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  1. Found By Margret Peterson Chad Geto

  2. Setting This story take place in a town. The town is really small.. This town is a normal, but kind of abnormal. It’s a pretty good town to be at because usually nothing happens that’s bad.

  3. Main Characters • The main characters are Chip, Jonah, and Jonah’s sister Katherine. Jonah is adopted. His sister is not though, he is in eighth grade. Katherine is only in six grade and she is a snob Jonah says. Chip’s parents don’t tell him he is adopted, but he is and he finds out he is in eighth grade just like Jonah. They are really respectful all of them.

  4. Plot There are two men trying to get Jonah and Chip. While Jonah and the others are in the meeting. Then the kids try to figure out what happen to the adult. They figure out that she was took through thin air by time travel. They keep trying to figure out why she disappeared and if time travel is actually real or not. They finally figure out it is real.

  5. Conflict • There is two men trying to get Jonah and Chip. Chip and Jonah and Jonah’s sister Katherine are at a meting with an adult at the public library and the two men barge in and a different guy comes in and tackles them and starts beating them up while Jonah, Chip, Katherine, and the adult sneak out the window.

  6. Conclusion • They solved the problem by sneaking out the library window jump off the roof and the kids get on their bikes ride as fast as they can down a trail. And the adult randomly disappears throw thin air while she was walking away from the library. The kids go home and try to figure out what happened to Angela Dupree and where she went and how she disappears into thin air.

  7. Theme • I think the author was trying to say that anything can happen when you are anywhere even at a public library so watch out just in case something happens. Watch for anything suspicious around town and any where else you are. Be careful and watch out for problems, but if you do see something happen, go to the closest place there is to people. If you know the people unless it is a store or anything like that ask if you can use the phone to call someone or ask them for help tell them what happened on the way there.