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Found Poetry

Found Poetry

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Found Poetry

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  1. Found Poetry ALL BUT MY LIFE

  2. Direction #1: Flip open to a random page in ABML and read the text you have chosen Example: Pg. 177 I would run up the stairs. My brother’s hair would be tousled, as it always was in the morning. “Arthur,” I would whisper. He would mutter something and turn over and pretend to go back to sleep.Then, realizing I had come back, he would sit up with wide-open eyes, stretching out his arms. It would be as it had always been, from the time when I had brought him my book of fairy tales to read. He had read them to me for years before I learned to read. And we would Come downstairs together, holding hands as we had done when we were small, so I should not stumble.We would come down, and Papa and Mama would be holding hands too….

  3. Continued…. We would approach papa for benediction, as we had done as children. We both would have to bow, for we had gotten so tall. And Papa would kiss the Bible even as his father had before him, when he returned from Siberia. And Papa would speak the words of Jacob: “I had not thought to see your face again, but God…” The night wore on. The horizon became lighter. Another day was coming to Grunberg. The machines seemed to go faster. The shredder rolled louder, tearing to bits the clothes from Auschwitz- and I held in my heart the picture of my homecoming.

  4. Direction #2: Pick words or phrases from the text that stand out to you and create a list on a sheet of notebook paper. Example: Run As it has always been Another day Brother holding hands faster Tousled Should not stumble tearing to bits “Arthur,” Papa/Mama held in my heart Whisper Kiss the bible Come back Stretching out his arms “I had not thought to see your face again”

  5. Direction #3: Now that you have your list, mix up the words (in an order that makes sense) and try to create a poem. Example: Run brother, faster Holding hands I should not stumble I whisper, “Arthur, come back.” Stretching out his arms he says, “I had not thought to see your face again.”

  6. Direction #4: Keep playing around with it until you find something you like. Run brother, faster You should not stumble. “Arthur, come back,” I whisper. In my heart I held the picture, He’s stretching out his arms saying, “I had not thought to see your face again.”

  7. Harry Potter pg 290 Through the tunnel All he knew Head still pounding Why had nobody ever told him? Betrayed Sneaked quietly Leather-bound photo album Searching Mother and father happiness cabinet

  8. Searching through the tunnel, His head still pounding. Why had nobody ever told him? Betrayed was all he knew. Sneaking quietly to the cabinet, Searching through to find A leather-bound photo album. Photos of mother and father, Searching for happiness. Why had nobody ever told him?