

  23. EAC • Table showing baseline followed by list of EAC items with estimated cost and total EAC

  24. Other open points to discuss • RFQ skid, pipes must be replaced as the welds are poor. All other equipment will be kept. • Who pays? • Mounting of power couples at ESS • Training of ESS staff, when? Better to do the training in Lund so that all ESS staff can participate. • Can we agree on a strategy which minimizes risk for transport of CMs in Lund from test stand to tunnel? • With our without power couplers mounted? Who does what?

  25. Summary • We see intense installation, testing and commissioning activities at site today • We have 2 very busy years ahead of us! • Every day matters to keep the schedule. I’m really grateful for the flexibility and commitment that all are showing to keep the sub-project moving • For the licensing and safety readiness reviews, only “100%” is good enough. Please give MamadEshraqi all the support he needs for licensing documentation and Wolfgang and Ciprian the support they need for the safety readiness reviews.