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Athletic Competiton

Athletic Competiton

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Athletic Competiton

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  1. Athletic Competiton

  2. For the Kids Inter school competition events come quite fast an few in between an academic year typically, but how many come boasting off kids sports games, around 25 different such games? Sports for all, SFA, is an organisation designed in the likeness of an Olympic setup, similar to the one you are familiar with, this organisation however is a sporting structure where schools and colleges go up against each other. Sports for all will be a one of its kind organisation in the country catering to the development of sports in India as a whole, w.r.t infrastructure & athletic development.

  3. Something for everyone: You name it,Boxing competitions, Tennis competitions, Sports MMA, or Cricket, this organisation is providing infrastructure and opportunity to a wide number of Indians that want to pursue other sports that are not usually the norm, where there haven’t been many trailblazers. With a catalogue of 25 sports to choose from, Sports for all surely has something for every single one of us, be it to make a career out of it or a lifestyle choice, Sports For all has something for every young athlete can look forward too. Apart from providing an never ending opportunity for the talented and the hardworking, Sports For All also provides various other resources to its participants.

  4. The Future: Some of the resources that they provide are, they provide next gen athletes a chance to mark the progress they make on an online site that notes everything they have accomplished at Sports For All.With a year round development process, through academies and scouting agencies, Sports for all gives its young athletes a chance to have an attempt to turn a hobby into a career. With relationships with top sporting organisation the Sports for all organisation serves as a hub for scouts to recruit talent players into their umbrella to develop into full fledged athletes.

  5. Sports For All is hopefully to also bridge any gap that may exist in terms of socio, political or gender biases that creep their way into the system. Currently only in operation in Mumbai, the or. Has plans one day to encompass India as a whole and plan and execute the search of India's next big talent.

  6. Thank You